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BreatheMe Jan 2021
Sometimes the turbulent sea calms and sunlight peaks through the suffocating clouds and in the brief tranquility I allow myself to hope.
BreatheMe Jan 2021

He loves his boy drunk,
and in the dark.
The scent of fresh spirits clinging to his tongue as he whispers his insecurities into the shadowed night.
His hands wrapped around the fragile boys arms, even though they shouldn't,

because this boy, his boy, is too bright, too precious to loosen the grip he has.
While he is made up of stolen cigarette smoke and bruised knuckled smiles, the love he has conjured up is beyond magic.

He lusts his boy sober
and dawn breaks through the curtained room.

Coffee engulfs the narrowed hallways and the creaking wooden board is the only sound heard besides soft snores.
He looks away from the paled soul, loosens his touch
and each time he gets up and leaves, he breaks both their hearts.
don't you know you can love him with the lights on too?
BreatheMe Sep 2018
I don’t want to live in a world where I cannot be free.
As full as nectar engulfed in a bee.
Oppression, Isolation and Desperation.
A society scared of the the cracks in its own walls.
Too scared to love.
They just want a touch.

A civilisation filled with fantasies
Your skirts to short, you asked for it
Your arms to skinny, you must not eat
You didn’t say no, so it must’ve been okay.
When can anybody be free?

Oh please don’t tell me I’m wrong
The truth is we’re scared to admit we made a mistake.
But wasn’t that your intention?
To turn my smile upside down
So it could no longer be seen
Until it became your isolated version of perfection.

Oh, maybe, you can devastate me.
Didn’t I tell you I like I like the pain?

It no longer feels okay.
BreatheMe Sep 2018
I was the sun,
He was the moon.
The scent of fear and intoxication clinging to his rosey cheeks as he mumbled his desires.
Too scared to show how fragile his heart had become.

Melodies cradled his every breath, innocence seeped into every touch whilst he moved along the boys shoulders.
His hands engulfed in the delicate curls that lay before him, his hand intertwined with his, finger to finger. Vulnerable and weak he bared his thoughts, because this boy, his boy, was to precious to exempt from.

He craved this boy
and first light crept into the distance.
Whilst made up of inebriated lies and hopeless fairytales, his sonnet could no longer be heard.

Cigarettes immersed the halls and the  fusion of music that echoed is the only noise besides the heart that laid before him. Gazing into the horizon the boy was lost, alleviated his touch and with every farewell broke both their hearts

He became the sun
I became the moon.

Don’t you know shadows don’t thrive in the light

— The End —