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Lunatide Nov 2014
Upward stare, dark sky,  I fade into the veil of night. Woven in dark heavy shrouds that blanket the earth and hold it tight.

My body rests on dew kissed grasses where the wildflowers grow..

My heart and thoughts with all I've loved and the life I came to know..

My essence now the starlit heavens, close and far away, and in the pink hued clouds of morning luminesce of  sun rays..  

In the rolling ocean blue my loved ones yearly see, when the cool breeze caresses their face you know that's where I'll be..

On my mothers garden bench she quietly rests upon, I'll be the sweet bird song that makes her smile even though I'm gone..

I just want to be an angel floating close by to wrap them in my love and hold them when they cry..

We are apart of everything always and forevermore, death isn't the end for us, it's just another door.
Lunatide Oct 2014
The sweetest Infinite wisdom claims no excellence nor promises perfection
Lunatide Oct 2014
Scintillating atoms, a world all a glow
Energy in motion as it bustles too and fro.

A drum and beat all it's own, every living being just marching in perfect tone.

Electrical impulses and frequencies high and low.
A ferver of vibrations this earth that we know,

Time progresses onward, life ebbs and flows.

Energy neither created nor destroyed, only changing form.

Maybe life is  more a circular pattern than a linear path of time
Lunatide Oct 2014
Cruel thoughts invading the silence
Louder and louder, ringing  in my ears

Anxiety a gripping vice, constricting labored breaths

Further and further, sinking in the abyss

Retreat into the nothingness, and hope it's quiet there

Hide in the darkest corners of my mind,  realitiy is far too much to bear

Drowning, suffocating, asphyxiating
It's really all the same

I wish I could forgive myself and accept me as I am

But I'm bent on my own destruction
Living a masochistic dream

Just another tortured realist
Trying to stay sane
Lunatide Oct 2014
A breathe drawn in...
A listless sigh out...
A heartbeat that's barely heard
Beneath the echoes of
worry and doubt
Lunatide Apr 2014
Quick glances stir excitement, sparks fly, smiles exchanged...

The surface is so sweet, you'd like to get to know me, you ask me for my name... but are you sure you can handle exposing all my pain?

My pain is my darkness that crawls  beneath my skin it covers my heart and hides my ***** secrets that I bury deep within..

I can pretend to be perfect, maybe for a while.. I'll act like a lovely lady, so pretty and so nice.. You'll think you have found the one and go tell all your friends..

But as the seasons change, the layers fade before your eyes and I'll be left standing naked and war torn with no disguise...

So let's skip the surprises and I'll show you what is real..

The me I know too well is wounded and fearful and uncertain of how to heal..

Once maintained, now broken beyond repair. Only remnants of sadness and lingering despair..

So let's sit and compare our scares, strip down and open up, reveal our true sources for all that is corrupt ..

Im tainted from all this pain but maybe you are too, our scares might not be that different,
So please take me as I am.. I'll  overlook your darkness and accept what makes the man...  If you feel like I do, I'll stand by your side. But if the burden is to heavy and you walk away I guess I'll have to coincide..
Lunatide Apr 2014
Intrusive thoughts..
Salty Sweet..
Shake the ground,
Beneath my feet.
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