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Longdistance Sep 2015
we wander
we plodder
we hope to impress

we wade
or sit still
though i digress

is the sword in its sheathe
or the blade in the breast?
is this the worst yet?
or is it the best?

do questions come?
and do answers go?
is this little world
all we will ever know?

the premise of all of it
the basis for none
or is all of humanity
a bullet with no gun
Longdistance Sep 2015
the beliefs you ***** in your mind meet each other's corners and become walls, halls and buildings. like in city streets. what's left are small passages where dust and debris collect and gather as if for communion. acid rain from above pays homage to the world, each drop in a puddle; another donation to the collection plate.

the ebb and flow of happenings leave their watermark.. high and low, their stain and filth. the polluted contents stagnate, laid upon stucko or brick.  and you'd have to really lean your head back to get perspective on all of this ****. your monuments tower, derelict but something you call your own.

so very important because they are now your home. and home is not where the heart is in this city of sin. you're disgusting, you are filth, your dignity: you bend.
you're ashamed of all that would make this right, but you laugh at the light. all it's ever done for you is lay rays upon your despicableness. it wasn't always like this but now you relish the dark, it's harder to tell if that's sweat or tears.

laying in wait, while all your demons comfortably spin their wheels and weave their tapestries while you sleep and after your slumber you look upon the travesty that is done for you. the clouds move in, in your mouth a weird taste, and with the last spit in your jaw you mutter "**** this ******* place"
Longdistance Jul 2015
we lie awake
we lie when wake
we lie and wait
and then abate
Longdistance Jan 2015
Philosophy is simply the analysis of nature using poetic terminology.
Longdistance Jan 2015
static is not palatable to the ears, music is. without movement there is no music, music is movement. music is life, life is movement. life is characterized by movement, movement is animation. animation characterizes life, it is it's animus. identifying and comparing with a conceived notion is similar to arriving at a dead end. so it is with perception, when perception stops it is the sign in the road to reveal we have met an end. ideas and beliefs are a means to an end, and are static perceptions. the animus that is life, if one can read in between the lines will find that a belief is not life or anything characteristic of it. a belief is an immobilized vehicle, one simply would be better off walking. that is why holding onto immovable perceptions and non-changing ideas is a pit in the stomach, bitter to taste. deep down, we know better.
Longdistance Dec 2014
Often we find ourselves perplexed by an emotion. Being unaware of why, can't do much other than compound this negative situation. There are three steps one should take:


Through this process a much more accurate feeling is developed, one with clarity that can provide an insight followed by a compelling sense of direction, or action. See, this is the tricky part. The first three steps and the result are an entirely internal process, which alone in itself bears no fruit. They are the undoings of the latches on the door, now one must take the first step out of it.
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