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Her: (Ignores you for two days)

Also her: Why didn't "you" invite "me"?

Me: I concede once again.

Also me: FML
Written on May 15, 2018
Like a faster than light chicken attack
Breaking out of the Higgs field,
With an explosive egg launcher in my backpack
Redundantly pecking at the spaghetti-like wormholes,
As if I can actually eat them
With destiny calling,
Like saying goodbye to the Bekenstein limit
And applying some pressure with an infinite-bit tourniquet.
Written on May 07, 2018
 May 17 LearnfromBOBD
I used to really love you
This is going to be a "series" of poems that I will be writing ig
crazy days
crazy places
crazy nights
crazy faces
turn around
crazy ways
crazy haze

colour smothers
colours fading
careful don't stomp
on my crazy paving

crazy dudes
crazy girls
crazy fates
crazy pearls
make it crazy make it good
I wouldn't want anything else
in this crazy neighbourhood
Written on July 07, 2006
if I knew I was
going to die
would I spend today
writing more
saying goodbye to my loved ones?

hardest choice of my life

maybe I'll write my goodbye
in the form of another poem
to make the best of both worlds
Chills up the spine
Like wind up a chime
A body's reaction to
Different factions of life
Colder in the dark
Marks harder to see
Where most hide
To feel good inside..
 Apr 15 LearnfromBOBD
All kind words
                            need to be ignored
To unearth the truth
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