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Ladyink Dec 2019
Oh seven stars of the Big Dipper and the compassionate and merciful god.

I ask of you to grant me success and love in this new year. That and emotional safety.  May the world be a less desperate place in this new age that we are going into.

Let the 2020' be that clear 2020. I hope for an uplifting decade not just for me but for everyone.

Ladyink Dec 2019
Think of a set of trees that look odd
And then
Put a river there
And a moon
And reflection
And you get  a guitar but also
A relaxing site.
And open your
You feel better
Ladyink Dec 2019
As i stargaze
Across the river
I see a forest
The shapd of a guitar with the moon
As it reflects on the water
I soon stop staring at the stars
And at the nature
Oddity of beauty
Ladyink Dec 2019
As my flight approaches the airport
I see that
There are
Tribal designs
In the shape of a guitar
On the ground
I was amazed
Ladyink Dec 2019
The nazakah lines
Include humans
And animals
This is the first
Modern guitar
Ever done
Ladyink Dec 2019
A guy in Argentina
Painted a
The shape of
A guitar for his late wife
Out of love

I am getting a
DNA bracelet tattoo for
To show what was our
The positive side of it.
Out of love
Ladyink Dec 2019
In the summer i hear
a street vender
Playing the brodhran drum
Those comforting
And relaxing thuds
He/she makes
For money
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