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Ladyink Dec 2019
Between me and a forest
The lies a pound
Full of lily paddies
And reflecting the
Fore as a mirror
I can so see my self playing
My guitar
Ladyink Dec 2019
As i walk in
The nice summer
Weather i come
Across a clearing
There i see
Four bottled drinks
As if some one was
Trying to reward me
For my walk
Not that i needed
A reward.
Ladyink Dec 2019
Welcome moodring to my fingers
Since your on the middle one
I hope that you can
Gauge my anger
While offending
Those who deserve
Ladyink Dec 2019
You left me in a red hot mess
How i still desire
How i still love
My darling doctor
My heart bleads for you
As i give it to
Ladyink Dec 2019
My mom
When i told her
About you my loving doctor
Called me
And said that i am smarter than
Thinking that gifted people
Arent as gifted
As they want you to think
Love you
Ladyink Dec 2019
With out you
My love
With out your words
I am just a ghost
No time
No space
Breaking einstein's law
But i am undead
Ladyink Dec 2019
My darling doctor
This is my final
Love letter to you
I just want you to know that i love
You with all my DNA
Know that you do too
But our relationship is just
That two ghosts
Chasing eachother
My we meet in the next life
Without tempers  
Love elena
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