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Apr 4 · 390
Full bloom
Jenovah Apr 4
I’m bursting open
Cracking open Winter’s
Invisible shell
Sun light reaching in
Me reaching out

Colors seeping back
A water-color absorption
A little further to reach
A little longer to wait

I’m almost in full bloom
Feb 25 · 422
Jenovah Feb 25
I was only a closed door
Of a stable, boring house.
Until I became totally unhinged.
I called that freedom.
Feb 18 · 370
Jenovah Feb 18
Crisp air; the burn of Winter
Can be felt deep within
My lungs

A hazy sky keeps me grey
Keeps me melancholy
The sun out of sight
Keeps me stagnant

I yearn to be lit up again

If only I could find
The fire inside me…

…But I’ve yet to learn how
dealing with seasonal depression
Nov 2021 · 2.1k
Jenovah Nov 2021
Love is a concept
And I am
The artist
Jun 2021 · 121
Jenovah Jun 2021
My creature comforts
My doubts
My fears
My love for you
All the things
That make me up
Don’t make me up at all
They’re just crutches
I use to soften
All my edges
Because being myself
Is the hardest thing
I’ve ever done
Apr 2021 · 107
Kitchen Sink
Jenovah Apr 2021
Pour me effortlessly down the drain
As if I were expired milk in the morning
Pour me through your fingers
Let me flow away like slippery
Ribbons down the void
In your kitchen

In the sink

In the ******* kitchen sink
Feb 2021 · 271
Jenovah Feb 2021
Forest witch shakes the bag
Which, holds the pliered-out
Teeth she’s collected

But we only heard the crackling
Of campfire
...or was it cackling?
This is just for fun- Add to in the comments to make a poem story!!!!
Jan 2021 · 230
Jenovah Jan 2021
I’ve tired to cultivate
Ways to deteriorate
Without being noticed
Dec 2020 · 101
Jenovah Dec 2020
Only let someone be a portion
Of your happiness;
Not all of it
Nov 2020 · 524
Jenovah Nov 2020
I imagined you and her as
The fat swollen slugs
I poured salt on
And watched them
Writhe in agony
A recreation of the agony
You left inside of me
Oct 2020 · 283
Jenovah Oct 2020
Your jealousy
Is ugly
Sep 2020 · 87
Jenovah Sep 2020
I am made up of
Kitchen tattoos
Teeth with too many
but not bright enough
To keep out the darkness
A handful of recipes
On a budget to feed us
Hand sewing to fix a hole
Or two
Sense to get by,
But not sense to make a fortune
Just enough patience
And love to keep our
Home from breaking

Just enough
Jul 2020 · 219
Jenovah Jul 2020
You left me on the verge
The verge of bursting
Like an overripe fruit,
Swollen; ready
Ready for you to
Take the first bite
Sweet juice ran
From smooth flesh
The first taste
Always exquisite
But you left the fruit
Forgotten in the kitchen
Now hungry flies crawl
Over  bruised skin
Apr 2020 · 123
Jenovah Apr 2020
My heart a burning gem
You cracked open
Once again
Whilst yours
Smolders within
Her hands
Mar 2020 · 142
Jenovah Mar 2020
Rain could pool in your hollow hip bones
Your collar bones could hold water
Which the lust driven imps
Would drink from

You are a woodland king
Bringing out the animal within me

Weave a flower crown to place on your
Lovely head
Complimenting your complex structure

I sink to my knees at your disposal
Only you could make me squirm this way
like maggots feeding upon decay

I felt the flutter in my stomach
The sudden sharp beat in my chest
You are a weakness blooming in my lungs
Vining through my veins

I am lost deep within your woods
But my king, won’t you let me go?
Just passing the time with this one, ya know quarantine? :)
Mar 2020 · 108
Jenovah Mar 2020
A well kept secret
Is as exciting
As new Spring
Flowers blooming
Fed by a born again sun
After lonely Winters
Cold grasp
Has loosened
Mar 2020 · 193
Jenovah Mar 2020
You thought yourself master of the chessboard
But now squirm in a maddening panic;
you’ve lost control of your pawns
And I still stand as queen
Mar 2020 · 70
Heavy love
Jenovah Mar 2020
Your love
Weighs heavy
On my chest
I adore you
my darling,
But it’s getting
Hard to breathe
Feb 2020 · 101
Jenovah Feb 2020
Sprawled out in my bed
Made up haphazardly
I reek of corruption
And disdain

The sheets absorb my secrets
My mattress a deceitful
Wretch beneath me

The walls swallow me up  
The room consumes me

With reckless abandon
I made my bed and
Let you lie in it
Feb 2020 · 93
Jenovah Feb 2020
An uncanny romance
Unraveled like gritty
Twisted twine between
My fumbling fingers
Feb 2020 · 91
Jenovah Feb 2020
I weigh out my decisions on Libras scales
and hope to god the stars
show me a ******* sign
Nothing in this universe
Is as Devine
As you my darling
I could lap you up
Like a milky galaxy
Explosive like
Nebula on my tongue
Tasting every ounce
Of your brilliance
Your doubts your fears
Your beautiful ******* resilience
But the universe plays
Cruel tricks on me
It shows me affection
Always in the worst ways
The least expected
Secret midnight kisses
In the form
Of a dangerous entity
So I bottle it up all
And throw it to a vicious sea
This is one love
That just can never be
Jan 2020 · 92
Jenovah Jan 2020
I thought I’d find all the answers
in solitude
But all I found was the reminder
Of loneliness
Dec 2019 · 106
Jenovah Dec 2019
I don’t give a ****
About rhyming
Read in between my lines
And you’ll see
I just want you
Between my thighs
Dec 2019 · 106
Jenovah Dec 2019
My gloom feels valid
On days like today
Where lazy fog
Hangs heavy
Swallowing up
This decrepit, tiny town
Here’s to hoping
It swallows me up too
Before I have to face
Another winter morning
I absolutely hate mornings, especially in winter
Dec 2019 · 197
At least
Jenovah Dec 2019
If you’re gonna use me
For an occasional ****
At least make me ***
A haiku
Dec 2019 · 297
The belly
Jenovah Dec 2019
It broke me down into mere morsels
Which will eventually
Be consumed into
The belly of the beast
Which is my beloved
Close-knit “society”
Of friends
Who I thought were friends

they will continue
To thirst and hunger
For my selfless
Appreciation and kindness
And in the end when
I am
Only bones
-After they have already picked my
Ribs clean-
They will peer into my
Empty chest;
That is the moment
They will know
I am finally gone

Then the thirst and hunger
Will come again
And they will in turn
Consume each other
Oct 2019 · 86
Water me down
Jenovah Oct 2019
Water me down
Like the sky
Weeping into
Open fields of
new grass
Maybe after all, when the sun
Comes peering back
through lonely clouds
I will want to feel alive again
I just hope you
Are still here to
Welcome me back
From the shadows
I am just working through some things
Oct 2019 · 93
Jenovah Oct 2019
Reclaiming the things that I lost
Along the way
When I let the wrong people
Hold my heart close to them
Only to take it to places
That it didn’t belong
And to  people that
didn’t welcome me
For all that I am.
I didn’t belong
With you, maybe.
But I was and still am
a vessel
Searching for
H a p p i n e s s
Sep 2019 · 126
Jenovah Sep 2019
While my life is mostly bleak
You are my favorite day of the week
My lips against your cheek made me think
I could do it again

These ******* butterflies again
They will soon turn into moths
And eat me from within

I will pick you flowers
place them in your hair
And listen to you sing for hours

But will they wilt?
When the days don’t feel the same
Will you fill up with guilt?

When you are sick of me
And I’m not the one you seek
Anymore, you will still be my
Favorite day of the week

When someone else takes up
The space in your bed
And the moths are all dead

I will collect their carcasses
And wilted flowers
Then keep them in a jar
With a label that will say

For a girl
Aug 2019 · 111
Jenovah Aug 2019
a long drag
of a cigarette
in hopes too
exhale all
of these thoughts
away with the smoke
that leaves my lungs
I don’t know what’s
killing me
the things in my head
or the ******* cigarettes?
Jun 2019 · 208
? (Just a thought)
Jenovah Jun 2019
I mostly miss
The space
  Where I
My face
Into  your
And breathed in
Salty skin
But not the
Way skin is
But the way yours  is
Mixed with
Old cologne
and smells
Like home
Your chin
   Hairs rested
On top
One time
You said I was
Your soul
I felt
Myself leap
Out of my flesh
And savored the
Now the space
Where my head
Is someone
Else’s favorite
I wonder how
You smell to them
And if you
Think they are
Your soulmate
Jun 2019 · 1.0k
Jenovah Jun 2019
You are sweet
Like overripe fruit
Forgotten in my kitchen

Salty skin in the summer
Lips touch under shady trees
Watching busy bees
Float by

My mind is a busy bee
Thinking turning spiraling
Out of control
Just a book waiting
To be written

I cannot trail words
Together and make
Them make sense

I can only break
Words apart between
My teeth and spit
Them out

Hoping they hold the
Answer all on their own
Because I cannot slow
Down and think about it

Think about the words
They come out in quick
Angry bursts
Sudden sad sounds
Spilling out of my mouth

I try to swallow them
Whole but I can’t
I can only choke
Out sorry
Sorry sorry
I’m so sorry

For failing
And falling
And wanting
And needing
Jun 2019 · 53
Jenovah Jun 2019
You left me
With a
Perfect hollow
In my chest

My torn heart
refuses to rest
A steady
Melancholy burst
Open from
from within me
And it feeds me
Sadness from
The inside out

Pulses through
My veins

You long to
Forget me
But I long to
Surrender myself
To you
Once again

You said you’d
Never let go
Even so
I know how
To hold on

I search for
The courage
To let go
I ache to
Become whole
And humble

Then beg you
To stay again
And again
And again
May 2019 · 235
Jenovah May 2019
I radiate light my dear
Divine, milky, plus-size sphere
Mysterious femininity at my axis
Boys orbit my Atmosphere
But the brave land their ships
On my marvelous mountains
And equisite garden
I am an ambassador for
Mother Earth
Come taste the freshest rain
And view the prettiest flower
I keep secret between
The space where I can
Make fantasies come true
May 2019 · 125
Star dust
Jenovah May 2019
You are like raindrops resting on soil
Flow into me like water
Gentle, as I am still a flower in bloom
Give me sunlit skies
And hold me to your chest;
I am still healing
Tell me about far off galaxies
And how you gaze  at stars
Wishing you could hold them in your hands
For light years they live in the skies
Only to burn so beautifuly
In the atmosphere
And we capture the experience in our memories
And admire blazing star dust
For  only seconds at a time
Apr 2019 · 123
Jenovah Apr 2019
I wanted to write about the weather and how it was relatable; How I related to the gloomy storm clouds, but that’s just pathetic. I am sick of this woe is me persona. **** that and **** the weather. Tomorrow could be better, or possibly wetter weather! Whatever, **** it, deep breath and smile anyways.
Today’s mood
Apr 2019 · 339
Jenovah Apr 2019
Rooted to this place I am
Stuck in my own head space
Drifting on a thought
But I never settle
On just one
It is far to vast in here
The voices sing
Me songs and
Tell me my fears
Lay them out on the table
They tell me to get the ****
Over it and face them
Apr 2019 · 229
Jenovah Apr 2019
You lit me up
When I first saw you
Started a fire inside of me  
The way you
Touched the flame
Of a cigarette
To his face
And burned him
The heat crept up inside of me
And sent my body buzzing
My temperature rising
Set my world ablaze and
I knew I had to taste to you
Had to feel you
Wanted you to **** me up
And burn it all to the ground
Wanted you to light me up
Like the cigarette between your lips
That you put on his flesh
Kiss me hot to the touch
leave me  scorched
Into a pile of ashes
Then roll me up
Into a smoke
And do it all over again.
Sorry if there’s typos tired; based on real life experience
Feb 2019 · 348
Jenovah Feb 2019
Sunlight coming in through the window and resting on my inner thigh
The warmth reminds me of the soft kisses
That your sacred lips once left behind
Feb 2019 · 124
Jenovah Feb 2019
Strip   me
D  o  w  n
T   e  a   r
The   skin
From  my
F l  e  s  h
Peer   into
My     soul
What   d o
You    see ?
Roll your tongue
Across my t e e t h
Tell me what do you
T a s t e?
F ing ers
A  l o n  g
My  spine
What   do
You feel?
Steady  a
B r e a t h
Of my
Tell me
Do you
Lay your heavy
Head upon my
C h e s t
What do
Feb 2019 · 636
Jenovah Feb 2019
I finally feel I can be happy again
Now that I’ve shed my metaphorical
I no longer feel the crawling sensations of the insecurities you
Conjured up for me
I can no longer feel the burn in my chest
After you’ve passed on my secrets
To uninvited ears
Because you will never get another one from me nor will you ever know another part of me
I am done living in your shadow because you thought me incapable of true friendship
Without  you I will grow into the most beautiful and best me
like a **** that held me back
you will no longer break me and pick me apart and keep me from growing
For A toxic friend
Jan 2019 · 150
Jenovah Jan 2019
But also me
She is there holding
All my confidence
Dreams and desires
In her hands
My hands
Our hands
Except I can’t keep my grasp
On the better parts
She sees  a pretty face in the mirror
Her face
My face
Our face
When I peer into the glass
I cannot see it
I see hollow eyes
My eyes
Her eyes
Our eyes
Enshadowed by sleepless nights
Within me is hate
Within her is love
Her love my hate
But also my love
And her hate
Some days she gets out
Of bed before Me
The day starts and she is happy
I am happy
We are happy
But if I wake first
The sadness prevails
I ache
She aches
We ache
Written about did and dpd
Dec 2018 · 117
Jenovah Dec 2018
I stared at the  walls that swallowed up our moans while
My body drank
Up the moon light
That poured in from the window
I could still feel the wetness
From your tongue
Like raindrops
Resting on the petals of
My feminity
I could see the map
Your fingers
Traced along my skin
like Fresh water colors on an open canvas
Pheromones coat the air
Like  the way  lilacs do in the summer
Soft breaths whispering
as your lungs
Inflated and deflated
You the resting knight
Who crumbled my castle walls
The knight who vanquished my fears
In the dark of my canopy bed
Where I had  surrendered
And let the moment devour me
We became a euphoric
Prism of passion
On silken sheets
Then we drifted away into sleep
Aug 2018 · 176
Jenovah Aug 2018
I name stone after stone
After all the times
You made
Then what I am
And I place
Each one
In my pockets
Jul 2018 · 751
Jenovah Jul 2018
I watched from the dark of the shadows
As you sought out anyone that wasnt me
Lovely little sheep; it was easy
Easy for you to love your own kind
I, with eager eyes from the deep of the woods
You, always at a distance
I waited until the midnight hour
Where you could only love me in private
For I am the wolf
Apr 2018 · 430
Sad boy
Jenovah Apr 2018
Have you looked into the mirror lately?
Or do you only see your reflection
Taunting you in the bath water
Moments before you sink the blade
Deep into your wrists
Oh sad boy
Why do you listen to those songs on repeat?
Why do you spend all your time alone?
Why did you wait for those who would never come?
Oh sad boy
Your eyes they tell me stories
Beautiful and heartbreaking ones too
Sorrowful and soft
Did you ever notice?
That your lovely?
Oh so lovely.
I wish you would have known
Before you climbed into the water
And drowned yourself away.
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