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Lala Aug 2021
It's too expensive
to live in this world,
covered in so many bruises,
Convincing you it's safe
when you look from out in space.
As I sit, scribbling this down
under the lampshade
I realize that nothing is safe
not even the words I say.
Lala Jul 2021
You are a puzzle,
different things piece together to make you,
different verses,
different interests,
different traits,
different desires,
different claims,
different culture,
different race.
If they wish not to understand, do not make them.
You do not have to prove to anyone, but yourself
that you are a beautiful creature, inside and out.
  Jul 2021 Lala
Sometimes, we fail to take the time
To relish the little moments in life.
To watch the earthworm
Surface in early morning rain.
Or the spider
Spin its web.
We miss the summer leaves
Become a spectrum of colours in fall.
Forget to count the petals on a clover.
The insignifigant moments we tend to neglect,
Are the moments most precious.
Lala Jul 2021
In this world
of suffering and pain,
I find solace ​within
the ​pages of a book
and the world it carries.
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