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Redroses Jan 28
Behind the smiles
pain kept inside
Redroses Jan 27
Today you breathe
Tomorrow you die

Time is running
Souls are dying

Leaving everything
Carrying nothing

Do what you can now
What if theres no tomorrow
Redroses Jan 27
I wish i could fly
Floating in the clouds
Get out of this world

I wish i could erase
All the pain
But it's part of life

There's a sunshine
After the rain
It can't be all rain
Redroses Jan 27
Let's play  
Were we stay
holding hands

Together we fight
Never leave
Each other side

I'd die with you
If I have too
Redroses Jan 17
I stood there
At the edge of the cliff

Clouds were fluffy
Wished I could fly

Thinking of you
Were we really
For each other

Will you hold
My hand forever

What if you
found someone better

Will you still
love me
Redroses Jan 15
Alone with
Brown old piano

White notes
Black notes

Play anything
With feelings
Redroses Dec 2021
You were lying
Close to me
I watched you

But then
I woke up

I wished
it was real
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