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Redroses 14h
We can't be friends

I might fall for you
Let's get lost together
Where will find our journey forever
Redroses Apr 30
Always watching you
Wherever you go
Whatever you do

You may not see me
But I see you
Redroses Apr 30
All have a beginning
All have an ending

Once we die,
We leave our body

We enter eternity
Either Hell or Heaven

Our souls live forever
Where will you go?

Man can't save himself
Only Jesus can save us

Trust Jesus as Savior
Repent of your sins
Redroses Apr 17
Don't trust easily
Not everyone is nice

It takes time
To know a person
Redroses Apr 16
Roses have thorns
Just like
Life can't be perfect
Redroses Apr 13
I left my body
I could see myself

My body died
But my soul live

I went to my Savior
Who loves me

His name is Jesus
He loves us all

He died for you
To save our souls
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