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She was screaming
Pounding on the door
"Let me in!"
Knuckles ****** from the constant banging
Her voice was raspy and if you could see her
You would recognize that her eyes were burning from all of the tears
And her cheeks were flushed from her efforts
Let me in, she cries
Let me in...
But as you two stared in each other's eyes that day
And you continued to tell her of nothing things, as you always do
She listened
You did not hear her begging,
Only because she did not ask you directly
But inside she was giving up
Leaning her back against the wall to the right of the entrance
Lifeless body and limbs weighted to the ground
One hand barely tapping the bottom of the door
Her eyes fighting to remain open
She is fading
She is giving up on you.
Little girl with bright blonde hair
Cheeks painted pink
Playfully hid behind the table
"Mommy do you see me?"

Innocent eyes and a smile so grand
Her laugh so bubbly
She looked up to her mother
"Mommy do you see me?"

Her mother looked down
And she covered her eyes
Only just for a moment
But she opened to a surprise

Her baby girl had grown too fast
And she herself was aged and weary
In the hospital bed, by her side her daughter sat
"Mommy don't leave me"
Broken China in the kitchen
Blood throughout the carpet
Punched holes in the walls
The house remains silent.
His love was no love in the end
Hers was just as broken...
The lies and the stories resulted in madness
And at the end of each day it was always so tragic.
Wake up in the morning, breakfast for the kids, kiss on the cheek,
No matter how in love they seem in the morning, each night is a repeat.
This is not love, this is just cruel
You're battered, but stay for the idea of love. This makes you such a fool.

Write a poem that a man can understand
A man that doesn't understand them
I read to him and he seems confused
Would it be easier it I spelled it out:
I  L o v e  Y o u .
I know that you want to know
Why I am the way I am
I brush it to the side playfully
And answer "because I can"
The most nonchalant answer I could give
You better believe that's what you'll hear
Because I'm not ready to confess the truth
I'm not ready for you to disappear.
The truth can wreck you sometimes. Sometimes it's easier not to know.
You pushed me
Expecting me to fall
Silencing my voice with your screams
Ignoring my surrendering call

You bent me
Expecting me to snap
Untwisting my brain within your fingers
Letting the fragments rot in your lap

You stabbed me
Expecting me to bleed
Over and over you left me for dead
Hoping that I would cede

All of these terrible things you've done
All of the pain that I've endured
Karma will come back to find you
And when she does I am sure,
She will haunt you for a lifetime
She will avenge all of my pain
You will cower in her fury
And you will remember my name.
Hey guys,

For a long time I kept my poetry to myself. It was the only outlet I had to express my thoughts and feelings. Since finding this site and receiving all of the support from everyone, I've decided to create a website as another outlet to share my work. Mostly everything I've posted on here is there, with a few exceptions.

I'd really love it if you guys would check it out and let me know your thoughts. What you like, what you don't like, etc. I feel like everyone here has been a helping hand in it.

Thanks so much guys! :)
i studied your body like i would the sky,
tracing constellations into your skin as you hummed
what sounded like the clouds would when they move.

andromeda on your throat, aquarius along your collarbones,
canis major covered your chest, gemini on your right shoulder.
i didn't want to leave when you told me that you loved me.

leo graced your left shoulder, just slightly down your back,
your stomach wore lyra, lopsided, like your smile.
sometimes i couldn't breathe at the thought of losing you.

orion on one hip, pisces on the other, my lips on both,
scorpius, dangerous, starting on your inner thigh.
but it was that loving you that scared me more than losing you.

taurus, ursa major, both on your calves,
body trembling as i traced virgo onto your ankles.
i couldn't hold on, i couldn't breathe, i couldn't understand.

i always saved libra for last, a balance scale,
over the entirety of your back, my safe haven.
breaking the scale when i leaned over, lips against your ear,
*we can't exist together.
from my self published book 'beneath the vacancy' // lulu, amazon, barnes & noble
as i watch the blood run down my forearm and hit the floor
i cry.
because im alone.
because i want to die.
im scared..
to live a lonely
worthless life
not like all the others.
not greedy.
for once in my life i found
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