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 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
at dawn your eyes shine
along the waters that I cross
I am flattered to be a particle of your gaze
the blue flower brings healing
touching my fingers
only  lovingly

in the afternoon
a miraculous cat jumps
from nowhere
to play just
I am captured by your joy
forgetting what’s all around me
I am the red dressed wise girl with a cat under a tree
all  in your company

late afternoon sun shines tranquility  
you cover the sky by seven -
dashes of light manifesting the truth
when eyes shut
through the dancing traces I fade
in the red
adorning  the blue of you

the seeds of these flowers
which I thought died a year ago
were conceived  in the pure soul of a winter vase
made of air
growing now wild and free -as I would prefer-
all along the corners
bringing me your tuning colors anew

in the mist of early morning a bird wakes me up
until I will get up to receive the gift of yoga
I pray with my body

when stars shine you hold both of my hands
issuing me a torch that belong to both of us
you say
but I let us go
receiving the promise
giving the promise
of only eternity

I let us go
connecting my posture to a posture
by this breath

I let us go by taking the shape of the wind
so that you can be with me in all the evolving
shapes of matter

I celebrate you as one
in the blessing of your presence

I carry you at a holy spot
of feeling and knowing and seeing
I am made of your light

I respect the wisdom you sprinkle that makes me surpass
mundane desire and expectation
I respect the wisdom you sprinkle that makes me surpass
temptation of words and
that which serves as a barrier to our onness

I am born to choose this cave to contemplate alone
receiving the grace of your signs
knowing you are the light on my silent path
until I be love
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
our immovable dance
threads  the great canvas
of no thing
made of and by
our knowing  
the carrier of sound
by love
and plays
lights and shades
along the
ever changing curls
of a velvet universe


if there is two
it is not even at two separate

but a base of being
for and of
each other

we cannot say that
for each one of the two
there is a sense of two

when one is not existential
without the other
then the other is not the other
but the way for the one to be  


then one sees one
then one knows one


one love to one love
like a sheet of purple gaze

flows along
and permeates
one another

it is the dance of grace

in between the two
lies the universe

for they balance
as ever distincts
the sparks of
the tale of things

ah pure love within itself knowing the other
ah pure love source of all divine dance


the carrier of creator’s subtlety

the sign of all creation  
living on its own
– apart from its creator

we hear inside


silence of
the vacuum
as one sound
-but not a thing-
it remains

in a wisdom
time cannot
be traveled
as long  as
time is defined
to create

 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
for He
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
Once I was a pretty girl
Made of a big leaf
and a strong root
that grew to
fields of fruit
On each of my birthdays
I used to wear a dress
made of yellow flowers

I stayed so
Thinking to be
As strong but
Unable to walk
Like a tree
Or a tree
I met he

who called me She
He a true
Human Being
He a true man
One of the strongest
Of its kind
dared to pluck
Me fully
For whom
I converted
A plant
As he says:

I walked the depths of
Mud hand in hand
With he
by which
my feet shaped
To toes
soft and pinky

He teach me
How to step
On the
Crystal shiny
Water smooth
Rocks passaging
A delirious rush
Of dizzying fall
Only by the sound of
Such gobbly bubbly
Sound of vertigo
He holds
My arm
Needles to ask
In sync fit time
He says
I help She
Because she is not
As strong as ….

Never using the word
Face of gentleness
With coal black
Shiny eyes
A smile like buddha
No he cannot hide
And no why would
When hide
İs only
İn my tongue

As he holds me
I feel light
Clearing my sight
As if on the moon
Defeating gravity
And voluntarily
The She

In my terms
For Once  
the Weak

By his strong palms
He who raised me to the
Blue of freest skies
Made of the joy of lovers
Brought me
to a cleanest Lagoons
A Queen's bath on another
Plane from where suns shine
Their brightest
to heal our worlds

And Lovers make love
As we walk hand in hand
Each of a stumble of mine
As if  a pure longing to touch
him longer
While i bathe ****
he politely looks the other side
And picks a blood red bloom
for me

Like a nature you used to be
And still are
A gift for you  
he says  by his light
Shining the purest
without any expectation

A Flower once gifted to Shiva
She and he now
She and he now
As all pray
to be a blessing of love
Maybe a dream
Maybe still here or there
Maybe the color of the sunset
on a new moon day

For he
He who warmed my heart today
He made of divine light
He who never will read my lines
Lines made of words
But for he
He who calls me She
He who I know
already Knows
He who
held my hand
on a new moon day.
for Ramesh
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you

Pure desire is what I am
And will be
for one of your touch
And shall stay so  
always near
or from far away
with whoever you wish to be
Feeling you this way
Is my joy
I shall gift as love
And sprinkle to universe
Knowing you are I

Wishing you gift
This passion
To enlighten and rise
Humanity to a level
That they truly are
And should be
The highest
Of gods
And goddesses

Let’s touch them
With pure love
Let them be free
Free oh free
Peace to three worlds
Of  hearts
Let them make love
And stay free

No matter what forms
you choose to assume
Which life stories
you get involved in
I only know you as I know myself
When every morning
I open my eyes
Rested or tired
in dim lights
By one of your call
Of my name in your
I shall awaken
And kiss you
as if you are by my side
In serene silence
Listen to the dawn-welcomers
and know your heart is with me
Just as today
Just as yesterday
Just as now

You have no names for me
All names are you
Your name equals to all names
I shall always remain
After and before a touch
As one language
Of pure desire for you

Pure desire is what enlightens my path
To give birth to you by my breath
And make love to you in human form
Pure desire is what keeps me long
for the eternal day in shapeless form
I’ll stay in one posture of our love
Of you and I

Once my duty as a beloved
Is completed
On this world

For you
for you
for you
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
I wonder so much
What kind of talk that was
held in secrecy
The one shared with him only

He knows that ‘I OF SHE’ knows

But not me!

It could have only been me  instead
and the ‘EYE OF SHE’...

Knowing now
EYE OF SHE is me

And I and EYE and SHE are all the same

So all are me  
or something like me

In essence ...of course
In essence...only
‘I am’
is same as
‘I is’
(this is not always the case)

but He
He also knows
even before me!

and maybe even
even his friends know!

And still and not yet I /

Yes I also suspect that
It is a possibility

A collaboration
‘For a divine reason’

But am I a conscious part of that collaboration?

Has that reason already been shared with me?

I mean the Me me me ?

Has that already been pronounced openly
that time...while in secrecy?

I wonder that ...

And yes
And still not I
Not yet
At least this part is clear now
Clear enough to be confirmed as such

But Why?  
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me?

I know there must be a reason
I know she does not make mistakes
But I only also hope now that
she does not really make mistakes

Or does she?
Or can she?

So I wonder
Wonder still
And so much
What kind of talk that was
Held in secrecy
The one shared with him only
And why
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
I feel naked when I look at  the moon today
Why ? Why ? What is there to hide?
and are we really so far?
Such a destitute gaze
alight to sky
Glaring with its brittle skin
Under which she knows
I hides
as a drifter beloved
Always lured
the world’s tides
inspired by a lecture I heard by Swami Rama of Himalayas that humans do not necessarily need to be controlled by "phases of the moon" like animals.
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
Who am i?
It a question that stumps me all the time,
I am a girl..........i know that much i think
Sometimes i am sweet, other times bitter as lime.

I believe i am sane,
I mean insane,
Honestly, Its all the same.
But who am i?

I am mistreated because i am not like others,
I am different they say,
What's wrong with that?
Isn't that a good thing?
I don't know i guess we must all be the same in every way.
I might be that one rare black rose stuck in the thorns that no one bothers to touch because its too much work to get it out,
But i hope i am special too,
Who am i?

A girl going through identity crisis,
Her emotions shattered like broken pieces,
There's no dry places left to cry,
Who am i?  

                                                               ­                                  Jonesy 2016©
Who am I ?
 Jul 2016 Sive Myeki
I dreamed up a world
Where reality had tilted
And the sky traded places
With the sea
We walked on streets
Of fluffy clouds
Caught stars in fishing nets
While gazing up at celestial waters
Making wishes on flying whales
 Jun 2016 Sive Myeki
I inked my skin with your name,
As you swore you wouldn't play the game,
Russian roulette,
As good as you could get,
But there was someone who was better yet.

Spin the bottle,
Load up the gun,
And tell yourself  it's only a bit of fun.

The future can't be real,
If the deal is not sealed,
A debt you will pay,
For playing this game.

Round and round,
It lands on you as you bow your head to the ground.

Pick up the gun,
It's no longer fun,
Death is calling,
You're slowly falling.

The shot was perfect,
Right through your skull,
As if It was worth it.

You fell to the floor,
I ran out of the door,
Never to return to our place we called "home".

It wasn't a game of roulette,
It was our series of events,
You killed yourself,
Due to the sadness that you felt.

So this is my spin on things,
I'll pour a glass and admit my sins,
Before I join in,
With your game of Russian roulette.
A few of my poems explain about this same story,
But this is a different view of it, for me anyway.
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