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Alin Oct 2015
at dawn your eyes shine
along the waters that I cross
I am flattered to be a particle of your gaze
the blue flower brings healing
touching my fingers
only  lovingly

in the afternoon
a miraculous cat jumps
from nowhere
to play just
I am captured by your joy
forgetting what’s all around me
I am the red dressed wise girl with a cat under a tree
all  in your company

late afternoon sun shines tranquility  
you cover the sky by seven -
dashes of light manifesting the truth
when eyes shut
through the dancing traces I fade
in the red
adorning  the blue of you

the seeds of these flowers
which I thought died a year ago
were conceived  in the pure soul of a winter vase
made of air
growing now wild and free -as I would prefer-
all along the corners
bringing me your tuning colors anew

in the mist of early morning a bird wakes me up
until I will get up to receive the gift of yoga
I pray with my body

when stars shine you hold both of my hands
issuing me a torch that belong to both of us
you say
but I let us go
receiving the promise
giving the promise
of only eternity

I let us go
connecting my posture to a posture
by this breath

I let us go by taking the shape of the wind
so that you can be with me in all the evolving
shapes of matter

I celebrate you as one
in the blessing of your presence

I carry you at a holy spot
of feeling and knowing and seeing
I am made of your light

I respect the wisdom you sprinkle that makes me surpass
mundane desire and expectation
I respect the wisdom you sprinkle that makes me surpass
temptation of words and
that which serves as a barrier to our onness

I am born to choose this cave to contemplate alone
receiving the grace of your signs
knowing you are the light on my silent path
until I be love

— The End —