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  Aug 2018 Starr Bright
are we and the grass and trees
ennobled graced gifted are we
the thriving warrior's
worker ants enrichers feeding the
as we strive daily along
sniffing a scent we get in
our minds a nirvana a heaven if we just
keep on
and we wax and wane in lyrical bliss
tired to the bone whipped
just to hear a song of hope or
love or perpetual peace,
and as we stay the course for
the eternity as it ticks
we are blessed to breathe to be
a part of the chorus
a melody we all make buzzing like bees
a song once did escape the numerous
that sung so rare it made a song
like a bee and an ant on a pine cone
in the forest.
For that,
I hum.
  Jun 2018 Starr Bright
Pagan Paul
Snow drifts down
     laying a lawn cold sheet
across the frozen ground,
          creating art reliefs
like acid etching glass,
open space rolling and undulating,
in small hills and depressions,
     bedecked in a veil of white.
The silence is deafening,
quiet having been enjoyed
     and surpassed,
briefly punctuated by the call of a bird,
     A sharp whistle that shrieks
and attacks the silence.
The fresh smell of snowfall wafts up
     as it settles and glistens
in the light of silver moonbeams,
randomly peeping through clouds.
The taste of peace,
in the frigid air,
sends imagination soaring
from the desolation of isolation
to another time and place.
          The snow falls,
in a relentless race for the ground,
               all is still,
               nothing stirs,
as the moor welcomes its quilt
and sleeps with a cold heart,
                       of being kissed by the Sun.

© Pagan Paul (28/05/18)
  Jun 2018 Starr Bright
Pagan Paul
The emptiness is full of lost joys ...

The heft and fall
          of a wood axe
                    splitting down winter logs
The sight of girls
          pretty and fair
                    exposing flesh in the sun
The smell of flowers
          scented breeze
                    and fresh mown grass
The pint of real ale
          quenching thirst
                    after a long days graft
The company of friends
          killing loneliness
                    laughing and telling stories
The piquant moments
          of happy and sad
                    when tears flow easily
The arms of lovers
          on a cold night
                    and raising a heartache
The taste of fruit
          so ripe and lush
                    dribbling juice down chins
The feel of a smile
          crossing lips
                    releasing hormonal pleasure ...

The emptiness is full of lost joys …

© Pagan Paul (03/06/18)
Follow up poem to My World posted in February.
Have you heard about them?
   (felt the magic…)
They are
the essence of love      
they hold
the beauty of life
they are all around us shining bright.

It's a whisper
of love
that floats 
through the trees
ruffling every leaf
of a breeze.
It’s a hint
of a fairy tale
a maiden
a white knight
a love
blessed by the stars
tenderly held tight.
A love that                  
grows stronger
as hearts became whole
for the love
them comes deep
from their souls.
From the very first moment
love shined
bright and  warm
casting out
doubt and gloom        
even the worst of storms.
It’s a whisper
of love
that floats
through the trees
a promise of eternity
on the sweet scent
of a breeze.
I may not be right there
every night and every day,
but I feel you here with me
in so many loving ways.

So many miles between us
yet distance can’t keep us apart,
and nothing could ever change
all the love for you in my heart.

It could be a sweet dream
or a memory we have shared,
it only takes an instance
to get from here to there.

Even though I always feel you
standing by my side,
I cherish every single memory
that lingers through my mind.
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