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Aug 2018
are we and the grass and trees
ennobled graced gifted are we
the thriving warrior's
worker ants enrichers feeding the
as we strive daily along
sniffing a scent we get in
our minds a nirvana a heaven if we just
keep on
and we wax and wane in lyrical bliss
tired to the bone whipped
just to hear a song of hope or
love or perpetual peace,
and as we stay the course for
the eternity as it ticks
we are blessed to breathe to be
a part of the chorus
a melody we all make buzzing like bees
a song once did escape the numerous
that sung so rare it made a song
like a bee and an ant on a pine cone
in the forest.
For that,
I hum.
Written by
         Cmi, Edmund black, Salmabanu Hatim, Melissa S, RK and 44 others
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