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 Oct 2018 James
Philip Winchester
A poet is a poet is a poet.

Philip is the name I use
Oliver is my family name
Especially on my passport
True my passport should say Poet

I like to think I am one.
So I write a poem every day

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poetic license I like to take
Occasionally when I need to
Especially when I talk in metaphors
Twitter -pated . Tongue -twisted metaphors

Introducing the art of the Acrostic Poem
Simply using the phrase vertically to trigger

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poets need to die to become well read.
Only the lucky ones ever get published
Even John Keats wasn’t recognised in life
Trick is to keep on writing for all your worth.
An example of a 15 minute exercise
 Jun 2018 James
Our Love
 Jun 2018 James
Our love is like a rose but it still has its thorns
it may be beautiful, but it has its ups and downs
Our love is like the sun, it will never grow old
till death do us part, no for eternity do we stay strong

Our love is like the ocean breeze,
it comes and goes as it please
our love is like the birds that fly
one day we're low , next thing we're high

Our love is like the leaves in spring
we fall, but when the cold season's past
the only thing our birds can do is sing

Our love is like four seasons
our love has every meaning
our love has every reason

Our love can never be forbidden
 Jun 2018 James
Beautiful and transparent
Lightweight and floating
Pops to make everyone happy
I envy bubbles

I wanted to become a bubble
Showing off transparently
Telling myself I'm pretty
Without judgement from anybody

I wanted to become a bubble
Flying so freely
Going up up up, highly
Makes people so bubbly

I wanted to become a bubble
When the pressure is on me
I will burst, quietly
Leaving my space lovely and empty

I wanted to become a bubble
I'm scared to be a bubble
Have you ever see yourself as a bubble. Because most of tht time, I see myself as a bubble.
Living and floating freely then,you will POP! because the pressure on you was too much to handle. You will disappear,  leaving your space so empty. But, people around you will not cry because you are a bubble after all, when you POP! You make everyone happy.

— The End —