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Benjamin Jan 29
Black and White is my life
In search of hue or gray
To make some kind of change.

When I see a difference
I begin the chase
To pursue the sight I like.

In the end,
I become more color blind
Benjamin Jan 14
My efforts have vanished
Gone like the wind
Gusts have blown them away
Its true that vanity exists
Not many people stay
Benjamin Dec 2018
As we spend time together,
I want to learn your ticks
While my heart talks.
May our days pass
Every second well spent.
Make our love last
Even if our clock stops...
Benjamin Dec 2018
Tomorrow yearns for today's joy
It always asks for more
At the end of the day,
It's your choice
The first line is my most favorite.
Benjamin Nov 2018
There's such an elation
From your fingertips touching mine
There's a beautiful, unexplainable
Ecstatic feel from our fingerprints rubbing against each other
Sparking the fire that keeps us warm
On this cold weather
Let's keep warm
Benjamin Nov 2018
Your smirk is like the sunrise.
Your frown is like the sunset.
Your smile, the mid day sun shining amazingly.
Your face is the beauty behind everything lovely.
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