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Benjamin Sep 20
You are my freedom
I miss my *******
And that is my sin
Benjamin Jul 22
Lost in thought
Mind is gone
In search of solace
By breathing in
And moving on
Couldn't put a definite description, but it's about sometimes spacing out and thinking too much of the past that you can forget to just breathe. Sometimes finding solace is breathing in and moving on.
Benjamin May 13
When I least expect it,
You hold my hand
And guide me

In the depths of an ocean of loneliness,
You remind me of companionship

I begin to remember the sunny days
The rainy days
The gloomy days
The days that made me

I have found to love those memories
Sometimes in the darkest of hours or even at random, memories seem to change the tone of thinking. Yet, we can deal with them any we'd like. I enjoy the memories that remind me I'm cared for.
Benjamin Apr 30
Matches constantly lit
No char
No ash


No fire
No ember
Just memories it gave
The poem is about false hopes and love. They have no effect sometimes, but are memorable.
Benjamin Apr 11
We rarely talk
We've had memories
Some bittersweet

You're the song on repeat
And I want it stop
Get it off my mind

No longer do I want this lullaby
The mind wakes up memories before you sleep and sometimes it's of old romances
Benjamin Apr 5
Counterfeit Dreams.

A love turned to mist.

A fun turned mundane.
The first line is the title. Had a hard time deciding if I should name it that or reflect that. It's about exchanging hope/dream for a cheap one and it becoming plain, not real or enjoyable.
Benjamin Feb 19
Pushed to the side.
Faded into a lifeless mist.
Presence is gone.
Do I even exist?
It really ***** being ignored while being in the presence of a conversation.
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