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Benjamin Sep 28
You're the poetry that became reality.


You make my sensories wild.
Couldn't think of a name, perhaps you can help me out. It's been a minute since I've written and I love them both separately yet together. Made them within 3 hours of each other!
Benjamin Aug 13
Ivory between your lips
Brings joy
To my cloudy day
It;s about a girl's smile
Benjamin Jun 26
Your smile...
The smile of a thousand suns
Brightens my darkest of planets
In an empty universe
I'm really liking this girl and needing more reason to pursue her.
Benjamin May 30
Love scars.
I can taste the blood.
I can feel the pain you left.
Nonetheless, love scars.

Love scars.
I enjoyed the thought.
I smiled at the idea.
You have left your mark.
Nonetheless, love scars.
Benjamin Apr 26
You are my safe haven
And I hate it
The person I began to love is no longer who I want to be with.
Benjamin Apr 21
You may not remember
But I do
The night you said
"I kind of miss you."
Memories I had of the girl I recently confessed my feelings to.
Benjamin Mar 26
Wonderful sun-kissed skin
Blissful rushing winds
Birds chirping hymns
'Tis a beautiful spring!
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