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Emma Apr 24
I was violated.
My body was used as a pleasure toy.
So now, I know no pleasure of my own.

Every mere touch, embrace, kiss,
Sends me into states of panic from which I cannot escape.

Before you say, “oh maybe it was what you were wearing”,
I was violated,
In a school uniform.
#assault #victim #hope
Emma Apr 22
You broke me,
You actually broke me,
I can never be content
Because whenever i see your face i fill up with rage, dissapointment and desperation.

Go tell your ***** she can have you,
God knows if you’re using me as excuse to stay,
The strings have been cut for you already.
But try and hurt me again,
And your whole world will crumble before you.
A letter dedicated to a sick family member
Emma Feb 3
The funny thing about family is
we’re told that “It’s where you feel comfort.”
Then explain to me how I have never found it,
Explain how I would prefer to leave home rather than stay?
Explain how the people who are supposed to care for me keep spinning the dagger they themselves stuck in my back.

When you find the answers to these questions
Ask yourself if this old saying has any meaning
Because I am going to need some enlightenment
So please, enlighten me.
Emma Feb 2
The greatest loss,
I ever will feel
Is losing myself

I’ve seen people around me
Lose themselves with the same issues

Yet I don’t think i’ll ever be able to
Get a grip on my own thoughts
So with this i say
That my last wish will be
That maybe i should have just
Let myself be free.
Emma Dec 2018
Days seem to be getting brighter,
Tastes seem to be getting sweeter
People seem to be becoming kinder.

When I started to see the light,
Is when I noticed
That I was putting myself into
The darkness.
Emma Dec 2018
I feel the earth sinking,
under the weight
Of my own thoughts.

I feel my heart breaking
With the hurt
You put me through.

I feel myself
Slipping away
Through the cracks
You made.
Emma Nov 2018
People are too quick to judge,
Saying that you’re just too lazy.
You avoid people because you don’t want to do anything.
You panic because you make things into
A big deal.
You’re not really as depressed as you say you are,
Or else you’d already be dead.
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