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Rachel Cloud May 2016
There are flowers blooming
bright and brilliant, true
pooling from the vesicles
red and violet blue

Roots ensnare the veins below
a pale and powder skin
the blush of nascent nature’s worth
where bruises might of been

A pulling scrapes the tears from eyes
pink with blossom’s bud
And lips stained dark with dreams long dashed
reek of the color blood

There’re flowers in you, child
but flesh and blood as well
tend your garden carefully
or thorns grow where you dwell
Rachel Cloud May 2016
With swishing, swaying somnolence, in eve
So slow and sound, a thought begins to stir.
A battle brews beneath the throat, but breathe
Past beating baubles, under flesh and fur

Concealed by waves and waves of reticence
The sun a blot on the horizon grey
In splendor faces glow with innocence
Though silently they scream in their dismay

Away, away, away they fall to dark
And disarray while children dream alone
They dream for shattered selves of gold, and hark!
The hammer falls upon them as t’would stone

Yet broken souls shan’t glimmer bright as whole
However well the storied tales extoll.
Sonnet 01
Rachel Cloud May 2016
This world hums at your presence,
For like things resonate in soft, susurrate sounds while all else fades.
This world is damaged and beautiful
Beaten by the men on its surface and haunted by those long since gone
With scars and with secrets and subtleties buried
With an aching aloneness hid deeper yet, still
But so gracious and warm and eager to help.
To save.
To support.
While whole stretches of void hold it away from its kin.
These voids are safety.
It knows what it needs, doesn’t it?
Separate and safe, blooming only for those held so close as to not lose them
But never close enough to reach its core.
Blooming with color, with life, with song
In moments, nothing but a collection of seconds, of minutes,
A bundle of time and feeling.
Regret. Fear. Sorrow.
Trust and hope.
Pirouetting around the sun.
Listen to the humming.

An elegy to someone still alive
Rachel Cloud Oct 2015
Feathered feeling flutters through
As quiet thought betrays me
Wishes and fears lay clear in a face
Who faces a farce of calmness

Calm in calamity
Careful in chaos
A fictitious facade of grace

Hear my answered question asked
And fear what I have feared

When you ask, you must forget to listen
Rachel Cloud Sep 2015
There's something a'shifting
With tooth and claw bared
Something a'hungering
Where no one has stared

A monster's a'climbing
from out of your throat
Digging deep into
you, keeping afloat

There's something a'wishing
A'wanting like mad
Alive in all living
things, risk to be had

A creature a'waiting
it's eager escape
The beast lies a'muttering
as the mouth gives it shape
truth isn't always kind
Rachel Cloud Sep 2015
Too-long sleeves which cover the hands
and the blood to be found upon them
Thick words in the ears, a'flutter with fears
as darkness drips from the hem

Whispered secrets, shared regrets
and words to never be spoken
Life was a trifle, not meant to be stifled
as it, on the ground, lies broken

Not a secret nor word could undo the hurt
and unspill the blood that was spilled
Pull down the cloth, to cover the froth
and forget what must be forgotten
Rachel Cloud Sep 2015
There's a small, soft place
I keep in a space
I hide in the back of my heart

With secrets and dreams
and thoughts that I deem
Too important to see the light
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