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May 29 · 129
Everything but you
Dike Aduluso May 29
Do you know what you’d see in a broken mirror?
A different view from each piece that calls itself whole
You’d see a thousand stories begging to be told
Each prosed on the jagged faces of scattered souls
Warring against the sight you were meant to behold

You’d see cunning wiles amongst the broken bits
A faithful few whose light would sing your praise
Would sing a broken tune and would all your truth belie
And a piece on which no flaw could hold a gaze
Is but a piece of you no more than meets the eye

So why probe on bended knees and battered hands
Why strain with reddened eyes and hopeful plea
Through scattered shards of a shattered view
In hopes of sunken dreams that should never be
For but a tattered guise that was never true

You’ll find no peace in pieces of your truth
In pieces once part of a whole before the fall
The perfect whole in whose light you were made
A light that crowns the true you fairest of all
And the only you that need ever be portrayed

Within a broken mirror lies a broken world
Of broken dreams it seems, and a broken you
So flee from all that would see your light misplaced
And shut your eyes against every mangled view
Even if the lies for a time are sweet to taste

Because within a broken mirror you’d see everything
Everything but you.
#identity #self #you #faith #hope #peer pressure #conformity #society
Jan 1 · 441
Petrichor II
Dike Aduluso Jan 1
It came from cloudless blue
No herald of its fall
Was served as heaven’s brew
To quench the thirst of all
To give to morn its dew
And cause to tiller’s prance
To wet dry ground anew
With peace, joy, song, and dance

A peace of spotless white
Urged warring halves to join
As weary eyes did sight
The gleam of nature’s coin

A joy of love’s consent
Burned bright from empty core
As ailing nose did scent
The rise of petrichor

A song to woe's distaste
From voice of grateful praise
As thirsting tongue did taste
The ale of favour's daze

A dance of festive tier
On soles of arid sores
As shutting ears did hear
The tune of Angels' scores

A comfort so surreal
Set last of five to race
As numbing nerves did feel
The warmth of wet embrace

It came from cloudless blue
As touch of God’s good hand
To bid fierce drought adieu
With child for barren land
Who looks not to years past
But thanks the Lord laid bare
Having found at long last
The one for whom to care
Dec 2018 · 99
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
Distance makes even the sound heart fonder
How heavy a truth I can bear no longer

Frail I stand, a picture without a frame
Shattered, the backbone of a love turned lame
So, hungry do I walk through the rain
With none other than this still aching pain
No forecast tells of a future with parting clouds
Or sunlight to ease this day that darkness shrouds

A vision that plummets heads almost in shame
Enlightened that things may never be the same
Perhaps I should look no more to days before
And raise my spirits in search of something more
A quest to conquer our past's bright stint
With hope the air to rekindle this glowing splint

Do you believe the strength that fairytales uphold?
They say it conquers that which is and isn't told
My condolences for the loss of a love once sound
Permit me to try again on new and solid ground
For from the ashes of the fallen shall we rebuild
A new love from our hearts strongly willed.
Dec 2018 · 60
Goodnight, forever
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
Lie with the calm of a windless sea
Let not yourself be troubled by matters of the heart
Let me bear the pain of the wound we both share
Think not of a love sentenced to death
Weep not for the loss of a stolen heart
Rest assured, knowing that the heavens will move steady at their pace
The sun will yet rise to greet your face another day
And your rain will still wet my ground, though a different way.
So retire to sleep under God's watchful eye
Recline in peace of stainless white
Shut your eyes to the joy of heaven's smile
And fall to dreams that are honeycomb sweet
Dec 2018 · 112
Forgotten Dreams
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
If only I could gaze upon you as you slept
As I have many a time before
Then gaze I would in awe, as you dreamed ever so sweet
The dreams I too have dreamt; of a love told often in lore
Of days with no delay and nights full of delight
Cradled in the love of a tethered flock
With mind, heart and soul intertwined
In a world of ours that knows neither tick nor tock.
Dreams of the first cry that would challenge the heavens’ own tears
Of the joy that would wet our family stem
When we welcome him, her, or maybe them
Dreams of a life spent in His Presence
Walking in the light of His Glory
Telling all the world our Saviour’s story
Dreams of years passed, from now to days of grey.
Of silent sounds, of dimming lights
Of fading scents and waning might
Having loved and held from the day of spoken vows
For better or worse, ‘till dying breath as man and spouse
Dreams of our future, for I can hardly think of anything sweeter.
Dec 2018 · 65
I Love You
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
I love you with a love that tugs beyond the comfort of the stitches, scars and aches of a trampled heart.

A heart that would risk core-deep wounds for the warmth of your healing hands.

A heart that will bleed to know your love in return, beating its rhythm through the distance.

A heart that is mine no more.
Dec 2018 · 201
Lucid Dreams
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
I wake with tears from lucid dreams
Where skies have all their stars aligned.
Soaked in sweat like fluid streams
That drown the peace of fragile mind.

Since our faithful summer bloom
A **** of doubt did sprout in youth
Of joy that may be lover's doom
And good that lies beyond my truth

Through conscious nights and sleepless days
I dream much more my lucid dreams
With Fear to wake in cruel daze
To life and all its severed seams

I wish to dream more lucid dreams
By all and every faithful means
Dec 2018 · 137
Lover’s Bane
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
At last, I’ve found a cause
A cause to put grey on yearning white
Which beckons an outpour without pause
That to my troubled heart may bring respite

It is one that holds no ties to joy
Neither is it one I’m glad to have found
For it speaks of my errors; the folly of a boy
And the prospect of pain for yet another round

All that need be done is abstain
Yet I fail, as I have before
To break this cycle of lovers' bane
To lull this rhythm forever more

I fail and so fall to sin
A sin of tameless indulgence
In desires that wear my heart thin
And leaps of love at great expense

O that The Lord would deliver me
From lust, from love, from yours truly
And draw me into His presence with glee
Until I’m ready to love, and love fully

Till then must I put sand to flame
That’s burned three times till present
And silence the echoes of her name
However lovely, however pleasant
Dec 2018 · 1.3k
Petrichor I
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
There was once a drought that thundered through the land
It stormed from north to south sparing neither head nor hand
It came on the heels of may, to rob fields of their right
Giving hunger to day then taking respite from night

Sun came and moon thereafter, time and time again
Yet the skies yielded no answer to the outcry of men
‘Cause fortune did reject the farmer’s desperate plea
For sin of thankless neglect towards soil of sower’s glee

Clouds massed in mocking grey, winds whispered hopeful lies
Telling of a better day when we would hear the heavens’ cries
Such was the willful drought that ended harvest’s reign
Starving land of fruitful sprout till Mercy brought the rain

I should say no more of the gloom through days of old
But with words long withheld, tell of that which should be told.
Dec 2018 · 5.0k
Constellation Beyond Reach
Dike Aduluso Dec 2018
I was in a darkness of my own
Within a night I had not known
I chose to stumble in my pace
With all hope of light misplaced

On my course a twinkle caught my eye
A lonely star in the sky above
Getting ever brighter as I drew nigh
Then did I see the truth thereof
It was a myriad in mutiny
A constellation that raided the night
Luminous in its beauty
A radiance which compelled my sight

I was in a darkness of my own
Overcome by a light unknown
That eased my path in grace
And all lost hope replaced

It reclined in the cosmos
Calling out to me
Seeming within reach almost
Then I blurred back to reality
A marvel that pulled my soul
By more than figure of speech
To be part of a whole
My flesh could never reach

How daunting a brilliance
I longed for though farfetched
My heart need travel a distance
Fear served only to stretch
It held my tarrying gaze
For only a moment more
Then left me in a daze
Stealing that which I adore

I again stumble in my pace
Having lost my stars in space
Returned to a state I now bemoan
I am in a darkness of my own.

— The End —