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Blackbird Sep 2017
my bones break
at the thought of you

my heart turns to wax
in the fires of your passion

enslaved and enraptured
I dive willingly

into the sea of  love
let the waves cast me

upon the shores
of your pleasure

forever to bask
in the sunlight of your eyes
Blackbird Sep 2017
Spiders everywhere
Seeking me, watching me
Scheming against me

They smell my blood
They feel my fear
They rejoice in my trepidation
But I won't give in

I never drop my guard
I need to stay awake
Always watching
Wretched little beasts

They wait for me to sleep
To lay their eggs in my brain
To mix their blood with mine
So that they may steal my soul

And so I never sleep
I never rest
Always vigilant I am
Waiting,  always waiting
Blackbird Sep 2017
Her lips are poison
But I crave the taste
I die a little every day
As she consumes me

I give in to the feeling
My mind paralyzed
My heart frozen
My body enraptured

I just need a taste
I need her under my skin
Once more I give in
Just to feel her

This is not love
Only the flames of lust
All consuming
Breaking me down

I need her
I crave her
I am the fly
A willing sacrifice

Take me now
Just one more time
I crave her flesh
**** me slowly

I am yours eternally
Crush me now
Consume me in your flames
Bleed me
Blackbird Sep 2017
She opens herself to me
As I press in deeper
Her scent releases me
My heart is on fire

Together we move
To the rhythm of our hearts
Faster, harder deeper
Ecstasy unleashed

Hot breath mingling
In the cold night air
Moonlight dancing in her eyes
Hearts light becoming brighter

She is the honey on my lips
The fire that consumes me
Every part of me is released
As our love is spent

Together in the afterglow
We hold each other closely
Locked in loves sweet embrace
Waiting for the tide to rise again
Blackbird Sep 2017
Speak to me
Help me find the real
I need to know
What love is

I feel you
I need you
So it seems
But is it real

Physical attraction
Finds me in the real world
Spiritual attraction
Binds me to you

Two hearts bound together
Far beyond the laws of flesh
We become each other
Heart to heart, soul to soul

In the latter days
We shall trancend
Our love burns eternal
And so we shall ever be

But will our hearts follow
Our loves, our passions
Beyond love
Beyond desire

True love perfected
The depths of passion realised
The music of the soul
An eternal song of praise
Blackbird Sep 2017
I saw you, far away
In the dreamscape
But I knew you

Our souls touched
Only for a moment
A singularity

Did you see me
Did you feel me
Magnetic attraction

Are you here
In the real
Or just an illusion

I felt you
But I don't know you
Yet I do

Dreams fade like smoke
Yet I still feel you
I still seek you

I search every face
As my heart bleeds
Will I find you

Fantasy grips me
As I wish for sleep
To see you again

Find me in the real
My heart ebbs
Waiting for you

A silver thread connects us
Between two worlds
Reach out for me

Realities collide
Dimensions overlap
If only for a moment

Two burning hearts
Lost in time and space
Seeking true love
Blackbird Sep 2017
From a distance
The heart seeks
In darkness
Dreams find new life

Hearts seek resonance
In cold reality
Yet love is not measured
In space or time

True love exists beyond
A spiritual force unto itself
Impossible to harness
Only to be received

Breathe in the power
Accept the truth
Exist within the balance
Open your heart
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