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 May 2020 Oginni Damilola
I realize now that your love was not meant for me.
I treated you like the top prize.
and acted as if I could’ve paid for a moment of your time.
I missed every shot because I’ve never played.
I’ve never been very fond of carnival games.
There’s not much left to say.
I’ve poured out my heart, and made my mistakes
Only to be left with an empty vessel
Cardiac arrest, it’s time to put this love to rest.
At least I got a participation prize
 May 2020 Oginni Damilola
♡I love you,♡
♡More than all the clouds and stars,♡
♡Deeper than all the oceans and skies,♡
♡Further than the horizont and moon,♡
♡Louder than all the screams and fights,♡
♡Warmer than the sun itself,♡
♡I Love You.♡
I might be falling for him,idk.
 May 2020 Oginni Damilola
Jesus copped

a poetical attitude

so we might be


sticking to our

I would Forever
My life
For his Love
For My Lord
Jesus Christ..

Everyone Say
If You
Believe In
Jesus Christ.
 May 2020 Oginni Damilola
A cold wind
Greets my toes,
And the setting sun
Waves an orange goodbye.

Yet the moon
Has never felt so far away,
And the stars dim
From this distance.
I’m sad. Kinda *****.
I love you
I didn't even see the door
I seemed to have missed the flower
That was sitting sad and true

If I asked you
When will we pray
You answer
As my heart breaks

My sky would fall
Rain would gather through troughs
As I brave windy storms
You have been brave enough

I couldn't see the robin on the swing
Oblivious of the cage it's in
It still sings
Appreciate the little things, as life becomes difficult. The bigger things will then appear easy. When the time is right, my friend.
My poem
Was In the Irish News
Today and Irish Newspapers
And read out on the radio this morning.

Thank you all very much and stay safe God​ bless you all.
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