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Oginni Damilola Jun 2020
They told me to think outside the box,
They said I shouldn't be boxed in
I should free myself from chains of loneliness
And keep my mind and body at peace..
But, they don't know how I feel
I am trapped in my thoughts
there are no doors to escape this torture,
It's like my mind is on a tour..
Although, I crave serenity
And I want to be free
I once gave my heart to the world
to take perfect care of me;
but she stabbed me with her sin
And made me bleed within,
which is more damaging,
because the wounds I got are inside of me
and no eyes can see it nor heal me...
I'd better remain boxed in
And bury my thoughts within
For if I share my secrets with you
the crazy world would come for me
and this time,
more damage would be done to me!
The world is a scary place.
Be careful of your deal with her
Oginni Damilola Jun 2020
The earth had taken records of what humans had done..
wh­en, Man shall stand in the presence of the eternal Judge;
All these elements would speak of what he had done
Your heavy Lies exposed by the eyes of God;
The sun, moon and stars;
There are no secrets; nothing is hidden
from the creator of mankind.
Oginni Damilola Jun 2020
Behold, my mind!
Freedom is nigh!
The night, demons and hell
fear arising from the sight of the full moon;
The Shame of the sunny hour
face being hidden from friends and neighbours
like a deadly disease to be kept secret;

away from humans like a deadly weapon.

Be still, my mind, be still
Peace comes, when you're quiet
Courage Is born when you find the light
The book of the law will direct your path
Stay with me, my mind, stay with me
don't leave me in pieces
Remain still like an over fed baby
Abide in the grace of the Almighty
Oginni Damilola May 2020
Silent to the pains
Enduring the insults
Ignoring the unbearable acts
like we don't have blood flowing through us.

but for how long?
these killings increases our thirst for revenge
these handcuffs increases our fear of death

Who shall we call to fight?
should we wait till the whole race is wiped?

We must take a stand!
we must fight for our right!
Our future they shouldn't decide
Our children shouldn't have this life!
Oginni Damilola May 2020
A severe pain
arousing from within
impossible for the
eyes to see;
eating up the soul,
weakening the bones,
poisoning the heart-
slowly, till it beats no more.
A loud scream
out of the lungs
to ease the agony
that dwells within;
but it's no use,
as you can't stop the
dead leaves from falling off
its branches,
or the upper eye lid 
from kissing the lower one; 
thus, you can't fight
nor defeat love when she
comes for you.
One can only pray nd' hope
to find perfect serenity with love
and not to be
broken and shattered
into irreparable pieces
by her painful words and
unpredictable actions
Oginni Damilola May 2020
Our father, Our creator
help us in our sufferings
listen to Our cry
forgive our sins
take us from this hell
bring us peace in our soul.

Our Father, Our Creator
hear our Prayers
give us answers great deliverer
don't turn your back on us
keep us safe from our enemies

Our father, Our creator
have mercy upon thy creation
Calm every storm, rescue us
Save our souls from thy wrath

We pray to thee..
Our father, Our Creator
  May 2020 Oginni Damilola
I realize now that your love was not meant for me.
I treated you like the top prize.
and acted as if I could’ve paid for a moment of your time.
I missed every shot because I’ve never played.
I’ve never been very fond of carnival games.
There’s not much left to say.
I’ve poured out my heart, and made my mistakes
Only to be left with an empty vessel
Cardiac arrest, it’s time to put this love to rest.
At least I got a participation prize
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