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Sep 26 · 144
Forever love
I like  calligraphy
It's more like how your voice sings to me
Beautiful and sweet
Is it honey and you have a bee hive in your voice box
Baby you got me locked up in an ice berg
What's strange I'm not freezing
This love warms me up
Oh God! I love how you make me
Happy and proud
I love you and will never stop
If love is something I'm catching its because you let me run after you
In the day and night
Flowers bloom and don't die
You are the crystal that's gonna purify my soul
Lay next to me baby mama
I'm yours and you are mine
Love you to the moon and back
It's forever love💕
Sep 26 · 148
Make me a vampire
Compel me to love you more even when I don't love you less
My blood holds all the strength to help you lift this world in one hand
Kiss me with unusual fervour
On the lips ,on the neck
Let our bodies dance to the music of the irresistible touch
Let's live thousands of years and more
Not worrying about getting old for we still look younger in each other's eyes
Let's race with the wind and catch up with time so that it won't steal the beautiful moment at hand
Me and you
Bundle of joy
So make me a vampire too
When you ain't worried of each other's demons and embrace them as beautiful, then it's true love
A little sugar in my coffee
A little salt in my sauce
Will this life be any better
Without you in my arms
These days and night have been different
As the distance keeps growing
I'm trembling in the sun
As i keep sobbing
Baby what happened to our beautiful dream
The story of the knight and the princess
Where your father king but never approved our little secret
somehow you risked it all just to be with me
In the gardens we wrote poetry and painted pictures of how we would live the rest of our lives together
Waking up with you in my sight
Wake up with me making you breakfast
It's been weeks without a hello
Since the break up
I can't stop reading the letters
Maybe we just needed some space from each other
Maybe it's true we don't belong together
But who decided what we choose
Not even the weather
That's why i will run to you like a panther
I miss the old days and seeing you in my sweater
I miss you and its a call i can't ignore
Just come back home
Mend what's broken
Life without you is a dead end
This tells a love story where one of the parties is surprised by the break up and believes there is still hope for them to connect like they did before
Jun 15 · 455
New day
Can you feel the sweet sun on your skin
Can you see its smile in the sky as it spreads out
Can you see the birds fly as well
Singing beautifully
Can you feel the morning you couldn't wait to wake up in from last night
Can you smell the sweet waft of morning coffee
Can you hear the noise in the city from car engines and welding machines
If you can
Be grateful
You have made it to a new day
Living in the tomorrow you promised yourself yesterday
It's a new day
Let's celebrate
Thank God for the gift of life in these pandemic times
Jun 15 · 104
I loved a girl once
I loved a girl once
She was everything I ever wished for
She knew how to brighten my days
Knew how to make me smile even when it was hard to beat the frown

I loved a girl once
We took photos and kept them in an album
Each time she was away
I could look at them and imagine she was near

I loved a girl once
She told me she loved me back
Did she?
My jealousy overrode me all the time
My mind was an architect of insecurities
And so each bright day got dark
Like our love flame was out of fuel

I loved a girl once
Yes I loved her
But that love was short lived
She walked away from me and never looked back
For reasons unclear
Only left me with questions
Was it love?
If it was, was it true or fake
Because it withered so fast without the sun even being harsh on it.
Jun 15 · 89
it does
Is it the music etching with the wind
the gold glow made by the moon
a season of butterflies for me to breed
a paycheck for my patience for how long I waited
that my life is this blessed
with an angel by my side
with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with
Tell me
is this how sweet love tastes
For once in my life
its never felt so right
with you
it does
May 8 · 71
My love story
Love is a miracle and I take
It's a blessing so I hold it
It's a song and so I sing
It's a good memory and so I take photos of every moment I'm in it
It's a good taste of champagne that everyone wants on a party and yet only me can  drink from its glass
Love is a beautiful thing that God created and we are the living proof to its existence
Love can be troubling
a few misunderstandings that just test how strong the foundation on which it stands is but all that fades away when the two souls that are intertwined learn to embrace the shakes and make it stable and stronger than they imagined
Love is me holding you always both in my dreams and reality
Love is here asking me the question and I do know the answer
Do I love you
Yes I do more than you imagine
The story of love
Apr 29 · 128
One life
Why does a cat live nine lives
And I live just one
Why do problems follow me around not matter how far I run
Why does the storm come when my seas are calm
Why will you take my life when I'm only living once
Can we do away with ****** and live our lives without no terror
Apr 29 · 426
What if
What if

All we are living today is a story about our past that we are telling to someone
She said
"Solitude is bliss and that's why I have mastered the art of being a recluse" .

I looked at her
catching every nuance of expression
wondered what entangled her in thoughts of chagrin. She hated her life and she wished she had never been born.
This was a beautiful girl admired by every man in town.
Her eyes shone like diamonds
Her body was voluptuous and even the priests could fall for any temptation
Her curves were perfect like eight.
She was a **** adorable young girl I wanted for myself too.
But she was a woman with a broken heart
Who wanted space from anything that reminded her of her cruel past
So she ran away
People whose hearts bet broken sometimes want to be alone to heal and cut off all people in their lives because they don't want the pity and need to transition their lives from pain to smiling again
Apr 9 · 249
I'm in love with Sia
Each song she sings it's like she wrote it for me
I like the truth she puts out
I like that despite her sickness, it didn't prevent her from pushing on with her dreams
If she was a flower, my room would be a garden of flowers
She has a magical voice
I want my heart to always beat in unison with her music
For it gives me peace
Sia is a talented artist.
Her music is my solace sometimes
Apr 2 · 57
Happy Easter holidays
Easter egg
I found you by the river in a basket
It reminded me of Moses'story
Like you are here to liberate us from slavery
There was something about your beauty I couldn't fight
A sweet mellow played on as we locked eyes
A flash of light that opened the skies came from your skin
Like  you are not a born of this world
Almost made my eyes blind
Like you are a magic stone I should use to turn my life around
So here's the thing
What's your name?
What's your story?
Where are you from?
Where do you live?
Can we date?
I can sing, I can write how about you?
Smiles shying from my sight
Leaves me in wonder and asking more
Are you an angel
She said,
"Maybe so behave.
Only here to tell you a king from the tribe of David will die today and resurrect after three days.
So give your life to Christ and nothing will be the same again"
And then she disappeared.
Her chorus still lingers in my ears.
So exalt his name for he's here to change your life and your sins are forgiven and forgotten
Happy Easter holidays
Mar 28 · 577
New direction
I don't want love for the wrong reasons
Just to get over you
I want to have a different taste of the champagne that love could pour me
I want to get drunk in love that I only say her name and not yours
I want to make new memories and  let go of ones we had
I don't want to fail her like I did with you
I want to make her the happiest girl in this world
So please get out of my head
For the space in my heart that once belonged to you is now filled with her and there no turning back
Moving on seems hard but I guess if you do, never look back
you move on for real
Mar 28 · 76
My beautiful dream
Deeply asleep
My head on the pillow
That's when you got into my head
Designed a world so beautiful and splendid
I could tell you had read my thoughts and were granting my wish
To make me the luckiest man in the neighbourhood
Blessing me with this serene girl that had all men vying for her attention
She was that art piece at the exhibition that caught everyone's eye
As for me, she caught my everything
I guess, I wanted to jump on a horse and run away with her and never be found
She was the princess I knew would be queen one day
I felt I was unworthy being her king
I wore rugs and wasn't the dashing type
As for me, she had a great fashion flair
She was impeccable no doubt
Probably the perfect score to turn my life around
I love her with no reason
For I believed there would come a season
For me to hold her hand in church one day and never look back
Because then my beautiful dream would have come true
Hope always yields
Holding onto this dream and know it will come true
Mar 28 · 96
Fortune's call
Knock knock
Fortune knocked at my door one time
I let the stranger in without knowing his name
He said he had walked all through the town looking for me and almost gave up
Somehow he had my address and found me
We had a beautiful conversation
He looked tired and had a lot of luggage that I didn't know how he carried
It was definitely heavy
At first, I was scared that maybe he was carrying a bomb
He turned to my sight and told me "I have a package for you"
In it were blessings
Keys to rooms with everything I wished for
He then said his goodbye and left
I'm just glad I answered the door when the doorbell rang
Everything you desire will surely come to you one day
Just be hopeful and patient
Mar 28 · 544
Love was a story everyone told
A song everyone sang
A danger sign on the road and so when you saw it, you had to make a U-turn
And when I met you, it gave me everything
Loving you gave me everything I ever wished for
Mar 28 · 190
Being a man
Reality is scary
The beautiful dream is dying
Like all you had built was an imagination
And now you are no longer on medication
There are so many  tears to shed
Crying until your eyes dry
Wishing you had wings to fly
To escape into a world refined
One with no troubles
One you want to tell a story about
The  architect to give it the design it holds and deserves
But no it's your time to taste
The bitterness  of this world
To drink from the same river animals go to drink
To make a fire and get burnt by it
To hope and never get all you wish for
To stumble and fall but still get up
To unlock all those talents you didn't know you had
To live the life of a poor kid and know it's  no curse
To share the little you have
To know there is always a blessing that comes with giving
Now is the time to shuffle the cards
To mold yourself into one ready for anything
Joy, pain, sorrow, happiness
All lighting on different candles
You have the power to blow out those you don't need
Keep those that light up your life
Now is the time to take the stand of being a man
The story about life
Each bad situation is always a test
However we are masters of our fate and can brighten our sad days
Mar 27 · 228
Dear love
Dear love,

My kindred spirit
My better half
My better self
If words could say it all
I would write a book
Or confess my deep love for you in every song
For you are the calm after the storm
My unicorn for you are definitely a blessing to me
How can i have peace when you are suffering
It'll be like breaking a vow of sharing
Sharing the joy and the pain
Making your demons mine too
Knowing your scars are beautiful to me
I wish I could kiss away the pain
Let this kiss be the start of the healing
As I touch the body and let it dance to the music in my hands
Taking away the pain
And leaving you with the smile I crave
And forever cherish
If Saturday has been a sad song,
I'm gonna change the chorus
Such that Sunday finds you with the sexiest curve
The shape of your smile
I hope this voice lights up all the impulses to make your body better
That me talking is like me touching you
Don't forget I'm here with you
No Greek Wall will stand in between us
No one can shatter our beautiful dream
We are the creators and masters of our own paradise
Distance has made it hard for me to take care of you while you are sick but I hope these words buy me some time
Quick recovery loved one
Mar 24 · 309
A shine of the Indian complexion from your skin
Like you were dipped in gold
And maybe that's why I find myself bedazzled by you
For you are truly an angel
Beautiful and intelligent
With a sultry smile enough to make the sun shine
And leave the sunflowers still beautiful
I guess you are my sunflower
With that brown soft skin
You smile same way its petals stretch out
From afar a glimpse of the field on which you grow leaves me falling in love with you more and more
Mar 24 · 69
Crazy friends
Like **** from Jamaica
She gets me high
On tides on which I see the world in a different way
Beautiful and peaceful
One that has never tasted the spit of war
She makes me laugh all the time
And never lets a tear fall out of my eyes
She knows me too well to be my best friend
A companion with whom we can build a better world
And yet I still choose to just be friends with her
For I haven't felt those butterflies yet
Crazy she is
To crush my car with a baseball bat if I don't choose her side
Sometimes I feel she needs to see a psychiatrist
But no that craziness is aroused by the bond we share
Being crazy friends forever
There are so many things we do as friends
Somehow they make the bond grow
Mar 24 · 105
Keep going
God is with us
And he's never left us
Your birth was proof to that covenant
A handsome boy born to beautiful parents who prayers were answered
Grew up with adoration for art
And started drawing the super heroes in the comic books
Like you pictured yourself a superhero one day
You made friends and played football
Learned to play the guitar and wrote some songs
Gave the world all it needed to feel alive
And that was your golden smile
Your ambitions are still strong
You hold onto the childhood promises you made to yourself
To make the world a better place
The world is waiting for you to take the step
Just don't look back when you start
This was for my boy Emmanuel
Who has big dreams abd wants to make the world a better place
Nyatu Emmanuel
Mar 24 · 152
No one
Love must have fooled me with others but you
I still feel your touch on my skin
Your kisses on my neck
Your breath when you sleep
I still hear your heart beat while closer to my chest
I still have those beautiful dreams every night
I wake up with you on my mind
Like there's no one I have loved like I loved you
Mar 24 · 76
Still the one
Eyes collide
Feelings multiply
On the gold coast we met
Like she was the best jewellery ever made
She was proof that the beauty tribe wasn't extinct
Somehow I knew I would find her
When I asked the mirror on the wall
Who my better half would be
She was just as I imagined
Scintillating  mellifluous voice that etched with the wind
Brown eyes that held her innocent spirit
Unapologetic exquisite looks marvelled from heavenly soils
Six feet tall with a voluptuous figure
I was hoping my feelings were perceptible and could resonate in her soul
Guess I was too late
She was already taken before I took my first step
Memories of her linger on
I still worship her for she's still the goddess of beauty
One not even Mona Lisa could match
I'm afraid I haven't moved on
She's still the one I love
Arao Kay Ruth
This was for you
Mar 7 · 123
Strength of a woman
Brimming with lachrymose does not define you as weak
Blades lacerating and make you bleed
The heat of the pain giving you distress
Like a lion, you fight it and don't let it own your body and make you numb
You are the strongest person I know
You are a Knight but you don't live by your sword
You live by your truth
Gone are the days when success of a woman was beyond the pale
When they said you couldn't
You stood with hands at akimbo and said "watch me do this"
It's not hard to notice the impeccable beauty and qualities you exhibit
Kindness and generosity
Such charisma is contagious
Did I tell you, your smile is Infectious
When you speak, the whole world listens
I believe in the bro code
Doesn't mean I will hurt a lady
Will always cheer you up on each and every victory
You repel the dogma and make your own rules
Each time you are around it feels like school
'Cause there's something new we learn from you
You that breathed a life in me
Will find a way for me
That's why I believe you are God's greatest creation
God's master piece
I have a seed growing called hope inside of me
For a better world
And it starts with letting you in
Something unquestionable is the strength of a woman
Happy women's day
Feb 19 · 124
Rain and the sun
Rain drops
are the tears
of the

are the smiles
of the

Tears of joy
from an overwhelm
The weight of the joy is heavy

On days we see the rain falling with the sun shining
Should we  expect blessings
Feb 19 · 249
Mi amor
I like the dark with the moon shining on its mouth
Joy in her eyes that spark a melody of love in my heart
The shape of her curves
Feel of her touch that whisks me thousands of miles from this world
I like serenading her for she's mine and I like that we belong and are each other's missing pieces
I like staring at my black queen for she's gold that adds glamour to my life
Darling listen to the voice of the heart
You are  mi amor
One of those things you say to the person you love
Feb 19 · 233
If you make it
a friend
will make you
Bad decision are made when in haste.
You don't need to rush in order to achieve something
This will make you regret later on and it will be a tough fall to get back up from
Feb 19 · 120
Do feelings spike up like pressure in a gas tank
Do they become a bomb and sometimes explode
Or someone is always there to detonate them before they do
Are they that harsh to take my life to a grave
And leave me cursing forever
Are they meant to hurt in the first place when expectations go blind
Or they are just another episode of illusions we we can't escape
These questions multiply especially when you experience them for the first time
You find yourself in a place where you are desperate to find out about being in love
Sometimes when things go wrong and you end up hurt, these questions still come alive and you will vow never to trust again
It's a matter of time after you have made peace, pick every broken piece of you that you decide whether to move on and love again or still hold your break from a relationship
Feb 19 · 55
One for me
There was a blank space in my story that you helped fill
A broken me that you helped fix
A cheerful smile you helped build
A beautiful mind you helped grow
There was that chorus in your voice that I fell for
I saw light in my life by staring at your eyes
I could see my future designed already
Maybe it was written in the scripts
That we would meet in a mysterious way
I love the tide on which we jumped
The music that played as we kissed
Memories we made
I didn't picture me as one that would sweep you off your feet
Somehow I got lost in every verse
You helped me make it out of the maze
That's how I knew you were the one
I needn't look any further
You are the one for me and will always be
One for me describes a lover you know is surely the one after he or she walks with you through good and bad days and never changes their mind about you
Feb 19 · 60
Wanna  see the stars
When will the night come
Wanna make a wish
Hope they listen and make it come true
I've been racing with the wind
I never caught its speed
Left me cold
I need some warmth
Will I get a hug when I have no friends
It's crazy each day that comes.
I feel all alone.
Like this world ain't my own
I need help
I'm fighting all these demons in my head
On my own.
Hope I win the battle
Don't just stand there and watch me fall
It's a cry out for help
Feb 19 · 56
A song for freedom
For we are helpless with no ambition
Wishing we could see the vision
Jump on the next train to freedom
When the cage is finally open
And we can stretch our hands
And say we are finally free
To explore beyond the horizon
Race for the galaxies
Swim like the dolphins with so much peace and pleasure
Stand on the highest mountain just to see the world
Sigh with wonder of how amazed you are
For all that was blurred is clear
And the world is all yours
And you are the master of your own happiness
The feel of freedom is so far gone
That I forgot its touch
Everyone is a prisoner at one time and they hope to be free one day from all their troubles
Freedom from suffering
Freedom from discrimination
Freedom from poverty
Freedom from people's control
Freedom from all that makes you feel a slave
Everyone wants that freedom
Feb 16 · 94
Love it was
Like the tide, I followed the moon
Away from an island that was my home
To see a world I had been locked away from
The North star gave me directions
As I sailed hoping to find
Something real
Something beautiful
Something true
Something only you had
And that was love
Feb 9 · 175
Valentine flower
Valentine flower
All that every girl wants for valentine
But you are all that I want each day of my life
Like everything I desire in embedded in you
I hope you choose me over flowers
For unlike them, I'm here to last
But you are my valentine flower
Red like the roses
Beautiful like the lilies
And you are your own vase
Instead of water, I wanna pour my love unto you
That it sticks your roots firmly in the soil
Helps your branches rise
Keeps your petals always attractive
I wanna to be your dream come true
Your best defence
Your everyday inspiration
I want to help you with everything you plan to do
That you do it knowing you are not alone
That I'm always close whenever you need me
I can't promise to stop with the compliments and stares of you whenever you walk
For I know you are the one for me
I don't need to look any further, I just have to focus on what's in front of me
I wanna share everything of mine with you
My smiles and my pain for only you understands me better than anyone else
My mind is riding on a bike
Moving through the path of love
A photo of you falls from the sky and tells me you're the one
This is the question from my heart
Will you be my valentine
Because I keep thinking of you
Thoughts of you are so alive
Just like Chocolate and roses for valentines day
Jan 30 · 624
Black woman
Ravishing Queen
Not in my once upon a time but at all times
Flies fearlessly like a butterfly
Ready to explore the world and never loses her true North
She's made a life for herself and her hands have been blessed with a midas touch
I've seen her cry before and she's made that go away
She's proven to be resilient and to be made of steel
She's a wonder woman trying to save the world even when she's lost everything
Kindness, care and empathy are her portion and I've had a sip
She's a tower of strength and lady of great wisdom
She's an African queen
Sometimes I think what I see is what I believe
I've seen beauty in African Queens
Our mothers and sisters
This is dedicated to them
Jan 30 · 164
Bad days
It's never Halloween
But the demons are always out.
Turning my good days into bad ones
Jan 30 · 40
Forgotten one
You know
you don't love her anymore when
thoughts of her go blind
lose their pulse and there's no trace of her drug in your blood
Jan 9 · 50
Hello poetry
Hello poetry,

It's me your old friend
Do you still care about me?
Do you think of me when you are alone like I do with you?
Where did you go to that it's hard to come visit?
Do you miss our times together?

I compliment you in the day for your beauty
And in the night for your glow
I compliment you in a song for you are hard to forget
I'm grateful for your warmth and company when I felt alone
For in those dark rooms, we wrote beautiful poems together and I felt less alone
I can't imagine my life without you
Please come back home

Signed the faded poet
Writing hasn't been easy of late.
It's like I lost my sense of direction
I lost that drive and inspiration
Getting back up is a bit challenge but I'm trying
Jan 9 · 34
Baby's cry
It cries on its first visit to earth like it's not happy to be part of the struggles
To the doctors and family, it's how they know it is alive

It cries when it's hungry and when we it's too hot to suit its sleep

It cries when it falls down on its first step

It cries on its first whip from the world.
The bullies and hustles

It cries when it's picked up new wounds from new fights at school

It cries each and every time until it adapts to the world and becomes a man or a woman
Jan 5 · 68
Beautiful angel
I pondered about her while staring at her photo in my hand

"Beautiful angel"

The sun in the day
Star in the night
Candle in a dark place
The smile is blowing me away
Cherry lips still got me in a swift position to follow you around
Thoughts all alive
Deep and profound
Here staring
Lips wishing for a kiss, erasing the idea of me becoming a pope
So sun in the day
Follow me home
Lay next to me to keep the cold away
Guide my dreams
I'm lost in the Pacific and this glow is my only direction back to the world I'm used to

With the photo to my chest I smiled knowing she was the one
Jan 5 · 64
You've been counting days you've spent at home
I've been counting days I have missed seeing your face

You've been care free smiling and grinning
I have been praying you experience that happiness each day of your life

You've been singing songs most about love
I have been watching and wishing those were for my heart long as they brought no scars along

You've been taking photographs for your phone to keep
I've been wishing I were in those too

You've always sounded beautiful and sweet and sometimes I wished you were candy.

You've been looking beautiful
My looks have been fading

I was too silent but these feelings haunted me and I couldn't fight them

You  look beautiful in every photograph you take
I see the curves too where I wish my hands could fall whenever we hug

You've been quiet girl and I've been missing you
Lockdown taught us how we should cherish those around us when suddenly we couldn't travel and see them face to face but communicate through the phone
The love grew deeper
This poem tells the story for a lot others out there
Dec 2020 · 255
It's Christmas
Reindeers flying in the skies
Carols floating in the atmosphere
The Christmas tree is shining with presents at it's feet
The kids are waiting for a knock at door
** ** **
It's Christmas
Merry Christmas everyone
Dec 2020 · 85
I stopped catching feelings
All those butterflies seemed to have flown away and never returned home
That was in the month of winter
And now it's spring
The leaves are falling
Still no trace of butterflies
Like they never made it to their destination
Flowers haven't blossomed
The purple colour of the garden is no more for the eyes to adore
How beautiful the place was
Magical time of the fairies still alive
Everything seems slow like the earth has become the moon
We can no longer feel the gravity
It's so hard to fall in love again
For I failed to catch the butterflies
Falling in love can be tricky especially when you don't want to go through the same flames that brought scars to your skin.
You will always let love pass by you like a passer-by on the streets that you ain't interested in knowing.
You always repel anything that will drag you to the pool in which you once swam
Because you just can't let go of the pain
That pain has taken possession of you and keeps guiding your decisions
And yet sometimes you have to let go and move on
Dec 2020 · 83
Ride or dies
Rummage through my past
Searching for sweet pieces of my life
That have been in an abyss
Lain there and seem forgotten
Thoughts can be troubling
First love still holding the flame
No incision deeper than my first cut
Like you carry a piece of me with you wherever you go
Told me our fairytale story had no ending
Only happy ever afters
In a blink of an eye, she went on to another chapter
Took the bus and left with no goodbye
No address and even changed her number
Wanted to leave these thoughts to the surface
Instead they went deeper
Back to the day when I got my first kiss from my first love
Hold me in your umbrella and give me shade from the scorching sun
For you're unforgettable and we are destined to be together
The impossible happens like feeling your touch when the cold comes
Like we are ride or dies together
The first love is hard to forget
Dec 2020 · 45
Love in phases
Love in a blink
No brakes to stop you from falling
For a stranger
Whom now you know by looks but not name

Love in a moment
Now that you know her name and story
You know what she does on Saturday and you're hoping to see her on Saturday night
To take her to your favourite spot

Love in smiles
Two young people so in love
Convinced that destiny let them walk into each other

Love in a shadow
Blades cutting through what was strong
Putting holes and creating wounds
Fights and disagreements like you all rushed and should have waited

Love in a flame
Still dancing to the rhythms
To where the winds blow it
Never losing it's fuel
Lighting up the dark
Love happens in phases
Can last or end at any time
Question is "are you willing to fight for it?"
Nov 2020 · 65
Strangers we call friends
I'll never bow down to the world
It bows down to me like I'm King and my voice is supreme over all that is in it's dome and beyond
Just yesterday it felt different like all streets disowned me and people I knew were nowhere to be found like I was some kind of freak and nobody liked me😅

Now it's a flurry of excitement
Fireworks lighting up the skies
A couple of selfies taken
Toasts to greatness

Like where were you yesterday when I was hurting and I found myself crushing
True friends are hard to find
A friend in need is a friend indeed
Nov 2020 · 67
8 letters
"If all it is is 8 Letters, why is it so hard to say?"🤔

Feels like a mission impossible
Not sure of the state of mind or if you need a psychiatrist to avoid the insanity cocoon
Scar tissue that's still healing and new wounds bleeding
Scared you are enchanted by a spell and none of that is real
Emotional roller-coaster replaced the old sweet chills and thrills like all feelings should be dumped and forever forgotten 😓

Crazy world we live in
So hard to express feelings once you start catching them
That "I love you"
Nov 2020 · 52
Mysteries of life
Bad karma always looking for those that wish others good.
Our defences are no longer strong for evil to break in. Like suddenly fate has rolled your life like dice and decided what's good/bad for you
Mysteries of life we discover everyday
Nov 2020 · 61
There was the thick one and the slim one
The cute one and the fair one
I was all hearts for the one with a musical voice like I saw tetrachords in every word she spoke 😂
Like she was  honed to perfection like  G clef
Now the symphony rings in  my head like a telephone
Wake up to  good mornings in the ambience of  sweet mellows
Lasting euphorias and brand new choruses of love, peace and joy🤔
All in one thing
Music my greatest solace
Nov 2020 · 82
The last one
Did someone change your name
Did someone change your taste
Did someone change your shape
Everything about you seems different
You don't respond when I call out your name
You have a bitter taste when we kiss
We don't fit in like we used to
Like suddenly everything changed
And I was the last one to know
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