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Micah Green Jul 8
An unloved soul travels a great distance to find peace within itself
It flickers and flatters as it cries for help
This soul may not be so deserving of love
Nor a sweet chocolate dove
But it continues to travel in hopes to redeem itself of past sins

The soul sits in a crooked closed cabin
Waiting for the love to come in
Though it is the soul that needs to come out of its miserable shell
Until then it will always remain in a emotional hell
Unable to repel the hate that dwells
As its feelings swell
Its mind becomes unwell
It has lost any indication
whether or not it's on the right trail

Until a loved soul feeling well comes upon its trail
It opens up the closed cabin as it hears the cries for help
It comes upon a soul very deserving of love and gave it a hug
It traveled a great distance to give peace to the uneased
In hopes to cure it
In which it would succeed
An unloved soul traveled a great distance and found an undeniable hope
And at last it can finally breathe
I am working on this poem I don't think it's that great as it is now but I think it has potential can you guys and girls give me some constructive criticism. Thank you.
Micah Green Feb 2018
Enough is Enough.
Anything more than enough
Is Greed.
Anything more than greed
Is Sickness.
Anything more than sickness
Is Death.
Enough is Enough.
Looking for feedback
Micah Green Feb 2018
When love fades.
My mind and body begin to degrade like a rotten corpse as old as a decade or an eroded barricade.
When love fades.
I cry myself  to sleep at night then lie and tell myself it’ll be alright.
When love fades.
Tears of confusion begin to clog my eyes and brain.
Until all of the misery, anxiety, and pain hits me in the face like a ******* furious freight train.
It hurts like hell to have this love fade away it feels like a constant stream of scorching lava raging through my empty eyes.
Why could this be?
Why does love hurt so much for me but make others live so happily.
I begin to wonder and question my identity.
He talks to her and she talks to them.
But no one even bothers to glance at a guy like me.
Am I too ugly?
Am I too tall?
Do they hate me because I can’t do it all?
Can they see me?
Do I have invisibility?
Or maybe it’s my Self-degradation.
Michael Jackson once said “look at yourself and make a change.”
So I decided to work on my weaknesses and failures and comeback from my downfalls.
So that the next time I can withstand the gravity of it all.
When love fades.

— The End —