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 Nov 2019 Jordon Rivir
i flatter myself, thinking every word you ever wrote was inspired by me
i know they weren't
but i can't stop rereading and wondering
i'm not crying
 Nov 2019 Jordon Rivir
chlorine is toxic
hindsight is 20/20,
but i never should have kissed you
 Nov 2019 Jordon Rivir
Maria Etre
I set down my script
and took a seat
I'll be an attendee
I grew tired
Oh the voices
I have quieted
That have stopped
That I've stopped
That have left
I hear them
from inside
observing their
and gasping well thought
Ideas of air
I am a quantum
a large quantum
i have an effect
a large effect
don't be jealous
it isn't funny
when there are
that just go on
where are the fizzysists when i need um
My man had me paint his nails but because he's a *****
Yall look at him like his heart's frail
Is there a problem if it is?
He cries and is emotional
But that cant be appropriate
Because he's black he can't not live like this
But we don't really care
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