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I look at myself everyday
in the mirror and then realize
I've been given the most beautiful gift
I could ever ask for - my existence;
my chance of life;
my chance of love.
 Oct 2020 CMXIClement
 Oct 2020 CMXIClement
I'm jealous of the rain.
It gets to fall down without judgement.

I'm jealous of the wind.
It gets to roam freely and never remain in one place.

I'm jealous of the snow.
It gets to be admired for it's pure beauty.

I'm jealous of tornadoes.
They get to wreak havoc without repercussion.

I'm jealous of the thunder.
It gets to declare its power without being silenced.

I'm jealous of the sun.
It gets to ignite and smolder without being extinguished.

I'm jealous of the moon.
It gets to shine and illuminate without being vain.
Martha unpacks the books
she has brought
to the convent with her
The Imitation of Christ
and the Story of a Soul
the Confessions of St Augustine
and a few other books
her aunt sent her-
she puts them
in the small bookcase
behind the chair and table
in the center of her cell-
as they call rooms
in the convent-

she looks out
of the window
on to the cloister

she turns and looks
at the opposite wall
to her left is a small
built in wardrobe
to hang clothes
and a few shelves
for other items of clothing

by the window
is a washstand
and white enamel
bowl and jug

by the door
is her iron bedstead
and above that
a crucifix aged and dusty

beside the bed
is small cabinet
with old lamp
and underneath
a chamber ***

she looks at the crucifix
Needs a good
doehst and clean
she mutters

she goes and stands on the bed
and takes down the crucifix
from the wall
she steps down
on to the floor
and blows at it
dust flies up and away

What lazy mare 'ad
de room befahre me?
she mutters with a sigh

she takes it to the bowl
and pours water
on to the crucifix
and wipes it dry
with her hamkerchief
from her pocket
Dere you Jesoehs-
nice and clean
she whispers to the Crucified

she kisses His feet and head
and hangs Him back up again  

Start as you intend to go ahn
as Mahther used to say
she whispers-

it begins to rain.
Looking at him is like looking at the horizon that could last a lifetime,
Someone who waltz into my life like he was meant to be there,
It was instant, like adrenaline rushing through me.
I felt the whole world, waves crashing against the water, winds flowing through the air, volcanoes erupting fearlessly, then suddenly he was like the moon and stars, shined through the dark part of the world and became the center of mine.
It absorbed everything in me, I was losing energy but it was everything I wanted and everything I desired.
You came into my life not only as a friend but as someone I have learned to love dearly and respect. I want to be the person you deserve but I know it will take a while to get there because what you deserve is incomparable to what I can offer you but I promise I will try.
Let me give you a break from hurt,
A break from betrayal.
Let me show you what I have for you.
Don’t be scared or indecisive.
Let me show you what you deserve,
Even if it takes me the rest of my life.
Let me have the honor to make you happy,
To hold you and care for you.
Let me have the honor to fight with you but kiss and make up later. LOL
Let me be what you always needed and wanted. Let me be your lifetime partner,
The partner that isn’t only there for you to watch you go through things but the partner that goes through it with you.
Let me love you sweetheart.
Every person I meet I thought was the one,
But that soon all changed when they no longer were concerned.
So I say this to myself,
I am beautiful and strong,
I am cared for and loved
And before anyone else I will always make myself the one.
I deserve what my heart is worth, which is worth a thousand words.
I will always love me first until someone shows me I can trust.
 Jun 2020 CMXIClement
you inhale tragedies
and exhale poetry
From where do you get your perseverance?
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