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Anne Curtin
57/F/Mounds View MN    Poetry is Yrteop spelled backward
F/tropical island    Splashes of expression to bring the depth of this moment into life. All copyrighted poems Shamamama
Max Neumann
M/Inner Shelter    Writing poetry since 2002
Wandering and wondering, around and about.
Anna Bell
20/F/my true home is in heaven    i get lost and lose myself, words are what saves me
32/M/Ontario    D. A. Juneau
27/F/South Dakota    " I can't explain what I mean. And even If I could, I am not sure I'd feel like it." - J.D. Salinger, Catcher in ...
Noni Winters
27/F    All my thoughts oughta be heard by someone, right? I wrote a lot when I was younger, but lost it. I've recently rediscovered my love ...
Joshua Myers
28/M/Usa    My name is Joshua. Writing is my outlet. I cover many areas between love, heartache, horror, and life. My writing can be bi polar. I ...
25/F/Under The Sea    Please don't use or recreate my poems.
29/F/Ohio    Simple country girl
F    Originality- my poetic gene!Hope & motivation to the heart of the world I bring! All my poems are copyright protected! Plz read through and send ...
Shiv Pratap Pal
47/M/Allahabad (India)    I teach Computer Science and Applications to the students of Senior Secondary Classes in a school. Apart from teaching, I have a passion for creative ...
Bogdan Dragos
M    MY NEW BOOK: #WEBSITE: #INSTAGRAM: bogdan_1_dragos
Mia Mcdaniel
18/F/285 whitman monmouth   
Rich Hues
I am in love but I am also in anguish. I am happy but I am also sad. I laugh but I cry. I smile ...
59/M    The beauty that befell my eyes the very day we met, is more than I could ever hope to see And now as time has ...
Rochelle Foles
F/San Francisco    im a city girl sent to exile in the suburbs. then i recycled everything. now i’m putting food down the garbage disposal. things change
Mystic River
28/M/Sweden    Extremely new to this forum where i have opportunity to learn from all of you Beautiful people round the globe! I can not only give ...
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