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Mia Mcdaniel Apr 2021
The winter has passed
They come and go
Spring is here though it will be gone
Though it leaves every season I am alright
My heart beat knows it will come again
The season will come and go yearly
Though the wind blows quieter this year
And the Spring leaves rattle louder
The season is still the same as it is different than any other
My heart hates the winter
Same winter that comes every year to steel the warmth in my heart but never returns
My heart never liked the sun that makes my heart beat faster then speed of light that flickers every twilight
The sun that warms my heart but never last
Though the sun that warms my heart it dries every love I nourished over the blooming spring
By and by the autumn takes as it goes
I sow my soul with the soul I don’t own
With the flesh of seeds I don’t posses
My lesson is learned as the season goes by
My heart learned not to yearn over snow that melts in the spring.  
As the seasons pass my heart never cries of thirst over the rain drops that dries in the sun of summer
Learned to never pick up the dead leaves from and old tree.
The season is here I just don’t have any seeds to give
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
Tik tok the count begins
The count down of your return
Day one here I go
Day 14 your still gone
14 sunsets I whispered
14 lonely nights
14 cold nights
I stare At the moon
In wonder of how you are
In every heart beat a memory rushes
Memory of your smile
The way you talk
The way you look at me
Memory of your voice that travels through space to my ears
Your voice on the other side of the phone
I count the stars wishing your ring tone rings
Day 21 your still gone
Your unavailable
I count the sunset for the day you return
21 cold nights in bed
I count my dreams of you
The stars I make a wish to doesn’t help with my slumber
21 struggles of force to lift my eye lids that wishes time of your return
21 struggles of counting sunsets
21 day’s of hopeless wishes
21 sunsets my heart cracks
21 million tears drop
21 hopes nights missing you
Tik TOk here I go
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
Pass midnight
I’m awake
Lying in bed
Bed that is cold as ice without you
With my fingiré tips gripping my phone
Wishing you’d call
Where did I go wrong
We were so in love
Love story of Romeo and Juliet
When did we mess up
I’m missing you like crazy
You got me mesmerized
I’m so hypnotized
With your honey gold eyes
Feeling every emotion in me clearer than silver water
Day dreaming till midnight tripping over you
Please don’t leave
I need you to stay
Your love gets me higher than ******
Give my love a try
Don’t tell me you don’t know my love
You stole my heart in a weeks time
You told me to let it be
To let my heart love
Now I’m in love with you so be with me
I won’t push you away
I just want you to stay
When you left I said “you”
You it’s you
The days of you away  every single day I am dead
You are the curse in my heart
Love curse that I cannot reverse
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
When you tell her you care she thinks your lying
When you don’t talk she thinks she made you mad
She over think
She gets insecure
Her self esteem is low
She read between line of text
She need security in everything’s
She has trust issues
She pay attention to every detail
She loves to hard
She’s really emotional inside but heartless outside
She compare herself to others
She doubts her ever move
She plays the game pretend
She always question everything
She ask if she have done something wrong
She thinks it’s impossible for anyone to love her
When you go a day not talking to her she thinks she have done something wrong
She makes up worst Scenarios in her head
She stays up all night
She counts every minute
she thinks you stop loving her
That you never loved her
She listen to sad love songs
She builds a wall
She shuts everyone out
She buries her heart
That is how she survives
That is how she tries to heal
She is someone who has been through hell and back
She is an over thinker
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
In time will heal they say
Time doesnt heal anything
It just teaches you to live with the pain
I don’t need time
Because i am tired
Tired is fighting every single day
Tired of living with pain
I’m tired is fighting the pain of my feeling for someone who doesn’t love me
Tired of fighting for who know where he is
How he feels
Who knows if he even cares
I’m tired of waking up alone Missing you
Fight to fall asleep
Fighting the ache in My every heart beat
time doesn’t heal
time hurts
Am I not enough
Time will heal you
You’ll get over it in time
In time you’ll move on
No I won’t
Time won’t heal the pain
I won’t stop loving you
I hope one day time will bring someone who fights for my love
Time will not fill the emptiness inside me
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
Someone asked “  why do you do what you do?”
I said “ for improvement” “ for enjoyment”
Though I wanted to say
Because this is the only thing getting me through the pain.
The exercise gets my mind off me missing someone
Missing the love of my life
The sweat makes me forget the pain in my chest
Makes me forget how broken I am inside
Makes my mind flicker for a second of something but my stress my depression my loneliness
I do this to get through day by day
Get through the struggles to get out of bed
To get through painful moments so my mind slows down to sleep
So I can make it to sunset to call it a day
Just to redo the next
Because giving up was never given to me as a choice
So the stolen heart of mine stop hurting
So my pass doesnt Haunt me
So I have the energy to put on a fake smile like a fool
So I have the strength to play this game of pretend
So I don’t cry in front of them
So I look intimidating enough  people leave me alone
So that I don’t break into Pieces in front of them
Hoping someone will take this pain off my shoulders
But I lied and said “ for improvement. “ for enjoyment”
So I play the game. So I play pretend.
Mia Mcdaniel Feb 2021
I dont know where your at.
I dont know how you are.
Though i know my heart is chained to you. Though patient never describes me i can wait until my broken heart doesnt beat. Until my last breath flies away.
My love for you is though a knoted string around your heart.
I can wait until my eternal rose dies.
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