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I’d hold my breath, I bit my lips, I stayed strong, I didn’t shed a tear, I didn’t break,
You beat me with the power you stood in
The words you said kills my kindness
The lies you told made my hatred
The love one you took from me killed my blooming buds
Though I stayed strong and I wiped my sadness like an umbrella protecting rain from my shoulders
I stayed strong, how long I hold until you broke me,
My tears flooded the city of my kindness
My hatred killed my love
My sadness shattered me into pieces that I can’t count
I picked myself up but my finger tips bleeded
The lies you told to take my love
To take my life
To break me in pieces
To **** my dreams
To take what I worked for in life
You took without a thought
Without a care
Without a blink
The lie you made that made me break
That made me a monster
The monster that started the games you played
The game you thought you won
A game you should have never started
But you didn’t care of what you’ve done. You didn’t care
What am I doing? Why do I feel this way? Bolts of 24 runs in my vain, though bolts of emotions rush 100 bolts.
Where my heart burns in black coal, the volt of feelings rush in my vains
Strength of electrical emotions that I cannot control
Flashes of lightening bolts that run beneath my feat to catch his eyes, to catch those puddles of honey eyes that I lust for.
My heart rushes in a measure of electrical energy that I cannot measure.
Though 2kw generator generates 60 hertz, the blood that pumps in my heart generates 200 hertz
What is this feeling? What can be done to stop my heart from generating for you?
How do I stop my lips wanting to stick to yours like a magnet? Why do I lust for you?
What can I say? What can I do ? Am I ignorant? Or am I confident? Am i a snitch or am I doing the right thing ? Am I telling the truth or am I being rude? I stand by and watch them do things they know that’s wrong.
My count abilities are more than the stars I can count. Thought I wish they were as pretty as the night stars though my wishful thinking’s are like dust in the wind.
Master say perception is reality. Though how can you assume And not ask? How is his heart so selfish to judge not knowing? How is his heart so selfish to disappoint and not make them proud.
I look up to those who lead for guidance though how can I when master can’t separate from right to wrong?
It was said “ to be a leader you must be to follow” how am I to follow thee when thee can’t follow? How is the sea an ocean without water? How is the beach there without the shore and sands?
What can I do?  Will you judge me? Hate me? And criticize me for questioning those who disappoint? Am i ignorant? Or is their work a waste?
I have written on here for a while. Joined the military and now I’m back. Love military life. It has made me see the world in a different perspective. I miss writing poems and now I’m back to it. I just wrote this one. Let me know what you think and what you think it’s about.
Mia Mcdaniel Jun 2019
Ridiculous to fall for his tricks
He didn’t care but put me down
I try to forget the pain you put in me
Day and night I close my eyes I dream on lilly pollens glow
The sound of crickets chitter in joy
Glistlening leaf buds singed to have love embraced for estatic shiver
I dream for the sun to flicker against his ***** blond
To remorseless sweet left as I smell a breeze blow pass across my face
My emptyness tearsshed for tender touch realized he didn’t care tofeel  the love
I be his slave like a mule
Bowed down though he’s my king
My loving feeling for thee sheds
I realized there was nothing there in the shelf of love
I looked across beneath the tree
Lighting flickers personalities grew
I feel for peach tree buds didn’t bloom
My ocean blue eyes show the true pain
If he looked he see pain for love
I hide behind my distraction smiles
Like a rose afriad to get picked
I took peaces of my other poems added more and made another one. let me know what you guys think. #love #sadness
Mia Mcdaniel May 2019
How so
How can we
How do those words come out
How do we not choke on our own words
Why doesn't make it make us breathless
Why doesn't it  rip our vocal cords
How do we have the strength to cuss
How do we have the guts to say such words to threaten others like a vocational
How is our tongue able to move to give someone pain
How do we grow up to make others shed pain and tears just by word?
Mia Mcdaniel May 2019
A shade of blue sky
Golden sun rained and beamed the palms of his hand
Rockfall in thunder rumbling sweet sound
Water sea part and bow though he passed
Sea creature swam in joy
nature bend and bow
mammals cry in joy
Raindrop fall flow stopped in air
Whistling wind stopped though it never blew
Raindrop froze into hale
cold breeze passed by though the golden sun
has never beemed
Shade of blue faded in gray
Mia Mcdaniel May 2019
Pages flip words call with crying lust
eyes stare with addiction
book of shelf flys
words walk though it was alive
eyes scan as thee reads
book hovers over thee
their eyes were watching
the shelves didn't speak
words sing with history
books danced with fantasy
shelves creaked with books of history words of fantasy emotions of fiction and pain of non-fiction wept.
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