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Joshua Myers Sep 2019
Woman of my dreams
I see you nightly,
Even more it seems,
Some say unsightly.

I never knew why,
I carried this thought.
Many times I've cried,
Without the love I sought.

I carried a pain,
So deep inside.
Almost drove me insane,
Her wishes I'd abide.

I was never that guy,
As hard as I fought.
Let out a sigh,
Love I never got.

I never gave up hope,
Thinking a day may come.
Having to cope,
Many nights filled with ***.

Twelve years later we meet again.
Her beauty never changed.
Still a perfect ten.

Woman of my dreams,
I'll hold her heart gently.
Even repair it at the seems.
Guarding from harm intently.

Given the chance many squandered,
I'll hold her close
Her mind to never wonder.

I love her like no other
I just wish she could see.
I fell in love the day I met her.
But can she finally love me?
True story. It's all up in the air on this one. Wish me luck
Joshua Myers Sep 2019
Writing has always been a gift,
Saved me many times,
Repaired many rifts.

So to explain my love in writing makes perfect sense.
Can clear my mind,
Makes me less tense.

The woman I love,
Where to begin,
Thanking the Lord above?

The moment my eyes caught a stare.
I knew it was true.
My heart was wide open and so very bare.

The timing was not right.
But I knew she was.
After 12 years, I hold her vision tight.

I tried many times,
To express how I felt,
I wrote many rhymes,
Just wanted her to melt.

I had problems to work through,
Alcohol being the main,
It was way past due.
Almost drove me insane.

Finally sober and with a clear mind.
I poured my heart to her.
She smiled... Boy hopefully a good sign.

I never gave up hope,
I know this one is true.
Maybe we will elope.
Happiness for both well overdue.
True story and still waiting on a response from her. Whether or not it happens I know I gave it my all so there can be no regrets.
Joshua Myers Aug 2018
We go into battle,
Heads held high.

May we lose?
We say nigh.

We march foreward,
Pride held high

We don't take breaks,
We don't even sigh.

We fight for our country,
So our flag may fly.

Every soldier knows this,
It is not a lie.

We push on through hardship,
Even when friends die.

We hold it all in,
Too scarred to cry.

We hold them forever close,
A heroes tie.

We soldier on,
Freedom we buy.
For all military Personel far and wide. No matter the country or race they fight for what they believe. Soldier on.
Joshua Myers Aug 2018
Money and greed,
Ties you up,
As it plants it seed.

Money and greed,
Closes your eyes,
Passing those in need.

Money and greed,
Plenty of both,
Your heart will bleed

Money and greed,
Few stand up,
Less take the lead,

Money and greed,
All material,
My words please heed.

Money and greed,
Lost in death,
Wasted on mead.

Money and greed,
We need a shining light,
To gracefully intercede.
Money and greed go hand in hand to most. This is my spin on the ones that feed into greed in life. My mind will not shut off tonight so I keep writing.
Joshua Myers Aug 2018
A brightly lit room still holds darkness.
Look deeply,
Leopard like sharpness.

In a corner or behind the door.
Look closely,
Maybe under the floor.

Look high, look low.
Bring a friend,
Let the search grow.

Look to the wardrobe,
Maybe you see it.
Pressure building in your lobe.

Look under the bed,
Creepy crawlies,
Infecting your head.

Look in the closet,
Careful there I say,
Untold, unknown,
A ghoulish made deposit.
I had to try a childhood nightmare of mine
Joshua Myers Aug 2018
Legacy of broken dreams.

Never mentioned,
Gone it seems.

Legacy of broken will...

He pushes on,
Shattered still.

Legacy of vast emotion,

Swimming hard,
Sadly, with downward motion.

Legacy of a battered soul,

Darkness invading,
Life lessons took a devastating toll.
#deep #littledark #freeflow
Joshua Myers Aug 2018
A father's love
Stern, yet subtle.

Heard far and wide,
Yet just a mumble.

You know the time has come,

After he talks to Mother.
You think the worst,

Why were you so dumb?

Slowly climbing every stair,

Tired and weary.
You hold your breathe,

This is more than you can bare.

With a knock on your door..

You know it is the end.
It was a good run,

Trembling at the core.

As the door opens it's not what you expect.

He pulls a chair,
Starts talking,

Waiting for you to interject.

He knows what happened,
But wishes to hear you out,

Standing in your corner,
Ready to fight your bout.

He stands by your side.
Tried and true,

A father's love,
Always looks after you.
Looking back at my father who adopted me and growing up having my own.. I now see the love.
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