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Mystic River May 2019
Be like water, quiet but strong and don’t stuck if a trouble comes your way.. Change your direction but keep rolling towards your goal!
Mystic River Apr 2019
Poem consists of
P for Pure
O for Original
E for Emotions
M for Melody
So Poem is a melody consists of pure and original emotions ♥️
Mystic River Apr 2019
Who has the desire to see the Universe after seeing a glimpse of her eyes...
As they shine like bright stars...
Round and mysterious like our globe
Have the depth of an ocean!!!
Mystic River Apr 2019
Enchanting circus of life...
Dancing with other’s wife...
Bewitched to survive on human flesh...
Either glory or for fame...
Aren’t we all same...
In this materialistic world where relations are so fake.. Accumulation of wealth , power or a big name is considered as achievements.. Alas !!!
Mystic River Apr 2019
Nectar from her eyes falling on lips...
As if an oyster catches a rain drop...
What she said was more than a strand of pearls for him...

        “ Dear love, i’ll wait for you on the other side till the destiny bring us together once again...“
Mystic River Apr 2019
In a dark corner of my room; i was sitting like a frightened Child..

The Walls of my dreams are shaking..
Every wish of mine is breaking..

There are demons dancing in the flame..
I am screaming your name..

Can you hear me scream..
Can you break free my dream!!
Mystic River Apr 2019
A face of my dreams, came to life today

Her resemblance caught the deepest edges of my thoughts

As If , a Picasso’s canvas walk from my old wall
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