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i was a long drive

and a short trip.

     and you hated being behind the wheel.
so you decided it just wasn’t worth it
i’m over the withdrawals
i fought through the pain
and even though the high is gone
i still think about you everyday
and they say

                    time heals hearts

but it feels like

                    my clock stopped.
kat victoria Apr 13
i’ve driven to you
in the pouring rain
three inches of water
on the interstate
skipped my own party
on my birthday
sped through wind gusts
up to 68.
i had braved everything
just to see your face
but i was no match
for the blizzard
that was brewing
in your veins
kat victoria Apr 12
i would move to another planet
if it meant you would be there
kat victoria Apr 10
my love for you
was more than fate
the world wanted to teach me
how to hate
but i learned hate and love
are all the same
and as long as you love
you’re sure to feel pain.
kat victoria Apr 8
you said the grass was greener
on the other side.
so you planted flowers
on my insides.
but when flowers aren’t watered,
they’re sure to die.
and they wilted before
you even tried.
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