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Brother Jimmy Mar 2015
Every nascent place
Of gathered faces
Reaching for some more

Of the same

It seems they place
Their pacing
Chases on the door

In this game
(In their lore)

When I finally start
To dig, my heart,
It wrinkles and contracts

On the tracks

It dries and shrivels
And this drivel
It impacts

On the facts
(Just the facts)

Oh maybe there’s
Some fatal err’s
In calculating age

Says the Sage

It would make sense that
Every fence post
That we knew

Wasn’t true
(It's all the rage)

We find, with screams,
Carbon 14’s a
Problem in our meme

Or, it would seem

And if we really delve
It’s the same
With carbon 12

It’s just a scheme
(It's just as well)

The proportion that we
Used, it was assumed,
Remained the same

Throughout the game

It was a misanthropic
Topic and misstep
‘Shame the gain

…was inane

Every fact we learn,
We burn into our
Mind, requires faith

Of a kind

Just goes to show that
Many problems
Can be solved

Within your mind
…though we’ve evolved
Written from the perspective of a Y.E.C.
Brother Jimmy Sep 2016
We laugh
And dance
We take
A chance
The best choice
I ever made

This bright
Gold band
My hand
A symbol of
Love that stayed

That I
Could be
Made whole
And free
With you
Forever after

It makes
Me cry
So blessed
Am I
We have
Such love and laughter

You're still
My love
With eyes that shine
I, your servant,
Willingly indentured

Since Nineteen-
We have had
Such adventures!
Brother Jimmy May 2016
Contentment, worry,
Love and fury,

Fear and bravery,
Knighthood, knavery,

Joy and sorrow,
Today, tomorrow,

                                        I accept it all.

Truthing, lying,
Singing, sighing,

Sitting, leaping,
Running, sleeping,

Living dying,
Though I'm crying,

                                        I will eat it all.
Brother Jimmy Dec 2015
Last night, we buried her body
Down at the bottom of the hill

The moonless night was crisp and cold
    The slip of foot and blanket fold
        We very nearly lost our hold
     I caught a nasty chill

From seven till nearly half past eleven
We dug a hole and buried Lil.

This was no common dog
This wonder, understand

Was gentle beyond words and could
    Do any trick you want, for food,
        She'd even say "hello", she would!
     She'd weave or sit or stand

So somehow
we believe
she would never leave

But she had to go...she had to go's not
what we had planned

But Lily,
darling dear,
we understand.

I miss her
Brother Jimmy Sep 2016
Altruism, at its best,
Is only a means to pass a test
That you perceive you are in...
Of an absent God who licks your chin

    "What, in her do you see? Pray tell!"
"She's so selfless; generous to all."
    "So she tells me", I think to myself.
"...To all but you.", I think.  And stall.

What do I tell my dear dear brother?
What do I tell this brilliant boy?
That I'd rather he find another?
Altruism schmaltruism - Where's the joy?

Out of the ashes
Altruism arises
Here in this place
There are no prizes

There are no rewards
Other than bragging rights...

Cut the cord. Loose the bonds.
It's flimsy fodder - to offset fights
Some people who think they are altruistic AF are really the most hurtful to those close to them.

...but of course...hurt people hurt people.
Brother Jimmy May 2016
Let us go then
Back and back

To that place
Where we first met

Nineteen hundred and ninety-four

You in the bar,
I on the floor

I saw you and
Desire sprung

From toes to groin
To head and lung

I knew your face
From misty past

And fancied glances
Fancied fast

(And where, my Dear, is fancy bred?
In the heart or in the head?)

I never dreamed
That fateful day

That our paths led
The selfsame way
Brother Jimmy Sep 2020
A new day
Rife with possibility
Insert some new tranquility
Into your mind

A new way:
Looking at the positive
Believing life is causative
A new lens we must find

Truth is
Difficult now to discern
But even so down deep I yearn
Now to make headway

Love is.
So don this mask for now, shall I
And in the face of fear I’ll fly
For today's a new day
Brother Jimmy Jul 2015
A new day

Rife with possibility

Insert some new tranquility

Into your mind

A new way

Of looking at the positive

Believing life is causative

A new lens we must find

Truth is

Difficult at times to discern

But even so down deep I yearn

Now to make headway

Love is.

So don this mask for now, shall I

And in the face of fear I’ll fly

For today's a new day
Brother Jimmy May 2016
It's more akin to touch than to sight or sound
A focused vibration felt within my bones
My eyes can't spot it
My ears don't detect even
The smallest whisper when it begins
And at its crescendo, I'm buzzing and sharp
And aloud, I say, "Yes LORD?  Your servant is here!"
And then it subsides
And it's no longer clear

Did I feel that?
Was it real?

I doubt it;

I think, I feel...

That even if angels came down to my street
And lifted me up - right off of my feet
And for minutes, held me airborne
Two yards off the ground
I know that the moment that I was brought down...

I would doubt my own senses
That's why I can't be
The chosen, the faithful, who's allowed to see

Prone to scoff at the stories
Of loved ones who'd swear
There’s something
Much bigger than ourselves out there


...Prone to wander and wallow
Prone to spit, not to swallow the stories of old
As I stray from the fold
Brother Jimmy Nov 2016
Ah yes, I remember this well,
The fumbling about in the darkness of  the cottage, as the narrator feels his way around the room,
The hair raising sound described,
A pronunciation of his friend's name,
By some being that seemed crystalline rather than organic
And the adrenaline that electrified his whole body upon hearing it.

The odd extra-tellurian reference frame that the creature seemed bound to so that it was not quite perpendicular to the floor...
...but that doesn't quite describe it.
It was, more accurately, that the creature was tied to some external reference frame which doesn't quite match our own.

While reading the story aloud to my children, Modulating my voice as adroitly as I am able, Pausing occasionally to define terms or explain references to the preceding book in the trilogy, I'm struck again by the author's talent; the depth and breadth of it, the power of description to elicit mood in the reader,
The completeness...and I wonder how many rewrites it took.

I notice the breathing of two of my three children has become regular.  
They've drifted to that other plane of existence.  
I pause...and Lottie's voice, a little too loud, cuts the near silence, "You aren't stopping, are you?", causing her sister to stir briefly.  "Nope!", say I, and I continue, doing my best to keep the theatrics in my voice.  
But the words are starting to dance on the page as I grow cross-eyed in my languor.

Finally I reach the chapter's end, place the bookmark and say, "And that, my dear, is where we'll pick up the story next time".  
I reach to turn off the bedside lamp, and sleep for an hour or so until Lady Di gets home from the hospital.

These beings, surrounding me now, causing me to lie on my side at the very edge of the bed, taught me what love really is.  I love them more than I can ever express.
Brother Jimmy Apr 2019
The first flurries’ magic has dissolved
As flakes fly yet again
Filling the view through the back windows

We long for the final triumph of spring
When muds and buds have broken through
And have been warmed by the sun

The ice crystals mount their final assault
To see if they can defeat
The coming onslaught of green
Brother Jimmy Jan 2015
I took a trip into my eye and there’s something hiding there

It’s a belief which I’ve held all my life and now it’s laying threadbare

I want to get my broken fixed and I’m throwing wide the door

There’s a deep-down part of me which knows there’s something more

More than what can be seen

More than what I can reach out and feel

More than what can be repeatably measured

More than what you might hear is for real

I am just a lonely boy with a penchant for dark and doubt

And I’ve noticed that I lack the joy that makes the percipient shout

So maybe I’m missing a part of the puzzle that makes the devout complete

Maybe there’s something behind blind belief that can make a man land on his feet

Belief in a clockmaker being…

And doing and speaking and seeing

And not disappearing right after the blast

To a holiday far away skiing

I’m ready-and no longer afraid
to call things as I see ‘em

I’m getting older and more crotchety, ...gonna’ put me in a museum

I can feel I’m slowly dying and I’m only thirty-nine

I remember a long-ago time when my spirit was doing just fine

But right now, my spirit is broken

I’ll cover the sadness with joking

The bus is about to pull-away

And I think that I’m missing my token

Speak!  Where’ve you been?

Is it because of my sin?

Is it because of my bent?

How do I tune in?

Make my blind eyes see

Come, oh come & set me free

Show all the doubters those footprints you left

Oh what are you wanting with me?

Peace now, let there be peace

Don’t you see I need some release?

Surrounded by kind folks, but lonely as hell

I’m needing to do something, and do it well,

I’m wanting you, needing you, come here to dwell

In my heart, in my head, on my knees.
Brother Jimmy May 2016
This bright believing band
Far from foolish
Neither narrow, nor numbed
Not a bit of what I planned will work
Excruciating, their sound;
How they strummed...
E Major, A minor, E Major, A minor
Endlessly repeating
Waiting for a sign ...or something
Sit, stand...
Make polite conversation,
Our hazy cocoons enshroud us
And we can believe
(Or not believe)
Either is easy-
We're not proud of this.
We attend this mimsy mayhem because we're searching for something lost here during our childhood
A sense of tribe
Of familial bliss
But we've lost touch
We are isolated
We don smiles and walk out
Brother Jimmy Aug 2021
Lovely Lady Dee
She soon will be free of me
She’ll be dancing on the corner
of the dance floor

She’s a hurricane
Leaving splinters in her wake
And it got too hard to take
Now we’re done for

She pulled my heart out bleeding
And commenced to eating
It up raw

Her words are ornamental
But her tenderness is gentle
As I saw

What I saw

Lovely Lady Dee
Soon you’ll be free of me
You’ll be dancing on the sidelines
At the boat house

The papers have been filed
And I hope that makes you smile
You’ll be happy …for a while
My funny free spouse

You’ll get your strapping lover
& you’ll do your best to cover up your scheme
You’ll live the dream

You’ll no longer be beholden
To this funky freaky fuzzy golden boy
Oh rapturous joy

Go get your toy

Darling dear Diane
You have fowled up all my plans
You’ve smeared mud upon my face
And stuck the knife in

If they could know the pain
You inflicted on my brain
They would strip you of your badge
And take your license

They’d see through all your lying
And the elders would start crying
Vicious girl

And those that have your bent
Would that your stockinged legs be wrent
And give them a whirl

My little pearl

You were my world
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
My dearest one
Put down that gun
You’ll have what you are after
The dopamine
And you’ll be seen
Relaxed and full of laughter

My truest love
Sent from above
Please resist the potion
Steel your nerves
And all the curves
Will freeze; there’ll be no motion

My sugar plum
You’ll be made numb
If you ingest the snake oil
Grit your teeth
And far beneath
Your feet will shift the loose  soil

In your cage
I can’t assuage
Your sadness and your longing
My truest prayer
Will pierce your lair
A new era is dawning
Brother Jimmy Aug 2021
As you walk away, please remember how much I loved you
And that so many days I tried to make things right
No, I wasn’t perfect, I know, that’s not what I’m saying
But I did the best I could do, before you took flight

Seems the spell you were under just never dissipated
I never snapped you out of it like I thought I might…
You grabbed the yoke, bent on crashing and burning, but I held on
Thinking after this valley of darkness, we’d reach some light

As you walk away
Out into the night
Oh darling, I’m aghast
Oh dear, it’s not right

And as you round the bend
I hope you get it right
I hope you can unwind yourself
Your knots are awful tight

Now every day’s been spent just raging and weeping
At the thought of what perhaps could have been…
And the images my mind creates of the acts are just teeming
I feel stupid and blind for the things that I should have seen

On my knees in the darkness, I pray to the sky for renewal
Looking hard for what the hell it was that I lacked
Running over scenarios of a repair to this wreckage
Hazy future images where we’ve made it back

But I now realize that this fantasy is just illusion
And I know your current strategy lies with him
But when this honeymoon period that you’re now into has ended
And he’s pulls you down to the deep I just hope you swim

I’d rather you get well and get happy, dear, believe it…
Than stayin’ tied in knots from which you can’t get free
Whatever was lacking …I hope that your new love fulfills it
Dearest friend, you’ll always have a part of me

As you walk away
Out into the sunset
Oh dear, I am speechless
Oh darling, it’s not right

And as you round the bend
I hope you got it right
I hope you can unwind some day
Those knots are awful tight
Brother Jimmy Apr 2015
My bones are sore
At close of day
With pain in feet
And hair more grey

Now begins the
Springtime slurry
Winter's death,
The sprouting fury...

But it's the autumn
Of my days
And joints now throb
And mind's a haze

Yet Spring awakens
Yearnings which
Have long lain dormant
How the itch

Distracts a stiff
From daily dribblings
Daydreams, donned
With nubile nibblings

And out into
The wood I jaunt
Till pagan ponderings
Hellishly haunt

The corners of
My craggly crown
The parietal plunder
Pulling down

But satyr romps
Among tree bases
With myriad pictures
Of countless faces

Create a stiffness
'Mid sickened stones
Not of ***** but
Of the bones

At close of day
A man lay hoping
For another day's
Eyes to open

O new day come
It's not too late
Inner wellspring
Brother Jimmy Sep 2016
Autum, teach me how to be
Colorful like every tree

Let my brightness paint a scene
Metamorphosize from solid green

Autumn, chill my fevered soul
Teach me how to be made whole

Breezes cool and comfort me
Streaks of light pierce canopy

Autumn, teach me how to die
Crisp flight, alighting with a sigh

I'll pause a moment on the ground
Then wind will lift me heaven-bound
Brother Jimmy Feb 2017
Studiously learning what’s in the Mazatlán,
They caught each other’s eye as she sat in a corner booth,
The gleam he saw aglow there, he began to dwell upon,
The radiance of her countenance was akin to light and truth

He joked and mugged and walked a wire,
She gestured, and, the flames grew higher,
She told him of her man betrothed,
He shuddered but appeared unmoved.

But growing way down, deep inside him,
There welled a thirst, so powerfully pure,
He tried to bury it, to push it down,
But drawing him, pulling him, her enticing allure,

They stood calf-deep near Ontario’s shore
The moon smiled down and charged their glow
She’d lower her eyes and his heart would soar
That moon knew things that she didn’t know

For he whispered to the moon his heart’s desire
That this fair maiden would one day be his,
And the mother of the fates was summoned by wire
And soon, on the island, it was sealed with a kiss!

And she changed her destiny and his heart leapt for joy!
She could not have known how happy she made him;
There were fireworks and magic for that unseasoned boy
He was glad his thirsty thoughts had betrayed him

Fast forward five years, to a kneeler on the altar
A bond was forged there - which never will falter
And darling new creatures now fill their book
And he is even more smitten than at that first look
Brother Jimmy Aug 2015

Over and over and over and over again
I will ask You to come and enter in

Why won't you reach out your hand?


I don't know if I can make it on my own
'Got people who love me but I still feel alone

Sometimes I just want to chuck it all...
But I don't
     And it's lonely
          for everyone

We've got to make it back home.

I am losing sight of the paths I knew
'Just got to tune-in my receiver to You

Must be some faulty transmission lines...
Oh what'll I do?
     Sit and stew?

I'm tellin' folks everywhere I roam:
     We gotta' make it back home.
Lyrics to a song I'm working on
Brother Jimmy Sep 2016
Everybody run
Run into the sun
It's time to put your pencils down
For the weekend
Has come!

Or, in the vernacular of the local peasantry,

"******' AYY, MAN!  I'M OUTTA HERE!"

Brother Jimmy Nov 2015
Please be honest
Are you…

Fabricating scenes of wonder?
Wax the wanting and the thunder!

Would a soul saved justify this devilry?
Not for zeal, but for saving face, we

Carry on,

But I can’t seem to find what you have
Can’t seem to find the true path

Smash-cut to the fine line
Close-up of the steep climb

Seems the higher the places, the duller the faces;
I’m put through my paces

I tighten my laces
The fear on my face, it belies my complacency
Just make sure you tell the truth when it comes to your spiritual beliefs, experiences,...testimony.  If you  lie it does  SUCH damage to people who are truly seeking.   They'll think "well what am I doing wrong that I'm not able to experience what THAT person experienced.   Or worse- they'll see through your fabrication and you've diminished God a tad.  
That being said, I think God is real. Far more real than any of this.  

Or at least I hope so.

I, for one, seek to know the truth.
Brother Jimmy Feb 2016
     is what is

Black, a heart-attack

The dog-eared pages of the prophets and proverbs,
Smudged with the black of the resin on my fingers,
Folded and torn
The frayed edges
The murky riddles
The puzzle, the underlying meanings,
It is more of a black than a blue
Brother Jimmy Jan 2017

This sword has slashed and slain good folk
And hot coals have caressed
And with this instrument, have I lain
My soul to bear; my core to rest...
It’s sure to harm and falter
With fricative formations always ready
Even near the altar
My muscles tensed, my thoughts unsteady
But this sword can also heal
Can soothe like salve a haggard heart
So I will climb and I will kneel
And try once more to hone my art
Brother Jimmy May 2016
Atavistic gills have I
For breathing in the void
For swimming up through space & sky
My organs thus employed

For since, in this world's atmosphere,
I have never drowned
My dormant skill has reappeared
And my soul soars, unbound
Brother Jimmy May 2016
And then she said
It's time for bed
As up the stair she led me

And as time flew
I knew it true
'Twas fate that she should bed me

That bright young girl
With skirts that twirl
Was never meant to parry

And on that day
It's fair to say
I knew that we would marry
Brother Jimmy Jan 2016

When I start speaking to you
In that authoritative way,
When I'm raving and ranting,
Don't heed what I say
If I give you advice,
As if I know "truth",
My mouth spewing *******,
So very uncouth,
And I bluster and babble,
Like I know this place,
I want you to slap me smack dab in the face.
Brother Jimmy Oct 2017
It’s just amazing that
    A simple hat
Can transform me so

I put that pork-pie on
    And the spark’s begun
So let’s start the show


Looking for subtle phrases
    And all my graces
They seem to shine

Just wearing heart-on-sleeve
    And I still believe
That the words aren’t mine

          Where’d they
Come from?
                         Not me!
              I’m dumb.


I play here every night
    If I’m feeling right
So please come on by

My smooth responsive band
    Makes it all seem planned
When they’re primed and high


But if you listen close
    You can hear the prose
Is a bit too loose

Mark plays his tight guitar
    An unheard-of star
In his wing tipped shoes



          Who needs
   An audience?
                       They’d be
           Applauding us.

    And I’m just fine to be here in this place
    Where the rain can’t touch our chilly faces

And we can bless or we can sort of derange
We can play Roc-city for pocket change

    It’s just so weird and funny that
    I can be transformed by this magical hat

And I wouldn’t change a single note
As it’s ushered forth from my scratchy throat
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018
Open your eyes
Stop the noise
Feet on the floor
Jiggle the boys
Make the coffee
Let out the dog
Get to the office
Sort through the slog
Check the balance
File your forms
Get through the BS
Normative norms

Daily you’ll question
In the back of your mind
Why you feel this way
Most of the time
Maybe it’s your fault?
Are you to blame?
Guilt is a sharp tool
(More of the same)
Let it surround you
Give in to this
Current sit’ch’ation
Right where it is
Be in the moment
It’s better than some
And with atonement
Contentment will come
Remember amigo,
You will never tell
The story of days
Of everything’s swell
You’ll have a good story
When crisis has passed
And all of the drama
You’ll note till your last
With a smile and a twinkle
In an eye clouded up
You’ll fondly remember
How you drank from that cup
And still made it through
To your now wizened state
And maybe someone
Will be thrilled you relate
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
The infinite being
The infinite knowing
The never ceasing
The everlong going
Can not be diminished
Though some will say so
And since “it is finished”
The striving should go
For strive as you may,
It’ll only cause strife
So enter this day
Your free gift of life!
Brother Jimmy Jun 2016
You were a good man
I wish I'd thanked you more
You never sketched out this plan
Now you walk along the golden shore

Along the edge of the glassy sea
Outside of time and space
One day you'll give us the nickel tour
As we grow accustomed to your new face

We will know it's you right away
From the way you welcome us all
With your oh so familiar laugh
And your West Virginia drawl

And you'll regale us then
With the deep things you've derived
Hand in hand with the author of life
Between 2016 and the day we arrive
The father of my sweet Diane, and Papaw to my kids, has gone on to his eternal reward.  He will be missed.  
He was a terrific father-in-law...and friend.
Brother Jimmy Aug 2017
Go unmasked boldly

Out into the daylight realm

With your wildly changed faces

You will surely overwhelm
Brother Jimmy Jun 2016
Sitting there
With your artistic  eye
Taking everything in until

Your steady hand
Such expertise
Creates in us a thrill

Your ebullient knack
For storytelling
And lack of inhibition

So inviting
And so loving
Of every human's condition

Your tender heart
Sets you apart
I think of you and I sigh

Charlotte my dear
Don't you fear,
I'll protect you 'til I die
For my lovely daughter, Charlotte
Brother Jimmy Dec 2014
It's always just out of reach it seems
Dreams are something better forgotten
Rotten, my wrongs, with regrets of paths not trod
Fodder for turning and throwing my lot in

I desire it in the innermost places
Paces I've put us through seem to outshine
Divine interventions I thought that I wanted
Haunted my wish for true joy to be mine

HELLO UP THERE LORD, Is there anyone up there
Cherishing children who call on thy Name?
Shame that I can't seem to hear see or feel you
Why so taciturn, seems such a shame
Conachlon is an old Gaelic form where last syllable of a previous line rhymes with first syllable of next. Any other rhymes (like couplets, for instance) are sometimes used, but not necessary.
Brother Jimmy Aug 2016
Sarah, Charlotte, and Little Pete
Wander down the tree-lined street
Toward Listwood playground's swings
Charlotte hums and Sarah sings

Peter talks without a breath
Bores his  listeners half to death
For they don't know his special speech
"I weawwy weawwy twy to weach"

"Weach fow da staws, it's hawd as heww
To say the aw sound owa fowm an ew" +
R's and L's are not his forte
But that won't stop him from trying to say

Whatever is flitting through his mind
And my boy Pete is oh so kind
My children make me proud as hell
And every day my love will swell

Pushing swings beneath the stars
Then hanging from the monkey bars
Then up the pole and down the slide
Then home with these three by my side

Their Daddy loves them so much more
Than anything he's loved before
Except, perhaps, for their mother
I love these four more than any other

+ I really really try to reach
Reach for the stars,
it's hard as hell
to say the R sound or form an L.
Brother Jimmy Jul 2017
Oh the screamers are screaming
And clawing and mooning
They soon will be dreaming
They're crammed in and spooning
If it weren't for my many interventions tonight
Surely, they would have, committed a crime
One, or more, would be out of the fight
Down to the mat for the very last time
But now, I'm chaperone;
As mediator; as bodyguard,
They unite against me here alone
In this bedroom prison yard
Brother Jimmy Apr 2019
As the plaster
Cast around me
Starts to crumble
When I shake
Convulsing waves
Of body shivers
Undulate and
******* break

Pulsing body
Popping, pushing
Pupil of my
Nature’s plight
Pleading with my
****** and power
Body burning
Still I fight

To just emerge
Into the light
Brother Jimmy Sep 2020
As the plaster
Cast around me
Starts to crumble
When I shake
Convulsing waves
Of body shivers
Undulate and
******* break
Pulsing body
Popping, pushing
Pupil of my
Nature’s plight
Pleading with my
****** and power
Body burning
Still I fight
Just to emerge
Into the light
Brother Jimmy Feb 2018


Signs, signs,

Signs and wonders

Look at the truths

Look at the blunders

Lift up your head

Look at the light

Notice the angles

Beaming so bright

The textured ceiling

Whorls and waves

Parishioners kneeling

Warping the staves

Choral reflections

Bounce off the walls

Such genuflections

With genuine *****

Lysergic clergyman

Sturgeon and stews

Blue hairs with hats

And how-do-you-dos

Echoes of people

You’ve known in your past

All are connected

And all will contrast

Pick down the mountain

A way sure and true

Past frozen fountain

Through deep midnight blue

Brother Jimmy May 2018
Long, long ago
More than a few grandmothers back
The eye of Mr. Strachan
Was drawn to one Miss Jex
Out for an airing
With pipe and tree
Moss and rock
Water of the Awen
Began to flow
And his quill flitted
Across the leaf
As the veery thrush song
Spiraling through the air
Stultified him there
In his personal sanctum
‘Neath pine and locust
And glints in orbs
Foretold the progeny to come
The rabbit-cart-man
That hard-working peasant
Claustrophobia and smoke rings
Whiskey with sweet and smoky notes
Industrial accidents
Morality lessons
Spiced with misinformation
And hearty laughter before and after
And all led toward my creation
Looked up Clan Strachan to read about the Scottish branch of my ancestry, and was inspired to write this.

Strachan is an anglicized derivative with origins in the Scottish Gaelic (or 'Scottis') language. Originally from the Gaelic word "strath" meaning "broad valley", and "Aven" (pronounced /on/) which is a Gaelic word for 'river', and also the name of one of the tributaries of the Dee that runs through the Strachan District (Water of the Aven, or alternatively spelt on other maps "Water of the Awen").

Clachnaben (archaically "Cloch-na'bain"; Scottish Gaelic: "Clach na Beinne") is a 589-metre hill in Glen Dye, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is a distinctive hill visible from many points on Lower Deeside and is topped with a large granite tor.

“Clachnaben” was also the war cry of Clan Strachan.
Brother Jimmy Mar 2019
You stay in
You stay in my mind
I’m lonely
I’m lonely for you
The image
That rises to sight
You’re preening
And ready for flight

You’re locked-in
You’re locked-up inside
You feel like
You’ll never get right
I know you
I know you by sight
You’re running
To just run and hide

I’ve seen you
Seen into your heart
And it is
A heavenly sight
Lay down now
Lay down all your strife
Stop striving
You are purest art
Brother Jimmy Aug 2017
Now my mind is awake...

My body will presently follow

So one more moment  I will take

And in the dark I will not wallow

There seems to a mind such as mine

To be a sort of shift to make

So I will wallow in the divine

And rise for heaven's sake
Brother Jimmy Jan 2018
There was a man spent decades off to sea

Adrift in whorls and waves of augur flights

Something in his existence bid him flee

To avoid long and lonely fear-fraught nights

But now he is sharp’ning his iron will

And keeping his feet aground, firmly planted

He’s leaning on his gods with a secret thrill

For he’s learned to love all things enchanted

Awakenings cut through thickest fog

Like light beams pierce through darkest night

  Illumining all of Gog and Magog,

  Winning them back at the end of the fight

He chose to believe and claimed the change

That sprouted within his weary chest

  Went forth not knowing domain or range

  And put-off longer his final rest

A fond acquaintance said, “One suspects

No one really believes in God at their core...

  Else if they believed in the fiery effects,

  They’d be monsters not to proselytize more!”

So deep did it cut him, to hear this said,

That he cried as he held his acquaintance’s face,

And spoke, “Yes, and it’s I that should be dead,

If not for the glory and brilliance of grace”
Brother Jimmy Aug 2017
The branching connections are vast
All pervasive
Connecting me to you
Interconnecting all beings

We are all here made of the same stuff
The stuff of stars

Your ancestors,
Your progeny,

Your friend,
And enemy,

Brother Jimmy Aug 2020
My thoughts race~
In my inner monologue I hear:
     (I mean in my head, ...not actually in my ear)

“I hope we can make it through all of this”


How did I “hear” that?   And who spoke those words?

...’cause, if that’s a thought that came from in me...

           Then who is the “I”?     ...Who is the “we”?

And how is it that I can take note
           Observing these thoughts that ring

Who is thinking and who’s observing...
           The conscious mind is an amazing thing
Brother Jimmy Aug 2017
Today is a birthday
The earth still spins
This moment is over
Soon as it begins

Such blessings you've spoken,
My head you anoint,
And it took our whole lives
To arrive at this point

We've wanderlust, so...
We'd better get packing
Or figure out what,
In this moment, is lacking

Today is a death day
The earth still spins
This moment is over
Soon as it begins
Brother Jimmy Jul 2016
Brother Jimmy, stop a while, take a seat and listen ...
Listen to the whoosh of the A/C ebb and flow...
It seems imbibing corporate rules and little lies that glisten
Is not a healthy diet, don't you know(?)

This place has got you sick and tired and haggard as a hound
But bless your soul with rock, and roll your eyes, you stilted hack,
Though this time, maybe, wait until review time comes around,
"The man" is just the man to hold you back

We find that just a tad of mirth to hide the grit-teeth might,
Just be the way to keep the ship from sinking.
And when the pounding's in my head, my eyelids clamp down tight,
My prayer then, is reign me in, and guard me from free thinking
Things would be easier if I were a mindless robot.
Brother Jimmy Jun 2018
You should create
Write something down
Sing something out
Paint something golden

Make a new thing
Take hold of your voice
Or unique way of seeing
Your impulses, bolden

Your ideas are butterflies
That want to be caught
Grab your idea net!
Do what you ought!

Share with the world
Before they fly away
(If you wait too long,
they may fly away)

So what, you think it's already been done?
"Nothing is new under the sun"...
That may (or may not?) be truly true,
But no one has done it EXACTLY like you
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