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Noni Winters Jun 2020
My brain does not seem to turn off
So I search for someone who sees me
And the faces that stare back at me
Show no mercy.

There are no arms opened wide
Or eyes that speak with mine
My cries for help fall on deaf ears
This pain, is only mine.
Noni Winters Oct 2018
There is pleasure in pleasing
and I enjoy both

I'd like to see you needing
I want to hear you wanting
I want to leave you
needing more of me

I want to be what drives you crazy
The only cure, is to devour me
Noni Winters Oct 2018
it always seems to be
when I am alone
the universe hands me
the worst anxiety
when I have
no one to cry to
no one to distract me
no one to talk me down
just me and my thoughts
trying not to over think
trying not to freak out
trying not to cry
eventually I'll be okay
but ****, universe
at least let me have a friend
Noni Winters Oct 2018
I could use your warm embrace
Your lips sweet and tender
Your hands firmly placed
On the small of my back

I really need for you to undress me
Tie my tongue with yours
Lay me down
Enjoy me

Mark me with your teeth
Leave my skin, rosey
Hold me down
Take me

I could really use your warm embrace
Your lips taste so sweet
Noni Winters Oct 2018
I sat and I sipped
On your words as they lay
Intoxicated, my mind at play
Burning wild
Fuel for my brain
My imagination pipped
I'd be thrilled if you'd stay
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