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Splashes of Surreal
25/M/New Delhi, India    When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He star'd at the Pacific—and all his men Look'd ...
Mr and Mrs Andrews
Sara Went Sailing
Coleen Mzarriz
deeply weaved in a foreign house lost in the deep woods of the forest of her mind
Thomas W Case
53/M/Iowa City    I'm a poet, living in Iowa, I have published two collections of poetry and countless individual poems in anthologies around the world. check me out ...
19/M/Bihar, India    World's a lie; Truth's a threat... Life's a mess; Better be a hypocrite
29/M/Southern Ca    college degree, single, no kids. HOBBIES: books, guitar, health nut, travel.
Kelvin Githinji
22/M/Kenya    don't just let Life be in you, Live it
116/F/San Francisco, Ca   
Rebecca Brenes
25/F/O'ahu, Hawai'i   
Hadrian Veska
Possibly a human being
23/F/Your Mom’s    I write bad poems and appreciate comments as to how they might be less bad.
Avon (St. Wendel Twp.) MN    I'm retired after a life of various kinds of physical labor and am currently a volunteer writing tutor and a volunteer naturalist. My eighth book ...
Yes, I am the grandson of a spy--being perilously curious is part of my DNA.
26/F/Southern Hemisphere    I write when I cannot sleep. It just so happens that is a common occurrence. Sleep deprivation and stringing words together are my speciality.
Unpolished Ink
Writer and Poet living in the UK Channel Islands.
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