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Anna Bell Oct 11
the joy of seasons changing
bring life and death
a time to start afresh
or maybe to throw out the trash
to break free from burdens
they hold us down and give us depression

as season change so do we
Anna Bell Aug 10
i met another like you
holding pain in your souls
detached from reality
similar testimonies of new life

wish you could come together
speak of the relatable mental aches
to learn from each other
flourish into a refined version of you
Anna Bell May 14
i was searching for my missing piece
i tried to force you to be the one
you were meant for another place
we didn’t fit together perfectly
just how my hand never fit in yours
Anna Bell May 5
You came into my life, to show me true love
to feel the unconditional graciousness
You have given me everything
the cross shown the significance
it brought me into a relationship with You
Anna Bell May 3
i stop my mind from wondering of us together
i like you and i’m jealous of her
i want to hold your hands and kiss your lips
but someone has filled that position
i wish you listened to your friends  
you’ll be the one that was meant to be but never was
Anna Bell Apr 10
i bite the inside of my mouth
the nerves are eating me alive
i’m stressed past my breaking point
then i see you with her and i bleed
i should know better
me falling for you is a trap
i end up hurt and bruised
while you are oblivious to my self inflicted pain
Anna Bell Apr 9
don’t put us together
he has someone
yes we could’ve made a “perfect couple”
he’s interested in someone else

okay, i like him a lot more that just a friend
i wish they’d break up so i could swoop in
but he’s happy and he’s my best friend
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