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Bella S Nov 2018
People change people.
That is the meaning of life.
The meaning of differences.
The meaning of friendship.
People Change people.
Bella S May 2018
And Tears
Are all feelings I have felt throughout my 7th-grade year
The people I know
And the people I wished I didn’t know
Are all makers of my
And fabulous year
At Congress Middle School.
Bella S May 2018
Years in the past
The years have flown by.
Memories have faded
Feelings are lost.
I have chosen to forget the precious memories,
And keep the bad ones.
I had hated him ever since the split.
Because I thought it was his fault,
He fought with my mom,
He fought with his dad
He even fought with me.
But I later learned that he knew more than I did.
My mom took me away without even telling me,
I didn’t even get to say goodbye.
4 years later,
I got over it.
I took what life threw my way
5 years later,
I almost never even thought about him.
6 years later,
He was never mentioned,
He was like a fly on the wall.
7 years later,
I come home from school.
And learn that he is dead.
My brother, a strong person, a person who I never thought would do this.
I never even got to say goodbye.
That is the one thing I will never forgive him for.
How could a guy like him,
Do this
To us.
Bella S Apr 2018
I used to be like that
I used to be the teacher's pet
I used to have good grades
And I used to be perfect
But then, I went to middle school.
I met kids that turned my innocence against me.
I wasn't like that
I wasn't the teacher's pet
I never had good grades
And I wasn't perfect.

But then again, no one is perfect.
Bella S Apr 2018
Friends have love-hate relationships.
Friends stick up for you even if it means they look stupid
Friends will laugh at you when you trip over your own feet,
Only because they know how much of a goof you are, and they love you for it.
Your friends know when you're sad because they know you when you're happy.
Your friends joke around when you mix up your words because they do it too.
Your friends give you random, and sometimes creepy, hugs, because they don’t know if it will be the last one or not; and they want you to know how much they absolutely love you.
You friends also give you random gifts, and then you feel bad because you didn’t think about it fist; and you have nothing to give them back but your comfort.
Friends hold the delicate thing that runs your body, your heart.
Bella S Apr 2018
Mean girls,
They steal you from your dignity,
They steal your personal respect for yourself.
They break you down.
And never build you up.
They are full of themselves,
They don’t give a crap about you
Or anyone else for that matter.
They are not people you want to be friends with,
And definitely someone you do not want to be.
I was them once, and I hurt the people I loved.
I didn’t care,
I broke others down;
Because I was broken myself.
They don’t honor their promises,
And that's why they rarely ever make promises.
They tell you that your not good when you were terrific.
They tell you that you're not pretty, but then again, all of the guys ask you out.
They tell you that your clothes are old.
But, somehow you spent a fortune on them at all of the “popular stores”
And you used all of your hard earned money because your parents aren’t like their parents, you have to earn the things you want.
They get whatever they want, because their spoiled.
You don’t get everything you want because your parents are wise, and they don’t want you to be like those girls.
Bella S Apr 2018
You are saying I am cruel
I bet you even care
Yes I am rude and also somewhat mean
Because I am a thunderous sea trying to calm the hurricane of your betrayal going inside me
You think I don't know
that you're the one spreading the rumors
Thank you for sharing with the world your opinion of me

I was not like this before
You loved me, you stood up for me
Making my already hard life somewhat nice
It's you who forced my mind
To shut the windows of my demons
but then, they finally convinced you.
these people, you call your friends.
stole me from my happiness and rid you of your love for me.
and from that day on I have thanked you, for making me a stronger person, for making me hate you, for making my life; a living hell.
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