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Deepti Oct 2018
Why to cut your nerve with a blade,
Why to cry on the bed on which all night you laid,
Why you try your scream not to be heard,
Why don't you just say it in a word.

Everyday you die with those tears,
Why don't you try to overcome your fears?
Everyday you cry by covering your face,
Why don't you try to compete in this world race?

You need to stand strong,
Through all right and wrong,
No matter what I'll always be there for you,
As I truly love you.

**** it before it kills you,
Gems like you are very few,
You are the player of this game,
Play it,win it and make your name!
Stay stronG.
Deepti Jul 2018
How can someone be so good at "GOODBYE" just like you,
**** u know I am nothing without you,
I had the best memories with you,
Why "friends" like you are so few!?

Abandoned soul
Deepti Jul 2018
She was lost deep in the ocean of her own thoughts,
She grew up facing all odds,
The dark past made her so strong,
She believed whatever she did she was not wrong.

The tears she shed in the past,
The sleepless nights were very vast,
The tears she shed in the dark night,
Didn't fade away till morning light.

Now she is not the one she used to be,
She is very different from you and me,
Now I see her real self,
Not even asking for help.

She is no more the same,
She moved and made a change,
She is all set for tomorrow,
And she has now ended living in sorrow.

Sometimes a change is all we need.
Deepti Jul 2018
The days were dark and grey,
My mind deep in thoughts of sorrows and pain lay,
You promised you won't leave me at all,
But once again,you were not there at the time of my fall.

I laughed the most with you,
I cried the most with you,
I wish before trusting you I knew,
Cheaters like you are  not very few.

You took away everything I had with me,
My smile,my happiness and my glee,
We almost ended up as unknown peeps,
No more mattering our griefs.

The wind blew,
I no more know you,
I shall leave to find the real me,
To bring back my faded identity.

Love yourself.

— The End —