We're all delusional believing that each of us are unique.

Rip Lazybones
Rip Lazybones
Jul 2, 2014

Ambiguously aged
Restless protuberances
Chilled tundra flesh
Timid breaths
Inclined emotions
Cold stranger, nothing more.

Jan 4, 2014

i find myself
in my room
staring through everything
thinking about nothing
feeling my ambitions fall
farther and farther
from my sanity
I have thought about death
so dark
so infinite
its unknown
maybe that's what interests me
this self indulgent lifestyle
keeps draining my will
wish i didn't have these regrets
the difference between wants and needs
within your head
its all bullshit
you're a fake
a nothing
just a plug
just a fucking bag of meat
standing still in the left lane of a crowd
you're a self destructive
no confidence having
look at you, not even a bit of creativity
just this
a self pity
bullshit writing
with no point, no purpose
you are not what you thought you would become
and you need to realize that

Jason Cirkovic
Jason Cirkovic
Nov 16, 2014      Nov 16, 2014

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
It’s the noise
That people described
When they were huddled
Around the campfires
Telling ghost stories
Back in the day
When the ground was soaking dry
And the tank top filled days
Ricocheted off of the boys
Chasing Bigfoot thought the cornfields.
The reflection of innocence
Left my mind
When reality kissed me
With her cigarette filled breath.
Leaving me
Flaking away
From the radiant skin
That brushed off the cornfields.

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
It sounds like my friends
Moving away
From the innocence
And transferring
To the school
Of harsh expectations.
They were forced
To take daily vitamins
Consisting of impractical expectations
Left by the people
Who said that they just couldn't do it.
You see,
My friends didn't follow the boy scout honor,
They left traces of themselves
Behind the cracks of my skull.

The snow makes this humming noise
Can you hear it?
Its sounds like the snow
Is giving a close shave
To the power lines
That crackle with apprehension.
I walk about the desserted Ice cream
That has foamed over the cornfields.
My feet seem to stick
To the people who wants me
To be just like my brother,
Whenever I creep
Through the creek of snow,
I get trapped by the vacant wasteland
All I can do is wait
For I am waiting for jack frost
to suck up my last breaths.
Crushing my soul
With the rhythm
of this humming noise
The snow makes.

Mar 23, 2012

bathed in a salmon glow
only the trees saw us

(c) Brooke Otto
snow flake
Jun 22, 2011

You came and you scooped me right off my feet.
Told me you loved me, not missing a beat

We'd say it was special and that they had no clue.
Said it'd last forever, but who ever knew?

You loved me the first, so new and exciting.
And then the love drugged us and turned us to fighting.

I was too blind to see, your love shined so bright.
How could rays of poison burn so damn right?

The whole time inside, I knew nothing lasts.
Just went with the ride, it ended so fast.

You now have convinced me, true love isn't real.
Just something to teach us how to really feel.

Everything's okay now, no love but no hate.
And what happens in the end is left up to fate.

snow flake
Oct 1, 2011

Fuck it move on, you know that he's gone
Get a new life, forget about your "home"
It was a fairytale that had no end
Not real enough to ever begin
Close your eyes, and take this pill
What will happen is so unreal
The haunted memories will be erased
Never again will you see his face
Your life will go back to before yall met
No love for you, its time to forget

snow flake
Aug 7, 2011

Why am I living in this hell?
This smile is fake, they all can tell.
You don't care, as im fighting for you
until the day comes that i am finally threw.
Then you'll say sorry with pain filled eyes
as im giving you my  last goodbye.
As a week girl, theres not much I can take
Until Im on my knees crying with a shake.
I don't want to let go, just want to mean more
to the guy that I'm letting go of everything for.
Your love for me is fading and i dont know why
it just makes me want to give up and cry.
I want him in my arms but he couldnt care less
About the things I do to give him my best.
All I want is for you to care
Not tell but show me you will always be there
not just because I want it to be true.
But I want you to feel the same as I do for you.

I prefer to take my leave before the magic does.

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