The kind of flakes which catch your eyelashes and make you blink.
Obnoxious yet beautiful things.
The dragonflies of a December night on an April day.
Yet as close as we are now to May,
There's no delight in dragonflies of frosted ice.
You catch my eye,
And land upon my windshield just to be scraped away.
Goodbye spring day,
Let us welcome back the winters bite of a dragonfly,
Which flew away.


#snow   #fly   #dragon   #scribbles   #sean   #flakes  
Miss E R
Miss E R
May 21, 2014

Pearl flakes, delicate shards scatter,
shatter. Woven silently, heavily softly, slowly, wafting. Swirling into sparkling sundials.

#sun   #shatter   #nature   #ice   #winter   #cold   #weather   #delicate   #shards   #pearl   #flakes   #sparkling   #scatter   #snowl  
Dark Jewel
Dark Jewel
May 3, 2014

The wonderland of snow,
So bright and shining.
Tis more beautiful,
Than the green.

Ice flakes fall,
From the grey sky.
Purifying the ground.
Of Ice.

Winter Wonderland,
So beautiful and unyielding.
Tis so bright.
For the gorgeous eye,
To seek.

#ice   #winter   #wonderland   #snow   #bright   #shining   #snowflakes   #flakes  
Mar 23, 2012

bathed in a salmon glow
only the trees saw us

(c) Brooke Otto
a snow flake that so sharp it can be killing
lina S
lina S
Apr 13, 2015

Ice cold
Rare like gold
Beautiful . . .

Iced water dripping

Don't let your tears flood

you're iced water that's dripping

a snow flake that so sharp it can be killing

snow flakes
snow flakes
snow flakes

you won't let the tears flood

iced water dripping

so sharp it could be killing

and when will you flake
Christian Tae OConnell

how many steps must I take
joints grind and bones to break
this is for your sake
regrets follow in my wake
your face and smile fake
poker table I'm the rake
Nicki, Kanye and Drake
like filligry on my cake
like edgewater on a lake
real estaste will always make
dem big booties shake
to make the earth quake
and when will you flake
and make my heart break
It's then I realize you're my only mistake

#break   #mistake   #make   #cake   #shake   #flake   #quake  
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