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Keith Collard is an American writer much to the anger of others.

Gemini well after I die.

Keith Collard is an American writer much to the anger of others.

Gemini well after I die.


Come join me, young ladies,
I am a prince, tall, dark, and handsome,
shouldn't you be able to dance,
dancing like the candelabra,
in my mighty fine mansion,
and my gorgeous girls,
unlike his, my mansion is tall dark and handsome,
the feather will be out of your hand,
dusting and sweeping shall be dancing,
no more waiting,
you will have waiters answering,
yet they shall be silent,
for you have the tongue,
revenge for all that sweeping and dusting,
taking you from sleeping and lusting,
my mansion will babysit,
and give your children instruction,
you deserve leisure,
and so shall your reflection,
be slender as the curtains gusting,
mansion mirrors will be your husband,
you shall hold your husband ransom,
make him jealous of my tall dark and handsome mansion.
here your dresses will always fit you,
empty shadows will sit and dip you,
your echo's will gossip for your seduction,
and I will babysit,
tis my duty, to give your children instruction.
and when I have your babies,
no need to be ladies,
mock the waiters, drink wine,
the candlelight-- become hazy
" More wine my lady?"
" So cute and so shady."

but I warn, if you go to the balustrade,
by chance,
no moon, no day,
for the sun does not dance,
and the moon has a cratered face,
leave the balcony, return inside,
for drinking and dancing,
you will have control,
and only waiters will be answering,
forever in my tall, dark, and handsome mansion.

I can hang out with the men,
my skin, like theirs, can stretch and bend.
and assume its original form,
but only after something from me is torn,
I can get gritty with the boys,
they make better friends,
I love how their bodies always mend,
and the more they stretch,
the more they are a friend.--
But when they return,
to their other size,
no longer a boy, I am in their eyes,
my jokes do not reach their ears,
even tho I have stretched,
I am not one of the "guys."
Then, one will bend,
and laugh at my jokes again,
but now I know,
that I am not as flexible as them,
I am only quiet after the stretch,
as they laugh,
but I don't have my body back,
I can get gritty with the boys,
my true friends,
but only when they stretch they bend.

Did the Pax Americana,
come and go,
is her statue, made of ice and snow.
do I see her, in the fire, and now I don't.
Pax Americana, I hear her, as I go deaf,
I feel you,
as red decorates slowly, through my vest.

I am with you, in a tiny-- but vast land--
yet still on my back,
watching sweat pick up crystal sand,
your dune has no debris that I see.
Mid this blackened road--shining so beautifully,

My Lady of Pax, my lady of last laughs,
that came from the briefing,
my lady of things you want to last,
Yet you stay , now that I am bleeding.

Lady Peace,  just like a goodnight kiss,
in respite, you exist,
this war, all I've seen is their pretty olive eyes,
and you are their lips.
you are here now, as eternal momentary bliss.

In Robert Frost's, poem, he says from desire, the world can end in fire, but the Frost holds with ice, "and ice can suffice," from what Ive seen.... of the orange lime tasting amphetamine, the world can end in adderal's sexy steam, but like Frost, I hold with ice, zombies sleep face down in heroin's cold saltwater streams, orange and blue, two wings of the beast, fire and ice in the bloodstream, fire gets what it desires, but ice never tires.....can the au natural hero contend in the end, against these, fighting the minatour in hell labyrinthine, the answer is yes, from the undersized hero of ancient Greece.

Keith Collard
Keith Collard
Apr 26      Apr 27

Blue hills "which way?,"
path pines, form sunset gate.
Blue hills " I love you babe"
Titan pines without sway,
Light from sky trapped in titan height,
the height of light fights the sunset gate,
Blue horizon " I love you babe."

Go my husband, show the Romans how to die.

Poison will slip thru my lips,
As the gladeus slips your spine.

Go my love, give the Romans something to write,
Inhale the smoke, from the sacred Athenian grove,
The invaders burn, where we were pronounced man and wife.

Go my husband, show their might ~love is Etruscan,
That once ruled their tribe,
Look, the Roman General already wants a Greek wife.
And wants to spare your life,

Go...Show them how to die,
Our love will make their spears sigh,
After defeat,
They run into their own swords, held by their trusted centurion chest high.
After defeat,
We run into each others arms,
For the last kiss on this side,
The enemy can know,
We gaze forever into eachother with death's unblinking eyes,
Go my love, show them what we value in life,
Preparing for the last tragic nuptial,  
To find each other through the dark death night.

In the glaze,
of a lover's gaze,
in the iris,
I see the virus,
a petri floatin in a dilate haze,
Those dishes, are so delicious,
For my dna is nutritious,
But is love so viral,
As to absorb my spiral,
Rewrite in a different way,
Would  those dishes,
Still command my kisses,
If I chose to love,
At a distance,
Is love only a charming virus,
Do I have to be absorbed,
And be rewritten,
Cannot we be lovers,
Stenciled on  Grecian dishes,
Almost and never to touch,
Preserving love,
Forever smitten.

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