**Batman**, the one who creeps in the dark
Britty Bruce
Britty Bruce
Jan 8, 2015

His signal shines up in the sky.
It always seems like he can fly.
He is my favorite hero!!
With him around, crimes go down to zero!!
Batman, the one who creeps in the dark
If your bad enough he'll eat your Heart.

Ajani Akono
Ajani Akono
Sep 9, 2014

I can't stand to sulk,
Batmen never grieve.
Kids are born to avenge,
Cowards to their knees.
He's totally absurd in his bat cape and cowl,
Wonders why the Joker laughs last so loud.
Then it got easier to train conrades like me.

Inspired by the song: Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
#lonely   #black   #knight   #is   #goth   #batman  
Like superman to your batman
Just Melz
Just Melz
Jun 3, 2014

Like superman to your batman
I actually got power
Power with ink,  
Power with flow
Don't even blink
I'll make your mind blow

Like my cape to your batmobile
How does it feel?
Knowing I can fly,  
You just spinning your wheels
Throwing around money
While I'm saving the world

Like my Lois Lane to your Robin
I'll actually get the guy
You sitting there cryin
Cause money don't but happiness
Neither does fame
Just writing what I feel
And you'll never be the same

My Clark Kent to your Bruce Wayne
Might as well just give up
Cause you'll never be me
I'm just made of stronger stuff
Its the end of the line
Especially for you
Maybe it's time
To figure out what else you can do...

Was a poetry challenge to write about a superhero,  this is what I came up with.  Tell me what you think?
#rap   #awesome   #batman   #heroes   #superman  
Now thinking of Batman to come and rescue me
Arlo Disarray
Arlo Disarray
May 9, 2015

I've been sleepless for ten days, my head's tearing at the seams
There's too much inside my brain from the many built up dreams
As the seams break one by one, all the darkness starts to seep
All the nightmares in my mind are now loose on every street

Dreams all running rampant and destroying all the Towns
Zombie dogs, giant potato bugs and lots of sexy clowns
My dreams are all disgusting, and I want to run away
But I guess the right thing to do here is try to save the day

Now thinking of Batman to come and rescue me
Hiding so that the nightmares couldn't still view me
But watching Batman battle was turning me right on
So I had to dream of sex toys, until the urge was gone

And as Batman finally wins the fight
He sticks my dreams back in my head, tight
And he asks "Anything else I can do?"
Getting turned on again, I then replied "I'd like to do you"

After sex with the bat, I felt so much better
When suddenly Batman was in Freddy Krueger's sweater
"I'm just way too tired." the next words I spoke
When I opened my eyelids, and then I awoke
I thought it was real, but it was all a hoax

#dreams   #weird   #nightmares   #creepy   #batman   #freddy  
Jan 6, 2015

Doubt is the lonely father of fear
Not a clad caped hero
Waiting to swoop in
And save the day
But a two faced killer clown
Wearing crappy crocs
With electric joy buzzer shocks
Sending surges through your veins
Sending urges that drive you insane
It may be in reason
It may be in season
But the summer heat
Can burn your feet
Under the fire of fire
Place you in stasis
As you wait to find were your space is
Letting others tell you were your place is
While they race to chase
A better life
Doubt can be better than blind
You just have to watch out
For the dangerous side of doubt
Turn detective to fix the defective
And Steer clear of the fear
That disparages hope and reason

#metaphor   #fear   #doubt   #batman   #dc   #comic  
But I'd hoped I could be the Batman to your Joker
Arlo Disarray
Arlo Disarray
Feb 22, 2015

I know that you think I'm just mediocre
But I'd hoped I could be the Batman to your Joker
You've broken me down to make me feel like mud
Stained my life's skin when you spilled all its blood

I've sat by the clock of this world as it ticks
Simply waiting and fading as you make me sick
And I know I'm no hero, but I can pretend
I've nothing to offer but words from my pen

So why do I bother? I know I won't win
I don't have a clue where I'd even begin
So I just cut my spine out and gave it to you
When you planted it in the ground, what kind of plant grew?
I hope that you got to see something brand new
Something so strange, did your mind go askew?

It's fine if you think that I'm nothing but dirt
Your pathetic attempts to be cruel do not hurt
I'm stronger than coal that's been crushed into diamonds
I'm larger than mountains, there's no need to climb them

I've caught all the stars and I've swallowed the moon
I've danced with the sun and flown with stray balloons
I've cried tears of seas and I've swum with the sharks
Collecting the lights of life, creating the dark

#love   #life   #pain   #lost   #hurt   #strange   #weird   #crazy   #batman  
Batman got on my nerves
Wesley Willis
Jan 24, 2014

Batman got on my nerves
He was running me amok
He ridiculed me calling me a bum

I wupped Batman's ass
I wupped Batman's ass
I wupped Batman's ass
I wupped Batman's ass
I wupped Batman's ass
I wupped Batman's ass

Batman thought he was bad
He was a fucking asshole in the first place
He got knocked to the floor

I wupped Batman's ass (5x)

Batman beat the hell out of me and knocked me to the floor
I got back up and knocked him to the floor
He was being such a jackoff

I wupped Batman's ass (11x)

The world needs Batman.
Thomas Newlove
Thomas Newlove
Oct 8, 2016

The world needs a hero.
Someone who can steer us
In the right direction.

The world is fucked,
Out of luck, divided by factions,
Borders, rules, laws and orders,
Created by selfish fucks.
Dirty politicians.
Men who treat human beings like fractions. Corrupt.
The kind of over-the-top villains you read about in comic books.
Or maybe it came to be by the Almighty all-seeing fuck.
Another dastardly, bastard who is as ridiculous as he sounds or the world looks.
Who decides who lives or dies like a dictator murdering for sport or kicks.
He (because it's always a "he") picks which child kicks the bucket
And which rich, white man gets the luck.

The world needs Batman.
Not a bad man with a bad plan
To rid the world of different colours, customs, looks.
We don't need several bland, blonde shades of white.
We need the Dark Knight.
Someone to fight and rid the Joker from his rise.
Someone to take back what was taken, what they took.
Bad jokes everyday that make you choke
On the water that you suck as you watch the morning news.
A fish dangling on the media's hook.
You can't breathe but contradictorily you can't help but be amused
At the crazy things he's said or done.
The media controls our mind, our thoughts.
We've been bought by the capitalist system that we took
To be our salvation.
We need to look forward as one world, one nation
And fix all the massive cracks and little nooks.
And pray that when it's time he doesn't win.
And pray that the Earth doesn't reject it's kin,
By punishing the people who did it wrong.
We need to learn from our perpetual mistake song
And act before the world dies
When big business lies, and the waters rise,
And we continue to drive and live off burgers and meat pies.

We need a hero who can fix the mess
Who looks like Christian Bale or Adam West,
Who can fight for human rights and save the day,
And still have time for dinner by candlelight
With ladies without groping them for kicks
For not all men exclusively think with their dicks.
Just the ones with big egos, small brains and smaller pricks.

So we need action, we need a plan!
Some way to finally stick it to the Man.
A way to fix environmental disaster,
A way to feed the starving and the masses
Without death and destruction fattening our asses
And eating up the planet on a platter.
We need to find a way to cure disease
And stop the greedy, bring them to their knees
And act to put our collective minds at ease.

So what's my grand suggestion for this plan?
When you vote, you vote with what feels right
Not what's comfortable or written on a t-shirt -
At first it could be difficult and may hurt,
But it's essential for the future to be bright.
Look to the skies at every possible night,
And give the stars and clouds a thorough scan,
And when you find that eerie, striking, stark light
That issues the coming of a dark knight
Make sure you give your vote to Batman.

Bit of a rough beat-poem. I got the idea from a tweet that said: "Clowns terrorising the street. A real life billionaire villain running for president. We need you Batman"
Mr. Batman
stone bear
stone bear
May 5, 2016

Mr. Batman
I need your help,
see, I'm awfully
afraid of the dark.

Mr. Batman
pick up your bat phone,
I need to hear your voice,
I long to hear home.

Mr. Batman
Please get here as fast as you can
Before I'm defeated by
mister sand man

He's trying to force me to sleep
living in his wildest dreams.
But his wishes, i dare not speak.
My heart, Mr. Batman
Is only yours too keep.

Mr. Batman
Send me where I long to go,
do you think i can defeat
my greatest foe?

Mr. Batman,
I'm only a girl.
About my dream?
it's under your wing
where my body wishes to curl.

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