I can't stand to sulk,
Batmen never grieve.
Kids are born to avenge,
Cowards to their knees.
He's totally absurd in his bat cape and cowl,
Wonders why the Joker laughs last so loud.
Then it got easier to train conrades like me.

Inspired by the song: Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
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Like superman to your batman
Just Melz

Like superman to your batman
I actually got power
Power with ink,  
Power with flow
Don't even blink
I'll make your mind blow

Like my cape to your batmobile
How does it feel?
Knowing I can fly,  
You just spinning your wheels
Throwing around money
While I'm saving the world

Like my Lois Lane to your Robin
I'll actually get the guy
You sitting there cryin
Cause money don't but happiness
Neither does fame
Just writing what I feel
And you'll never be the same

My Clark Kent to your Bruce Wayne
Might as well just give up
Cause you'll never be me
I'm just made of stronger stuff
Its the end of the line
Especially for you
Maybe it's time
To figure out what else you can do...

Was a poetry challenge to write about a superhero,  this is what I came up with.  Tell me what you think?
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May 2      May 2

Shadow Walking
Hard Love
Broken Lover
Dark Knight
Deep Curious Eyes
Strong Willed
Hard Headed


~ ♥~>Batman<~♥ ~
2 days ago

Merlin and the land of hope
Where dark nights shine
With shield at hand
Enchanted by the evil Morgan
With all his might
Walking in light
The Excalibur
Saving Camelot by night

Watching the green arrow and batman
Taking down the fey
Shane Carmichael
Shane Carmichael
Jul 24, 2012

It’s simple... isn’t it?
The way it was supposed to be, right?
Following protocol and finishing orders.

Let’s break the rules.
Let’s be different.
Let’s stop living in everyone else’s eyes

and be us.

You catch on quickly, dear.  
Glad I found someone who likes to break the rules just as much as I do.

I'm batman I'm batman,
Taco Wizard

I'm batman I'm batman,
I'll eat all ur food.
I'm batman I'm batman,
I'm addicted to bewbs.
I'm batman I'm batman,
I'm the caped crusader.
I'm related to Darth Vader.
I'm batman I'm batman,
my parents are dead.
on my free time, I like to watch Fred.
I'm batman I'm batman,
I never kill people.
I'm batman I'm batman,
I like to bang Rachel.
I'm batman I'm batman,
Harvey Dent sucks.
The Penguin is more like a screwed-up duck.
I'm batman I'm batman,
The Joker sucks too.
He wears too much makeup,
and he always takes shrooms.
I'm batman I'm batman,
I am the best,
so give that "no super power" crap a rest.

Hey, so, I love you.
Do you love me too?
If so, respond promptly.
I'll wait patiently.
If no, run fast.
I'll still catch your sorry ass.

L is for like.
O is for one of a kind.
V is for very important.
E is for exquisite.
My heart is filled with L.O.V.E,
Help me protect it.

I'm waiting,
Waiting to be judged?
Waiting to be loved?
I just don't know...

Me, why me?
What have I done to deserve this?
Nothing! Nothing at all!
So, why me still?..

Nothing to do here.
I hate this, just stop.
Just put me out of my misery...

I miss you.
I'm sorry that I do...
I can't help it though.
I just seem to reap anything I sew.
All I can do is wait here.
While I shed my tears...
I love you so much.
Your words, they feel like cuts.

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