Sitting here,  I wonder
Maybe we aren't so different
Maybe there is good in you
After all.

My faith it grows,
Just a drop,
But enough for me to
Escape my small shell of hatred.

But just like that
My drop evaporates
And I am stuck
Back in my shell again.

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The turtle comes with its shell. It's not two. It'
abyjyt jn

The turtle comes with its shell. It's not two. It's one.

Is turtle
Nestor David Armas
Nestor David Armas
Jan 19, 2013

My love
Is turtle
From my heart
To yours,
Your judgement
Is rabbit
From your eyes
To my face,
And I can't
Shell out
The clarity
Any faster
Before your
Dumb lucky foot
Will trip you up
Won't you pause
Let me catch up
And touch you
Slowly but surely
Bring you round
And sit by me,
Glad you lost the race
Before I ambled out
Of your life forever
And you would have been
Left in your hole of regret...
APAD13 018 - © okpoet

imself for seeing so much in a helpless turtle.
Kennedy Reyanne
Kennedy Reyanne
Jun 1, 2012

Reptilian claws are weak, not strong
can't grip the blue plastic walls
can't climb out, transcend the processed prison.
I watch.
Intently refusing to help
snickering at the way it tries.
It works and slaves and labors so pathetically
attempting to latch its nails onto the single
I'm watching and laughing and
silently slicing open my skull.
I am the vile thing
A high maintenance reptile
drowning in an inch of water.
I'm the soft skinned scaly creature
bashing it's head
time time time again.
We don't learn when we fall,
don't refrain from cracking our useless skulls
although we still feel the sting of the first crack
and reach up once more to make ourselves into another failure.
Claws won't catch.
Plastic remains invincible.
And always a man stands cackling at our efforts
shadowing our buckets of freshwater
and murdering himself for seeing so much in a helpless turtle.

I see a Turtle swiming near.
Sandra Gibbons
Sandra Gibbons
Jul 10, 2011

I had cried a sea of tears
And began to drown.

Trashing out, Unheard screams
Bubbles filled my lungs.

I long for safety and a home
Not this empty black cavern thats sinking very near.

I look up out of desparation
far above my  pain.

And then black tears turn purple,
I see a Turtle swiming near.

The sea Turtle I've always wanted
I realse all my fear.

I float upward crowned in a bubbling glow
My sea Turtle loves my bubbles.

And away we go.

Bryce Bartelt
Dec 5, 2011

My claws dig into the damp sand
I twist my head and eye you down
This is my piece of putrid land
A place that my offspring will be around

My shell is my only true salvation
Allowing me to hide in plain sight
Not having to worry about isolation
Or moving at the speed of light

My jaw can keep me out of distress
It is the one true weapon I need
I am left with no one to impress
My attitude stems from eating devil’s weed

My prey is usually already dead
But I am also a very skilled seeker
I can always survive on an oyster bed
Because there is nothing weaker

slow turtle slow, the hare did not necessarily win
matthew kus
matthew kus
Jan 2, 2012

picture taking souls escaping click shutter click
times a wasting
2 make haste a makin'
slow turtle slow, the hare did not necessarily win the racin'
its the haste he was makin' that slowd the pace he was pacin'
go turtle go steady as she goes
with er' ribbons an bows
time grows an grows
with er' ribbons an bows

Christos Andreas Kourtis
Christos Andreas Kourtis
Jan 7      Jan 8

On a moonlit night on a deserted beach
these ocean wonders destination have reached
they come ashore in hundreds strong
to lay their eggs where they were born
lumbering slowly through fine sand
on this tropical beach in a distant land
deposited with care, buried entombed
growing in darkness for many a moon.

When they hatch to the surface they will have to fight
the dash to the sea will not be the end of their plight
gulls wait on the buffering sea breeze looking for earth sign
as lizards petrol the coast for they also want their fill and dine
In a miracle of nature most hatch together
little legs bounding this gauntlet hell to leather
with the relentless bombardment from the air
and ravenous reptilian foes almost everywhere.

Many will die on their first fatal day
yet some will cheat death and get away
good luck dear turtles
I will remember thee
to home dear turtles
your domain the Sea.

By Christos Andreas Kourtis aka NeonSolaris

He'd turtle slap ya
Michael W Noland
Michael W Noland
Jun 22, 2013      Jun 23, 2013

Timmy the tortoise shell
Lived a tortured hell
When he fell
And cracked his shell

As Timmy tortoise
Had a timid soul
That would spill
From the cracks
And stack in tow

But Timmy was a loner

Quick to snatch
Closed the traps
Of deviants and attackers
With his snapper

Even happier
He'd turtle slap ya

But Tim's dapper days
Were done

He was a flapper in the scum
Of an overly populated pond

Technologicalcated and wrong

And it tinied t
Under its beams
Of ruining

Until he

Was gone

in the pond there is a key
beneath the thoughts
above emotion
somewhere among the golden leaves
are colors living threw symphonies
the sounds of nature
earth star
the pulling from the love
intention is divine
to spread the light
with this life of mine

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