Watch as your **Cardboard Hell**
Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 20, 2014      Nov 21, 2014

You can come back all you like,
but I'm n e v e r going back
to the cage you locked me in
so long ago
So long ago.

I r a g e d for so long,
deep, down below
my own rendered skin.
A hole in my soul
where I didn't belong,
and I had no control.

Infernal infernos in my heart
and assumed so soon that doom
and I were sealed in a tomb.
I was made to fight the blight,
and before long
I tore the cage apart.

I c l a w e d my way
up from sin scorched
d e p t h s.
A special hellish maze
where the walls were forged
from my flesh
you left fraught with flak.

In time I mended
my bad blood and brain--
siphoned out the strain that s t a i n e d
all my good graces,
and wiped the shame from my face.
I was so much stronger,
all thanks to a parasite
behind the guise of a monster.

But now I'm at the crossroads
and the skies turn black.
You're staring me
d o w n,
but I won't stand for attack
because this place of grace
is hallowed.

Put up all your walls
once more with such callousness.
Wickedness befalls your face,
but that's no surprise
because I see with purged eyes.
Not even a glance--
you don't stand a chance.

A prison of pretense,
and the walls s-s-s h a k e in the breeze.
Control is disillusioned
and you're under delusion.
With my will set free
I unleash scorn and spleen
upon this sad strive
to shackle my soul.

Watch as your Cardboard Hell
comes crumbling down
as it all goes up in flames
I'm not the man that I was,
and you've lost your crown.
Hell and Heartbreak--
the one and the same,
but now I'm the one watching
as you're locked in a cell.

This poem is a departure from my usual, rigidly structured poetry. I owe it's creation to The Girl Who Loved Yous's urging to loosen up! Thank you :)
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he made do with cardboard
Sonja Benskin Mesher

will not do, really,
it may have to be wood,
from ikea
after all.

he made do with cardboard
boxes, sticky tape
for sound,
another room.

i have news of mrs ciano,
looking well, in the old hotel.

i cannot get there
to see her.



It's still just cardboard world,
Micah Alex

The day I put a mirror to my heart, To find out who I really was,
This world didn't change me, it didn't burn me with its flame,
No! I gave in to it, And once again I had no one else blame.

By now most of you know now,
This is your story too,
And no matter how much we draw and paint it red, green and blue,
We just can't fake it anymore.
It's still just cardboard world,
Yearning to be burnt down.

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Nov 30, 2013

Some things words will not say
unusual is the subtle
speechless man
is the sound of life
Not unfortunate.
Who says
bleak moons turning sons to sun
all before 0600
is a good thing.

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Jan 14, 2014

Strung out and pressed
Horse shit force fed
Crowds putting jockeys
on pedestals
Slit wrist attention
for the edible icon
No better view

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Oct 27, 2012

I have crushed bugs.
Not for science.
No need for class or placement.
What makes better?
What is broken?
Right and wrong,
left and leaving.
In the palm of your hand.
and waiting.
To cross territory uncharted.
Clawing at the what if!
Clawing and waiting
To be squished.

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Oct 24, 2012      Oct 26, 2012

There is sickness.
Subtle insecurity in the tallest tree.
Pride in roots that try
and wont break
Stabbed propped up
behind the kindest
smile trying the hardest.
Men leaving nothing
in death but souls.
Cliche communications
speaking in color.
Gray paths never make sense.
And death is
but not without life.
There is sickness.
Curving straight lines
trying to make
a point.

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Oct 25, 2012

The kids chemically induced
Reduced to ego threnody.

Amidst chaos he possessed influence.
Would disregard coincidence
And curse at the omnipotent.
Known as lonely pessimist
Could laugh at their own ignorance.
Pops was drunk.
Waved goodbye
to any kind of innocence.
Sunk below the sediment.
If humans could be celibate
This death would have ended it
Instead of only him.

Cardboard Grey
Cardboard Grey
Oct 26, 2012

Picture pecan.
Plastering, painted prints.

Languid Leaves.
Listless, lethargic lives.

Sacrificed scenery.
Shattered, struggling space.

Beauty dies
This time of year.

Defense of cardboard castle,
Anand Acharya
Anand Acharya
Sep 25, 2014

Unicorns in the cloud
Pug marks upon sand.
Fleets of paper ships,
Flooding down the drain.

Canvas at the crystal
Wooden swords on grass.
Defense of cardboard castle,
And things that do not last.

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