Watch as your **Cardboard Hell**
Frank Ruland
Frank Ruland
Nov 20, 2014

You can come back all you like,
but I'm n e v e r going back
to the cage you locked me in
so long ago
So long ago.

I r a g e d for so long,
deep, down below
my own rendered skin.
A hole in my soul
where I didn't belong,
and I had no control.

Infernal infernos in my heart
and assumed so soon that doom
and I were sealed in a tomb.
I was made to fight the blight,
and before long
I tore the cage apart.

I c l a w e d my way
up from sin scorched
d e p t h s.
A special hellish maze
where the walls were forged
from my flesh
you left fraught with flak.

In time I mended
my bad blood and brain--
siphoned out the strain that s t a i n e d
all my good graces,
and wiped the shame from my face.
I was so much stronger,
all thanks to a parasite
behind the guise of a monster.

But now I'm at the crossroads
and the skies turn black.
You're staring me
d o w n,
but I won't stand for attack
because this place of grace
is hallowed.

Put up all your walls
once more with such callousness.
Wickedness befalls your face,
but that's no surprise
because I see with purged eyes.
Not even a glance--
you don't stand a chance.

A prison of pretense,
and the walls s-s-s h a k e in the breeze.
Control is disillusioned
and you're under delusion.
With my will set free
I unleash scorn and spleen
upon this sad strive
to shackle my soul.

Watch as your Cardboard Hell
comes crumbling down
as it all goes up in flames
I'm not the man that I was,
and you've lost your crown.
Hell and Heartbreak--
the one and the same,
but now I'm the one watching
as you're locked in a cell.

This poem is a departure from my usual, rigidly structured poetry. I owe it's creation to The Girl Who Loved Yous's urging to loosen up! Thank you :)
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My cardboard chin and cardboard nose, cardboard hand
Matthew Reese
Matthew Reese
Apr 10, 2016

Recognise me?
You can't have forgotten?

My cardboard chin and cardboard nose, cardboard hands and cardboard toes. Eyes drawn on with Biro pens, even though it makes no sense. Smile strung up from ear to ear, if only I was the puppeteer.

Remember that day when it rained till noon? When you told me you wouldn't be back anytime soon? Its been almost a year and its rained endlessly, do you know what happens to cardboard eventually?

Left in the rain for too long, it begins to collapse. Its not cardboard any more but just a pile of wet scraps. The strings have snapped and the ink's started to run. I wonder to myself if I'll ever again see the sun.

So if you don't recognise me then that's probably why. 'Cause the rain changed who I was, when you fled back into the sky.


#rain   #boy   #ink   #forgotten   #cardboard  
Your cardboard crown would
Aug 25, 2016

I wish I could draw
I wish I could accurately portray
You sitting upon your high horse
Acting mighty and royal
But your horse's legs are stilts
That were precariously built
And they will crumble underneath
My touch

You nose would be in the air
Your cardboard crown would
Be falling down
And I would be standing at the base
Waiting for your fall
That is coming whether you see it
Or not.

Written back in August 2015
We're two one-sided cardboard pieces
Aug 28, 2014

We're two one-sided cardboard pieces
Segments of a cloudy sky
It looks like we would fit together
But we won't
But we try.
But we try.

Kevin Kurt Nepomuceno

I remember
a time when
cities were made
of nothing but Legos
and one's imagination.

even now
I can't help
but wish harder
that the cities we walk
were still made of that stuff.

took us miles,
and paper planes
really did bring us flight.

I ask;
don't let
your imagination
fall into stagnation,
like a Lego block
that gathers

#time   #paper   #wishes   #innocence   #childhood   #children   #cities   #lego   #cardboard   #legos  
He's buried in the cardboard box
John F McCullagh
John F McCullagh
Jun 2, 2012

Lawrence Davis was a veteran
who died without a next of kin.
He's buried in the cardboard box
That the V.A. shipped him in.

Being dead, he cannot tell
cardboard from Mahogany.
We, the living, take offense
at the insult to this man's dignity.

Some men lie still in foreign fields.
Some sailors sleep beneath the waves.
Larry got a cardboard box
from a 'grateful' nation he helped to save.

World War II veteran buried by the V.A. in a cardboard Box in Florida
I slip on my cardboard
Dane Perczak
Dane Perczak
Mar 10, 2014

I slip on my cardboard
shoes, and slide
out of my
cardboard box
I walk
to the same corner
and hold that cardboard

I watch
car after car
after car
after car

I am the master
of closed windows
and straight
awkward posture

I'm the problem
that isn't there
because you ignore it

I'm thankful for my long
nails to pick
sticky ashtray change
off the pavement

I put the change
in a small
cardboard jar
I found behind a warehouse

It's a very nice jar
it hold things together well
it is well crafted


it is no glass jar
or diamond
or gold
but a jar just the same

and someone threw it

Defense of cardboard castle,
Anand Acharya
Anand Acharya
Sep 25, 2014

Unicorns in the cloud
Pug marks upon sand.
Fleets of paper ships,
Flooding down the drain.

Canvas at the crystal
Wooden swords on grass.
Defense of cardboard castle,
And things that do not last.

r known,  inside the walls of cardboard.
Katherine Elaine Wisdom

The small Asian child ran through the street to her home in a box.  
The only world she has ever known,  inside the walls of cardboard.
Yet still she smiles and giggles
to her imaginary friends curled up with a stained teddy bear for a pillow and newspapers for a blanket.
Her parents do not know where she lives--both are too busy arguing.
She escapes from what she is told is home and flees to her box mansion on the edge of a field four blocks away.
Home is where the glue is--holding the sides--with an opening at the top showing a view of the stars.
She lies down inside, enjoying the peace and quiet (taking in the cool air and crickets chirping).
She does not worry about tomorrow, no cares for tonight, not even a thought of having to go back to noise and hate the next morning.
She sighs with love for what she has made as she closes her eyes.....
then dreams of adding  an extra room

#home   #silence   #child   #cardboard  
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