Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
11 hours ago

Give me that liquid fire,
which burns my throat
and blurs the edges of my existence.

~~ Drunk on the essence of you. ~~
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Jan 2

Days past before they knew I was really gone. It wasn’t my fault it was hers. She reels you in with her false hopes, I try to ignore them but her whispers morph into eccentric thuds and before you know it you’re drowning.

She Sits in my belly distant yet close. The old tedious Lady hope.“Just give me a chance” she begs I glare at her in disgust. She questions me “Why do you keep me here if you aren’t willing to listen to me?”. I freeze and stare at her. She knows why I won’t let her leave but she just wants to hear it. I refuse to give her the satisfaction. I like to think that I don’t need saving, even if I do.

She keeps her distance and for good reason. She’s an old acquaintance, she isn’t fond of me and nor am I of her yet she doesn’t often leave me. She knows deep down that if it wasn’t for her I would be alone and unprotected.  She whispers words of encouragement and only speaks of optimism. I constantly discard it.
She whispers to me sweetly “you’ll escape you will be someone somewhere”. She tried to escape yesterday so I locked the door. She’s grown tired of me neglecting her.
I pushed her too far and with that she was gone. There I was unprotected. Alone and Vulnerable. Just waiting to be sucked into a whirlpool of my own troubles.

“One day in town at the edge of the world the tide went out and never returned. At first people were little more than puzzled. A desert of unbelievable magnitude was forming before their very eyes”.
It swallowed me whole took me right out into the ocean. We both vanished without a trace. Not a drop to be seen. She had left me for good.

Hope ran away but truth soon replaced her.
Truth was always blunt and never held anything back it made me miss hope. I realised that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone.
Truth would try to manipulate me and play me like a puppet. Truth liked to play God and watch me suffer. I was trapped because with truth came all the lies that had been hiding it. The lies are what hurt the most. Perhaps their intentions were good but the outcome wasn’t.
Waves washed over me attempting to cleanse me, help me, push me up to shore. Hope had returned but she was too late I had already drowned.
People began to notice the empty seat in class and the oceanless beach. The ocean had left and taken me with it. A sudden eruption of panic and despair trembled in their voices as they searched for the ocean and I.
It was for certain that I was gone. A melancholy shadow swept the whole town. Once the adrenalin had left, everyone was overpowered with fear.“They had no choice but to face each other in their loss together and alone”.
Our memory faded quickly, everyone began to grow comfortable and fill in all our ugly holes. It bothers me that I was that easily forgotten then again I didn’t exactly try to make my mark because all I wanted to do was leave. I guess this was just a different way of leaving.

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Runaway Train
Runaway Train
Dec 30, 2016

Yesterday is a waste. Tomorrow is a haste.
Today is all there is, and it's the last of them
I am a lost girl, overlooking dimensionless depths
The sea sings it's subtle songs,
The sky bleeds blues into oranges, reds into purples
And the cirrus clouds streak the sky like scars
Evening embers tinge the edge of existence
Reality retreating into it's final resting place
Tainted flower of fragile fights well fought
A lost girl, staring at the shining sun of sorrow
Knowing full well there is no tomorrow

more news that ain't fit to print by yours truly
Francis Mukiibi
Francis Mukiibi
Dec 18, 2016

They didn't give me a decision,
I get no say, no control,
I'm just their tool,
Their tool for incision.

They know my qualities, my strength,
My body's like steel,
With an edge that could kill,
Don't approach me at arm's length

Or you will get hurt.
But I don't want to hurt you.
I hold too high a virtue
To wish for your place in the dirt.

Alas, I'm not a factor,
I'm just stuck in slavery.
And no matter my bravery,
I can't kill my captor.

#harm   #hate   #death   #trapped   #slave   #kill   #knife   #malice   #edge  
CJ Flynn
CJ Flynn
Nov 19, 2016

Bleeding out that cash

dying to get hacked

Its so cutting edge its gonna cut you

6 months out its been edged out

No longer supported $500  paper weight ain't that  great

Cutting edge just an observation on planned obsolete and on innovation and product growth and development
Nov 16, 2016

I should probably try to
sit comfortably
with the cracks in my heart,
treat them as old friends instead of
horrible villains,
maybe this is the true healing
it's terribly unnerving
settling yourself right on the edge,
mused over the fact
people are allowed to not want you


Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn
Nov 10, 2016

Standing on the edge of a promise,
a promise you said you'd keep;
but whatever happened to you and me?

Standing on the edge of a promise,
feels like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff;
when you didn't keep your promise
you just pushed me off the edge.

#lyrics   #you   #me   #cliff   #promise   #edge  
Nov 8, 2016

She stood beneath the dying sun, with crimson mist
surrounding her at the very edge of the world.

Here she experienced the explosions of pure silence for
the first time, since being born into a world of noise.

She smiled and looked back to see the last burning bridge
destroying everything around it, to later vanish from the surface.

Later the rain will wash away the flaws that remain,
until another bridge magically appears out of the blue.

With a chill kiss from the November wind,
she closed her eyes and jumped.

Her fall broke the silence and the noise
claimed the last corner of stillness.

I had a weird dream, once again.
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Please don't ask about my romantic vision of love
My love is on the brink and edge of your beauty
Let me take your graces in hand my innocent dove
Let us be away from all this rut to be more free

Let my love give you a lovingly fascinating touch
Let us  resonate to celebrate every moment happily
I have never ever seen a beauty like you as such
Be considerate allow beauty on love terms to  agree

My sweetheart real solace of my apprehensive soul
Take my heart in your palm to kiss it and to throw
You know your love is my real mission and my goal
Keep me in  bosom's knot and keep me in eyebrow

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#love   #on   #edge  
O p h e l i a
O p h e l i a
Mar 26, 2016

the moon light above your skin
your edges moving
make my head spin
the taste
the smell
all new
but felt so familiar
like I've been there before
your body
your hair between my fingers
"everything is blue"
but my heart
is crimson like fire

[and my eyes turned black like I'd known all your secrets]

#moon   #blue   #fingers   #skin   #hair   #body   #smell   #taste   #edge   #floating  
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