Beware of falsehoods
That's what the cards told me
Now the curtain is rising
And it's not pretty to see

The bridges are long gone
But the evil still breeds
What's going to happen to us and me?

Where is our Shepherd
When we need him dear?
Isn't there much more to life
Than just blood and tears?

A hot steel rhino
Drowns a city in its screams
What's going to happen to them and me?

The accursed notebook
Earns its stars and stripes
The eagle is grounded
While the magpies take flight

A young grim reaper
Brings his scythe to a sheen
What's going to happen to him and me?

Here lies Jonny Boy
And his fall from grace
All his strings are breaking
And he realizes too late

Forgive me Claudine
For the bitterness I keep
What's going to happen to you and me?

Brains are frying
And hearts are spilled
The more we hurt now
The longer it takes to heal

Have I still a long way
Before I lay down and sleep?
What's going to happen to all and me?

Where are you now, dear Shepherd?
Can you hear me?
Can we save ourselves?

In response to today's bad news including the devastating Westminster Bridge Assault. I've been at my wit's end with everything that's happened in just one day...

Woe for England and the world indeed!
Mar 14

I can't explain what it's about
I'm scared to death irrationally
But reason will not rescue me
There's no fighting this anxiety
I just need to wait it out

#anxiety   #attack   #relapse   #slip  

Do you

Sitting alone

My breath

Throat closed

Eyes quivering

Hands shaking

Muscles tight

Eyebrows furrowed

Nightmares exposed.

Do you

Masuda K
Masuda K
Feb 19

My first e
ver art teacher w
as born on Valen
tine's day.

Can a person die
of a heartbreak? I'
m not sure. Well i
f people did, and if
my beloved teacher
- who was born
on the day and na
med after the sain
t of love - died of a
heartbreak, would
n't it be a paradox?

Dear Lovely HP Poets,

Oh my goodness, my life has been turned a bit upside down of late--my little brother who has stage 4 terminal lung cancer had a massive heart attack yesterday and he nearly died...the doctors in the ER rushed him into surgery and put 3 stents in his arteries to unblock 2 arteries that were 99% blocked and one that was over 50% blocked.

My brother has been having excruciating pain and these horrific attacks for the past several weeks and it turns out that what we thought was his tumor hurting him were probably heart attacks due to the blockages...he's still in the hospital and will be released in a day or two. I'll be taking care of him for awhile and may not get to read your amazing poems as often as I would like, but I'll be back when I know that he is out of the woods.

I have such admiration for my little bro. He refuses to let this cancer or his failing heart take him just yet...he said he's just not ready to go and I'm going to do everything I can to help him stay around as long as his body and mind will allow him to. He is and always has been such a part of my heart... ♥

Please send good vibes and prayers and send me strength. I am beyond exhausted.

and this is my most important message of all:  Please value your health and take good care of *YOU.* Life is too darn short, you know?

With much love,
Pamela ♥♥♥

ps please know how very much I appreciate all of you!!!
#love   #life   #heart   #illness   #cancer   #strength   #attack   #prayers  

In a mind which apparently is my own,
Racing at an unimaginable speed,
Of myself and my own surroundings,
A non-existent part of the day,
Trembling like the finest strings on a guitar,
Like a fish washed upon the shore gasping for some air,
A far-fetched feeling currently not in reach

something small and quick written during my last anxiety attack
#poetry   #short   #anxiety   #mind   #soul   #body   #attack   #simple   #recovery   #mentalhealth  

The blood is drying underneath my nails
And it's dripping off your cheek
While you stare at me in shock
That I would do such a thing

#i   #this   #attack   #angry   #know   #dont   #from   #violent   #where   #came  

I just had my panic attack.
If we are still together,
And I pray that we are,
Thank you for everything.

I just found this in my notebook and I had a panic attack of my own. Memories of you flood in and just destroy me. I hate thinking of you and I hate the fear I feel when you're brought up. That was the worst time of my life. I hate that every day something reminds me of you and I'm brought back into that depression and self hatred I felt. I hate it all.
#ex   #panic   #attack   #abusive  

when the words are hard to express out loud
or other people just can't seem to understand
I write to release all my anger or frustration
grabbing a pen or a sharpened pencil in my hand
leaving smudged lead or wet ink on my finger tips
scribbling jotting down all the thoughts that attack
conquering my mind trying hard to escape my lips
releasing emotions that pull me down or hold me back
the knotted tongue of confusion is loosen now untied
I'm able to climb out from the depths of the dark pit
grabbing Life's sturdy rope that depression tried to hide

V Anne
Dec 24, 2016

I want to forgive you
to have an open heart
and a spirit of generosity.

But that feels nearly impossible.

How can I forgive you
for Facebook Messages
that left me shaking?

How can I forgive you
for denying the assault
and hanging up the phone?

I’ve never felt more grief.
I’m grieving.
I’m in pain.

And it’s hard to forgive
when I still cannot

#love   #pain   #hurt   #forget   #grief   #panic   #attack   #phone   #forgive   #assault  
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