Jul 2, 2016

Be my Clark Kent,
My superhero,
The one who saves me from myself

Be my Joker,
My Partner in crime,
The one who loves my crazy side

Crystal June
Crystal June
Sep 28, 2014

it's not easy being the superhero
in fact
it's hell
because while you're out there
saving the whole goddamn world
who is going to save you?
those selfish bastards need you
but you need them more
and they'll never know
sometimes the superhero
needs saving too

#help   #save   #saving   #superhero  
Mr X
Mr X
May 30, 2014

I always wanted to be a superhero when I was a kid!
Always had a childish craving for it.

I am a superhero.
Saving and defending my ownself.
Coz' during the troubled times,
No one rescues...its just one being ...standing alone, against all odds.

I wish they had given me one chance,
Just one...

Not to be the hero...

Oct 25, 2015

Fight crimes and save lives

With superpowers, one day

Might save the planet!

Megan H
Megan H
Mar 28, 2015

And maybe in the end-
We are all superheroes.
Each of us with a tragic back story
Specific sets of attributes
Some of us fly
Some of us read minds
And maybe some of us-
Are stronger than others,
We all have potential.
I believe the only difference
Between us all is-
Who will stand up,
And fight?

#sad   #life   #fight   #people   #story   #superhero  
Jul 12, 2014

A drawing of a superhero
Done by a fourth grader
Who’s father died in a fire.
He’s standing ten feet tall
With the wind blowing in his hair,
He’s got so many friends
And feels no despair.
All the happy people
They say they love him
And there’s nothing he can do
But just keep going.
But teacher asks a question
And he doesn’t know,
So all the children laugh
At the broken Superhero

#poem   #sad   #youth   #child   #superhero  
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