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I am good at transcription, writing, proofreading and editing.
I am good at transcription, writing, proofreading and editing.

Missed a few steps while climbing up,
only a few,
however still felt in the same way like it use to feel prior.
Still felt a stumble is better than a fall

Paused for a while
Thought for sometime
Then continued towards destination with only one change in mind
One step at a time till the destination is reached upon.

Bottom line remains the same,
never repeat the same old mistake
Never do anything in haste or in rush of blood
Slow and steady wins the race.

Few things have changed while in present
Few still seem to be the same
Present is what will decide how to set priority according to available time.

Never think of an uncertain future while in present in terms of short term gains
Often in life it's learnt from one's own experience that success has got no short cuts and hence only one step at a time.

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As of now everything that comes to mind is apart from what was thought prior
Definitely even after a brief disturbance everything seems to be certain in life with the only exception of future, which remains uncertain.

As of now plans which were been made since long time are laid to rest
Planning takes a back seat as more and more facts get revealed with time that keeps on moving.

Initially what was thought as a possibility now needs to be explored in depth and in detail
Everything is kept on hold, since everything seems uncertain with regards to present and future.
Thoughts of what was planned earlier are kept on hold, since the need of hour is to take the right line of action
By doing so the the next step that needs to be taken can be thought upon and decided correctly and clearly.

Time now to decide upon the right line of action, since need of hour demands the same.
Extreme situations need extreme measures to be taken as facts cannot be ignored and truth will remain firm as it is in it’s place,
as it was prior.

Disturbed by the fact that future is uncertain,
as of now,
peace of mind is the only thing,
which is need of hour.

Desired since long,
desired often,
peace is now,
also is need of hour.

Everything in life comes at a price and hence never take anything for granted even if it seems to be a part of your life because you reap what you sow.
Hence always it's better to have a firm cause behind each and every effort that is made in life while in present.

Definitely if not now,
then later on sometime.
If not in present,
then in future,
definitely success will be a part of your life,
which will make you feel and understand the fact that outside world is a lot different from what was thought of it since prior.

Even if you have decided to remain yourself while in present,
always remember,
keep in mind and follow the same,
never take anything for granted ever again in life.

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If this is something that I want from my life,
if I desire of something like this to be a part of my life,
if I want something like this in my life,
then getting it by using the right way is of prime importance.

When intentions are clean and clear, then future is safe and secured.

Definitely this is not a desire and nor it’s a dream,
it’s more of a wish,
an ambition that has got a firm place in my life as of now in present.

The world is a fast changing place and definitely you are part of the race, once you have decided not to give up in life.

Failure is the first step towards success in life, if you have learnt a lesson from your own mistakes, which were made prior.

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  Feb 27  aniket nikhade
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
Aug 10, 2016

Out the window there,
Beneath the glassy, blue sky,
The white sun bleaches
Everything beneath its rays.
I wither inside.
I die if I venture out.
And yet, my heart yearns,
My soul burns, to see the world.
Mountains, rivers, seas;
Indeed, just to see a tree
I would leave it all.
I would risk the burning sun,
Drop it all and run,
If forests were there for me.
I would endure it,
Knowing that cool springs waited.
My heart climbs mountains
As I answer phone calls here;
My mind explores caves
As I file cash receipts.
I watch mountain lakes
Turn gold with the dying sun
As I read emails.
But some day, I will reach out
And instead of desk,
I will grab my mountain gear;
Some day, my fingers
Will callous and toughen up:
Instead of keyboard,
I'll skip rocks across a creek.
I will do it all,
See all I've wanted to see,
And feel the cool breeze
After climbing the mountains
And fording rivers.
I'll get out of this desk chair
And go explore what's out there.

The heart that beats within me now
Was silent for a while:
Shouldering the guilt of years
And clothed in my denial.

And when, those blurry months ago,
It stirred to life again,
I tried to still my beating heart
The way it was back then.

I should have known, I should have seen
Through my soul's sad disguise;
But ev'ry time I saw the truth
I quickly closed my eyes.

The heartbeat in my shackled chest
Was loud, but I was louder.
Sticking fingers in my ears,
I hummed to quell the doubter.

"Your heart's alive! It beats again!
The fears you loved have faded."
But I felt safe behind the bars
My jailed heart had created.

So, silently, this gentle Trust
That I had never known
Came whisp'ring through to save my heart
Of flesh, and not of stone.

Trust wrapped its arms around me
And lifted up my soul
From depths of blue obscurity
And I gave up control.

I opened up my eyes that day
And though they shone with tears,
The hurting heart inside of me
Felt stronger than those fears.

1-2 Sept 9, 2016 and 3-8 Feb 4, 2017
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A few things in mind,
few important.

A few things planned,
few defind,
decided upon other few

In the meantime also discussed upon something that is important, which needs to be kept in mind.

What remained in mind after doing all this is the importance of time,
really finally it’s time that is important.

Time is important regardless of the fact that most of the time everything needs to be done on time
Experience is gained when efforts are made in the right direction, however, expertise follows later on again explaining the fact that time is important.

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