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I am good at transcription, writing, proofreading and editing.
I am good at transcription, writing, proofreading and editing.
aniket nikhade
aniket nikhade
7 days ago

Never think that something in life will change on it’s own,
since nothing happens on it's own and everything that happens in life has got a reason of it's own.

Never think that something in life will change on it's own
Never does it happen on it’s own
Never did it happen in the past,
nor will it happen again in present.

Life changes according to what you want,
how you want and all that you have got in your mind.
Life changes according to how you have thought, carefully planned and all the things that you have got and done in life.

However, the world outside is a fast changing place
So it’s always better to be who you are,
especially when it comes to dealing with everything in your own life,
which as of now in the present has a concern.

Do what you want,
in doing so always remember,
future will hold the consequences of all the action taken in present.

Desire and dreams will remain in present and also in future, however, over a period of time it’s always realized that future remains uncertain.
An uncertain future has got all the potential capacity to keep the present on hold; however, the same thing is true in case of odds.

The desire to get something done in a certain way must also be followed by the drive to achieve the same
Once the thing that is desired is achieved, then it is realized that the world outside is pretty much different and that life is better than what you had thought prior.

aniket nikhade
aniket nikhade
7 days ago

All of a sudden, out of nowhere something came across the way.
Exactly what this something is,
it’s quite difficult to say.
As of now the present is on hold because of this something.

Difference of opinion leads to conflict of interest
Escalation in conflict leads to war
Always remember never forget the cause.
Go into details of each and everything,
follow the same.

Over a period of time it will be realized,
time and again cause is the only thing that not only remains the same, but is also important and hence in no way there is an escape.

Never forget that you are facing an odd
Never try to evade the same
Over a period of time it will be realized that odds make a way for many more new things in life that can not only be touched, sensed and felt, but those same things can be a part of  life,
making an otherwise routine life very much interesting.

The feeling that something is missing is not only a feeling of loss,
but also an evidence to the fact that something like this also happened in the past.
Past is an experience
Present is what you have
Future uncertain
Desire will always remain in life, irrespective of the fact as to whether it’s past, present or else with regards to the future
The only difference been a change in it’s form and way.

#desire   #loss   #feeling   #only   #missing   #look   #details   #evidence   #keen   #irrespective  

Get everything in it's place before it's too late
Get everything worked out in the present to pave a way for better future
Either ways it's only the present that you have always got with you to make everything happen in the way that you want.

#want   #future   #late   #way   #something   #better   #pave   #ascertained  

Deep inside the mind the same thing tries to find a way out
What else is possible in the present with regards to an uncertain future?
Answer remains the same
Future is somewhat uncertain
Always it’s the present that shapes the future, even if the mind has a desire for something else in an uncertain future.

Failure is a condiment that gives success it's flavor - Truman Capote
#desire   #future   #failure   #success   #deep   #inside   #flavor   #condiment  

Looking into details of each and everything and all that happened in life,
one thing is for sure,
experience gained since prior paves a way for better expertise,
if the desire is for the same with regards to better future.

#life   #mind   #restless   #better   #doubts   #happened   #details   #gained   #resolving   #paves  

Every design that you make has got a future
Planning makes everything possible
Hence it's always important to have intentions in place,
the right intentions with regards to everything that you do in present,
not only for the present,
but also with respect to future

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