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Yumiko Sakata Nov 2017
I get covered from head to toe from the idea of you. Not you the person, but you the person I think you are
Having my imagination run wild, is a dangerous game to play.
Cause once I have the perfect vision in my eyes, it’s difficult for me if it does not come true
A gift and a curse to be such a perfectionist
Yumiko Sakata Mar 2016
They say one always gets attached more than the other.
Does that explain why i always wake up and swear i just heard you calling my name.
They say one loves the other more.
Is love really the reason for the chemical imbalance in my brain, and without it my body is detoxing like a addict off their drug for days??

I guess they were right.
I am not new to this label though, i call these people, myself included, lovers without borders.
Because they have no limit on who  they can love, and nothing stands in their way. Not even if the person they love doesn't return the feelings, they don't mind. As long as the other is happy, in the meantime though, they slowly gather up the broken pieces that fell along the way, and put their heart back together, and just like that almost looking brand new, but their will always be left over residue, from the love that couldn't be true.
Yumiko Sakata Jan 2016
There was a brief moment of cloudiness. You didn’t see the sun nor the moon

Except for one night when the moon was shining bright for you.

You told the moon about the sun and how sometimes she was to luminous in the mornings

And somehow you were always hooked on the idea of kissing the full moon again.

Soon enough though, a familiar radiancy woke you up.

You lost the sun, but she returned, so tell me why does the moon keep coming back for you.

”So what is it then, do you miss the sun or the moon?”

”The thing is you already have the sun, so why do you still want the moon?”

Yumiko Sakata Jan 2016
I took a hit for you, cause its been weeks since ive tasted your lips.
the high of this pure plant does not explain the high of ecstasy you give me.
i miss the way my name spill out of your lips and the way it would affect the level of my dopamine

your lips say you miss me, but your actions speak differently.

i so clearly remember the strike of lightning I felt when i kissed you on the cheek. And the innocent smile you left with.

Maybe just maybe I left such an impact on you, that words can't describe it, nor decipher it, but can only be explained by our matching heart beats.

Yumiko Sakata Oct 2015
So what is it then?
Do you miss the sun or the moon?

She is your sun full of shine and everyday begins with her
I am your moon that you look for every night

So what is it then?

She gives you a kiss that brings a smile to your lips
I give you a kiss that makes you come back for more

So who do you miss more, the sun or the moon?
What I really mean is, who do you want more?

The thing is, you already have the sun

But for some reason you still want the moon
Yumiko Sakata Oct 2015
You light up a cigarette, the only thing bright in the dark night
Years from now when we are no longer in each others lives, I will always remember your favorite brand of cigarettes, and how the taste of your lips would keep me buzzed for hours of a time. At some point the *** turned into something more, watching you hit your ******, would always keep me begging for more
summer fling
Yumiko Sakata Jul 2015
my body it craves your touch, nothing more nothing less
but i know its only lust that you see in me
nothing more, nothing less
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