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Selene Feb 3
underneath my sleves are the cuts
that made from yesterday's rain
the pain of yesterday are still here
the ocean touches my skin
and it hurts
the cuts bled
i opened my eyes and there
i was in the deep ocean
screaming, wants to live
but the anchor of yesterday's rain
keeps me pulling
I'm a fighter,
I'm strong
you left.
Selene Jan 13
I listened to the waves
And the clouds fell
Along with the God of darkness
I never knew these days would happen
I didn’t expect to meet the God
The waves are getting stronger
And I’m just here beatable.
And can’t stand up and swim to the seashore.
Selene Jan 13
I sat in the sand of tomorrow and listen the yesterday’s nature’s voice
There were so many thoughts and opinions
That I should do this and that
Why can’t I move freely
Every tulips dance with the wind
and hyacinth made me feel the agony that I don’t want to feel
it’s not my fault that I can’t fight anymore
all I want is to do is to be happy and move freely.
  Nov 2020 Selene
Masha Yurkevich

will die

will melt

But I'll never forget
the feeling that
I felt

Selene Nov 2020
when the rain starts pouring
my tears pours too
the wind of the rain makes my body shiver
and I'm asking to stop
but it didn't stop
It didn't hear my voice
the rain taste sad
like my heart felt upset
I want you to say that I'm worth to love
and to be loved
so that there will no more rain to pour.
if you're sad you can hmu!
  Nov 2020 Selene
Corrinne Shadow
Listen to my words.
They're harsh
And pained
And wild.

Listen to my cry,
The tears
Of a broken child.

But don't forget,
My friend,
That I can listen too.

I see your lonely words,
And I'm here
For you.
So many poems are cries for help disguised as art. I know what it's like. Don't give up. <3
Selene Nov 2020
my wings grow more than I expected
i never knew this wings of mine will help me to fly again
when I felt the pain in my wings before;
its like my body is incomplete
they laugh at me and make me pitiful
but I didn't care about their thoughts their words to me
I want to soar high until
I saw the peak of my dreams,
fly my angel.
don't ever let anyone breaks you to see your dreams, you may feel the pain right now but don't let your guards down I know you can, because I can. I trust in you.
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