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Audrey Dec 2018
Hello, it’s me again
It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you
I’m sorry I said what I did
It’s just I don’t like to leave straight away
I liked your hands all over me
I wish you’d call me back
I’m sorry I don’t do one night stands
Do you like her more than me?
Is she what you fantasize about?
Give me just one more chance
I’ll like it

This is important I need you to call me back
I just took a test...
I’m pregnant
Please call me back

Why do you always send me to voicemail?
Your daughter needs you in her life.
She’s about to start kindergarten.
I’m going to put her on the phone
Hi daddy!
I miss you
Can I come over this weekend?
I promise I won’t spill juice on your girlfriends carpet again
Just give me a chance!
I love you

Hi dad, it’s me
It’s my 16th birthday.
Are you not going to come?
I just wish you’d come around more
I know things aren’t the way you planned but I’m your daughter too
I just wish you’d treat me like your other one
Anyways I just wanted to remind you it was my birthday.
Call mom back so she stops freaking out

It’s your daughter’s graduation.
Are you not even going to show?
**** you!
For 18 years I’ve begged you to just stick around for the main parts
Why can’t you remember you have another daughter!

Hello dad.
I’m 28 now
I have my dream job
I’m engaged
And guess what?
I didn’t need anything from you.
I’ve waited around my whole life thinking I needed your validation
Turns out I can do it on my own
I’ve become so successful
And I’m proud to say I’m very strong
You taught me nothing
But I didn’t need to learn from you
I’m an amazing teacher
I’m stronger than you’ll ever be
This is the last time you’ll hear from me.
  Apr 2018 Audrey
Pass me that red bottle
Pass me that cup of wine
Pass me those bad decisions so I can slow down the time
Pass me that cold drink so I’ll feel your hand with mine
So that when I blink, I’ll wake up to see a sign

Cause lately it’s been crazy
It’s nothing short of shady
Working 9-5 it’s always "Yes"
Never a maybe

Stuck in one big system
Without a say in the decision
I always keep on wishing
That we were back our position

Of remembering all the lessons
From all our classroom sessions
To walking pass the hallways
As we say our one true mission

That one day we’ll float higher
To see that sun and whatever’s brighter
To build one lasting empire
But we were burnt out by the fire
Audrey Mar 2018
it's like falling
6 feet below
and  n o t  being able
to crawl out of the hole
you've dug yourself

it's like sleeping
for fifteen hours
and still not feeling

it's like failing
all of your classes
because you can't focus
on anything let alone
this foreign math that no one
can teach you

it's like ******* random dudes
because you can't actually
get attached
and let's face it
the real reason why you can't is because
you like girls instead

keep covering up the fact
of how you aren't actually
because no one ******* cares
  Mar 2018 Audrey
Kartikeya Jain
Do not wait
for someone
to offer you
their world.
you have your own.
  Mar 2018 Audrey
Kartikeya Jain
"Would you look at
all these free souls
carrying their cages
wherever they go?"

People are free. their minds free. their speech free. free from slavery. free. but are they truly, free? They have built cages for themselves. They never want to come out of them. We pray to God. unquestionably. unfailingly. but why do we fail to question the real reason why we pray to God? why are we searching for him in statues and people when we know he left this place a long time ago? and if he didn't leave, why do we celebrate what he created and not question what he destroyed? why do we fight to save someone we can't see or feel against the very people he created?
Until people come out of the cages, we may never get the answer to these questions.
  Mar 2018 Audrey
hey, it's me again
i'm just calling to say
that the sunset
reminded me of you tonight
so enticing
and beautiful
but at the same time
so intense
and passionate
drawing me in
closer and closer
until i'm in your presence
and within a moment i'm
drenched in darkness
and silence

i stay
only because
the dazzling starlight
hidden in the rubble
of darkness
reminds me of
the moments before dusk
maybe i can't
get my mind off of you
but i swear
i'm letting you go
for real this time
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