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"Hold my hand" my mom used to say
She used to protect me.
Used to be there for me.
But see,
As all children do,
I grew up.
I grew angry
She wasn't there
When I needed her.
Where was her hand
When dads hand was beating my face.
Where was her hand
When dad made sure I couldn't  move.
I used to think mommy will save me.
She just watched
Not a day passed that she helped.
She was turned.
Now I've grown to know that I have no mom.  No dad .
Just distant memories of what life could be, and the fear it gives.
I am not an orphan.
I am an example
Of what life can offer
and what it *can't
 Jul 2016 Shel
 Jul 2016 Shel
I'm dying tonight
but no one is crying
 May 2016 Shel
adam hicks
this is for the queer kids
who are taught their ABC's
but not their L's, G's, B's and T's
for the Russian government and the I.O.C
who deny Russian queers their visibility
to the people who call me "******"
i wear your name-calling like a pink triangle
stitched to my sleeve
for the Harvey Milk's, the Christine Burns'
and every queer in between
to the allies who do more than say
"your sexuality is okay with me"
for the Jamaican trans* teen
who was murdered needlessly
to the television networks
who portray LGBT individuals positively
for the radical queers
the POC queers
the genderqueers
the queers who have felt excluded
this is for you
for us
this is a celebration
and an ultimatum
we are here
we are queer
& we will do more
than survive.
 May 2016 Shel
Mx K Slade
 May 2016 Shel
Mx K Slade
By the time I smoked down to the filter, I’d re-written my suicide note.
30th revision!
It’s my magnum opus.
Been working on it since I was ten.
Eleven? I didn’t believe in god.
They called me a heathen.
At twelve, even.
They called me queer.
They weren’t wrong.
But that didn’t make them right.
 May 2016 Shel
i am not real
i am queer
i am barely female
i like girl hearts and boy hearts but neither girl parts nor boy parts
i am queer; therefore i am not real
he wants a girl
a normal girl
not a queer child
i am queer
i am not alive
i am not here
i am queer
and i don't see others as queer
i am the only queer and therefore i should not be alive
i am queer
most personal piece I've written in a long while, but needed
 May 2016 Shel
raw with love
hey, you say
he smiles and you
light up
he throws his arm around you
and replies, hey, bud
you want to cry and trace his lips
and make him
mutter your name
while you have
your tongue in his mouth
you want to touch him,
trace the map of your heart
all over his skin
but he can't know
he won't know
if only he knew you'd be dead meat
with ****** carved on your skin

she grins at you
and loops her arm through yours
and shows you her bra
does this dress make me look fat
and you wish you could say
you're beautiful
and touch her back as you
slide the dress down her sides
but she chuckles and says
i think that boy is cute
why won't he ask me out
and you know
she can never know
she won't ever know
if you ever touch her
she'll push you away
yell, ew, a ****

you're oh so pretentious
you, such little poser
you've only ever been with guys
you don't know what it's like
to be with a lady
what a grand faker
you're so not special
shut the **** up

you're being ridiculous
don't you like ***
well you've never had it
find someone to put you in bed
I promise you'll like it
the best time you've ever had
now don't be a freak

here's something unheard
not in *** ed
and not at home
who sleeps with whom
is a business of their own
powerful ****
 May 2016 Shel
Chloe Zafonte
Inequality is the most horrible thing anyone would ever have to go through. But I don't  want to hear anything a white male has to say. Plus he's cis he's unimportant, accept me for my gender or I'll rip you to shreds just like you did to me although we just met 3 minutes ago. I hate the cops they should all drop dead! But someone broke into my house last night let me dial 911 to have them locked up.

I believe in freedom of speech but let me interrupt you because you're wrong and offensive and no one wants to hear! Say no to body shaming but you're thinner so I'll criticize yours because big is beautiful. Say no to thin privilege "we are all beautiful in our own way don't degrade"

You don't like what I like, you're nothing to me and you're ugly too! But let's not judge a book by it's cover. They don't like me because of my color! Well did they say that was why? No you probably spouted crap again. It's just plain racism, no other way to describe this situation.

Look at you wearing all that makeup you're so fake. You must be insecure since you had plastic surgery. Because you look ugly at least you look better now " everyone is beautiful" except for you of course! You didn't agree with my political views why do you matter?
Just a day in the life of good old u.s.***
 May 2016 Shel
 May 2016 Shel
Wrestling with the self
Back and forth
Over and over again
Senseless words etching themselves into my mind
Shouting "I don't want this"
While inscribing "suffer" into my core
 Apr 2016 Shel
 Apr 2016 Shel
Handed freedom
On a silver platter no less
To understand that you never understood
Taking breath as you submerse further into the sea

Entwining vines of fate
Breathing life into charred soul
Rising from the destruction
Never felt quite this whole

Lessons learnt bring little to this passage
Beginning again with new perspective
A steady medium of living chaos
Dressed finely in robes of change

Familiar scenes
That were grey
Vibrantly echoing in colour
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